6 Totally Reasonable Excuses for Missing a Uni Class

Posted by Zoe Bartholomeusz

The beginning of the university year is fast approaching, and with it the regular slew of classes, assignments, group projects, exams, et cetera. Whatever stage you’re at in your degree - whether you’re a bright-eyed first-year or one of those stragglers (like me) who underloaded their entire degree and is going to end up with a double-digit number of semesters - you aren’t going to be able to attend every class, no matter how dedicated you are to your studies. 

Of course, attending classes is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any important content or information, not to mention an investment in your future. But there are some completely acceptable reasons which are equally (if not more) important for your life in the workforce. Here are six totally reasonable excuses for missing a uni class.

1. It’s the last day you can apply for graduate programs and you haven’t done anything about it yet

Applications for graduate programs are typically open from February to April (to begin at the start of the following year), but some close even sooner - your class(es) that day can wait if it means you have more time to work on and submit your grad program applications! They are super competitive, so give them your best shot!

2. You are inspired to go on a job hunt 

When inspiration strikes, seize it! And you never know when your dream job will be listed (exciting); it could be at exactly 2pm on a Thursday when you’d usually be in your microeconomics class (boring).

3. You are in the (rare) mood to work on your resume

Working on your resume can feel like such a chore, especially if you’ve had a long and complicated work history, or you’re part of every uni club under the sun. Resumes are infinitely editable but there is lots of advice out there on how to perfect them. So if you’re in the mood for resume finessing one morning and you’re about to go to the one class you have friends in, send your apologies. 

4. Your dream job has been posted on SEEK

Does this one even need an explanation? Start writing your application - now!

5. You have a job interview

Workplaces hiring undergrads will of course understand if you have some time constraints, but sometimes the easiest option is to just sacrifice your three hour maths tutorial (unless you have an assessment or it’s compulsory for other reasons), rather than emailing back and forth with availabilities. Catching up after that class will be so worth it when you get the job!

6. Your dream job is offering you a trial shift when you would be in class

Same thing applies. Trial shifts are a huge deal and are arguably way more important for your career than one class out of your whole degree. 

If you’re in the habit of emailing tutors when you can’t make it to a tutorial, these reasons will likely be understandable. Obviously, don’t use these excuses to skip the same class every week (and take this article with a little bit of tongue in cheek). But if it’s a class here and there, it’s a worthy sacrifice for beginning your career. Job applications can’t be crammed or caught up on, but classes can! 

About The Author

Zoe is a recent graduate from Monash University. She has a double degree in arts, majoring in linguistics, and music, specialising in composition. Zoe was one of the 2023 editors of Lot’s Wife, the student magazine of Monash University Clayton campus. She has worked in retail for nearly 7 years, and plays violin and viola in community musical theatre shows. She loves reading, writing, making music, and putting together elaborate costumes for theme parties.


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