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Matthew Davis
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Personal Statement

My name is Matthew Davis and I am currently a student studying Information Technology at Charles Sturt University. I have a keen interest in everything technology and love taking opportunities whenever they arise. I have a string and interesting array of skills that would be appealing to any organisation. I am a loyal and hardworking person who always strives to achieve the best, not only for the benefit of myself, but for he benefit of my colleagues, supervisors, and organisation as a whole. I believe it is important to be aware that every decision we make as an individual can affect a whole organisation and so we should always strive to make the best one.\n\nI have undertaken a great deal of opportunities through my still young lifetime and have embraced every challenge that has come my way. I am a firm believer in taking opportunity when they arise and not letting anything slip past you as you never know where the door may lead. In addition to this I am forever striving to further my learning and increase my potential as an employee, creating a much more beneficial working relationship with my employer. \n\nI am an easygoing and fantastic person to work with and would embrace any opportunity that may be provided to me. I would make an excellent addition to any team that would be willing to let me become a part of it and am overjoyed at the future prospect of joining the information technology world.


Work Rights:
  • Australian Citizen


  • Western Sydney University - Bachelor in Environment
    Graduation date:
    • Environment
    Degree Level:
  • Western Sydney University - Masters in Education
    Graduation date:
    • Education
    Degree Level:
  • Charles Sturt University - Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering software
    Graduation date:
    • Engineering software
    Degree Level:
    Postgraduate Diploma


  • Company Name:
    Senior Education Officer at Transpacific Industries Group Ltd

    Responsible for leading and managing a small team of 6 staff while maintaining a working relationship with extended teams. Ensuring all tasks are met to customer satisfaction and proofing all work submitted by staff prior to submission to customers. Running regular team meetings and providing assistance for staff members where required. Responsible for preparing and submitting reports for both contract and non-contract customers. Submitting quotes to customers where a request for quotation is submitted. Attending regular management meetings with higher level managers to ensure that all expectations are being met. In addition, have been the WHSE Committee Chairperson and Secretary who has been responsible for the running, organizing, recording, and distribution of minutes relating to meetings held on a monthly basis.

  • Company Name:
    Resource Recovery Officer at Transpacific Industries Group Ltd
    Start - End Dates:

    Undertaking audits of kerbside recycling and correcting incorrect behavior through education programs. Generating and coordinating community education programs to give people the right idea about recycling and waste management. Working closely with Blacktown City Council as the first point of call for the recycling contract. Communicating with Council and Management on a regular basis. Generating monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for Council and Management. Providing educational materials to residents within the Council LGA as well as other Council areas where required. WHSE Committee secretary and vice-chairperson responsible for the recording, running, and distribution of WHSE Committee meeting minutes.

  • Company Name:
    Salesperson at Harvey Norman
    Start - End Dates:

    Assessing customer requirements and providing recommendations to them based upon their needs. Demonstrating products and providing technical assistance to customers where required. Installing equipment both in-store and in customer\u2019s houses. Cashiering (including taking monies and creating tax receipts for both customers and business). Training new employees with information and how to set up equipment. Attending training workshops regularly to ensure all information is up to date.


  • Enjoys a challenge

    I am a firm believer in the fact that in order to get the most out of a person you need to challenge them. I am no different and am at my best when I am being challenged. I enjoy working like this as it enables me to attempt everything I know or even learn something new in order to gain the satisfaction of completing a challenging task.

  • Advanced computer literacy

    I am firmly computer literate and able to perform tasks using a computer that others would find challenging or daunting. Due to being a fast learner if I am unable to complete a task using a computer I am able to learn quickly so that I may do so in the future.

  • Ability to function as part of a team in addition to working without close supervision

    I am capable of working within a team of people as well as working individually in order to attain the best possible results for a project or task. I am not afraid to ask for assistance when it is required and neither do I shy away from the opportunity to provide assistance to others.

  • Basic Knowledge of Database Concepts and SQL Programming Language

    I have the necessary foundation knowledge of database design and SQL programming language and am always happy to gain the potential to further my knowledge in these areas.

  • 0-10 years Computer Skills

    I have strong computer usage capabilities from many years using computers. I am capable at working with a range of hardware and software and have high level skills in using computers to complete tasks such as report writing and database maintenance.

  • Efficient and Well Organised

    I am highly efficient at completing tasks that are assigned as well as being well organized. This assists in providing me with the best possible chance to attain efficient and positive results from a task.

  • Attention to detail

    I have a high attention to detail and like all tasks to be completed to perfection prior to submission of work.

  • 0-10 years Microsoft Office

    I have a thorough and almost complete understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite of Programs. I have utilized these programs for a wide range of tasks including report writing, database maintenance, design work, mail merges, spreadsheets, and email. These are just a few of the most frequently used capabilities I have in the use of Microsoft Office.

  • Leadership and Personal Development Skills

    I have attained a great deal of leadership and personal development skills, primarily through my current position with Transpacific Industries as well as through the achievement of the Duke of Edinborough's Award (Gold Level

  • Fast and efficent learner

    I am an incredibly fast learner and am able to become fluent in concepts at a rapid pace. I enjoy the challenge associated with learning a new skill and always embrace the opportunity to take this chance.

  • 4 Years of writing reports, research essays, presentations and collaborating in a team environment

    Throughout my time at university and in my employment with Transpacific Industries I have attained valuable skills in report writing, as well as capabilities in analyzing data and writing research reports based upon what I have discovered or have attained through successful collaboration with others.

  • Problem Solving & Project Management

    I have very high level problem solving skills and am well versed in the skills required to successfully undertake project management. I have managed a number of projects including most recently, the Contamination Management Strategy implemented throughout Blacktown City. I am also well versed in the use of project management tools, especially tools related to IT project management, including Microsoft Project.

Interest & Hobbies

  • Learning and developing new skills and abilities

    I have a great interest in learning and will enjoy taking any opportunity to learn a new skill or ability. I also enjoy learning general knowledge information as well as taking time to do courses in things where I have an interest but limited knowledge to better understand something.

  • Computer Architecture

    I have a keen interest in the architecture and structure of computers and actively continue to build my knowledge through the construction of my own computers for a number of years.

  • Enjoy watching movies, listening to music and socializing.

    I enjoy the usual things such as movies, music, and socializing. I have a keen interest in movies in particular and am very proud of the collection of movies I have attained over the years.

  • Gaming

    I thoroughly enjoy spending free time playing computer games, in particular strategy games that require me to think about what I am doing rather than just play for fun.

  • Competitive Sport

    I played soccer for 14 years and have a keen interest in the game and am an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League. I have also been a professional referee for the sport and held a position at the top tier of NSW Soccer for a number of years.


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