Maria Isabel Toasa Cordero


Work rights:
Australian Student Visa
  • Ecuador
  • English
  • Spanish

Personal Statement

My name is Isabel, and I am so pleasure to define myself as a strong and creative woman, who generally tries to improve herself every day to be a great human being with the environment and capable to understand the necessity of the ecosystem to reach their resilience. I am passionate in the field of technologies and implementation of methodologies for environmental care. Questioning the current environmental problem motivates me to design projects adapted to the reality of the environment and investor.


University of Technology Sydney
  • Engineering Environmental
Graduating in:


  • Research (Thesis degree) at Universidad de las Américas

    High knowledge in the treatment of waste sludge from wastewater plants for the purpose of using it in agriculture and generating high quality biogas.

  • Environmental Analysis Assistant at FUNDEMAR

    High knowledge about climate change in molluscs and the remediation of heavy metals and hydrocarbons at Ecuador's Antarctic station.

  • Hydraulic works and Manage of Ecosystem at Honorable Provincial Government of Tungurahua

    Agriculture management and water protection in the Andean moors by changing the productive matrix for the community. And Inspection of hydraulic works in use and operation.

  • Environmental Audit, Local Laws at Decentralized Autonomous Government of Santa Cruz - Galapagos Island

    Research on the sensitivity of seabirds and sea lions to fireworks for the creation of the ordinance restricting their use. And the participation of their environmental audit.

  • Solid Waste Management System and statistical information at Decentralized Autonomous Government of Santa Cruz - Galapagos Island

    Modelling and correction in the efficiency of the recycling generated by the population of the island. Recollection and final disposal of the urban solid waste dynamic.

  • Environmental technical at ServiGARLIN

    Ability to identify and measure environmental impacts, and implement solutions to minimize the risk of public and private activities entrusted to me.


  • Morphology of mollusc correlated with climate change

    Detail: INAE official report of research

  • Techniques for bioremediation of hydrocarbons

    Detail: Practical class of remediation of hydrocarbons to Master Students in Ecuador


  • Computer Skills

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Data Entry Analysis

  • Design Of Hydraulic Works

  • Geographical Information Systems

  • Environmental Laboratory Management

  • Remediation Of Environmental Impacts

  • Sustainability

  • Climate Change

  • Water Treatment

Interest & Hobbies

  • Research

  • Hiking

  • Reading


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