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4 Ways to Make Your GradConnection Employer Profile Stand Out
Posted by Sasha
We share our best practice tips for a remarkable GradConnection employer profile, so you better inform, engage, and connect with your top student talent. Read more

Engaging Generation Z Graduates In A Changing Workplace
Posted by Sasha
Generation Z are the post-millennial demographic born after 1995. Like millennials, they can cop a bad rep for being disloyal, overly ambitious job-hoppers. The main causes for high turnover are low engagement, lack of career advancement opportunities, and insufficient recognition.

5 Ideas to Boost Graduate Engagement in Your Development Program
Posted by Sasha
One way to keep your graduates engaged is to make them grad program ambassadors. Keep them up-to-date with program news and events, and ask for their opinion or help in shaping the direction of the program. The more involved they are, and the more appreciated they feel – the more engaged they’ll be.

How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview
Posted by Sasha
You’ve just sorted through the stack of resumés in your inbox. Certain candidates have passed the phone screen. Up next: in-person interviews.

Our Top Tips to Keep Your New Grad Engaged Post Acceptance
Posted by Sasha
New graduate onboarding begins from the moment they accept your offer. Check out our top 5 tips to keep your fresh new talent engaged from offer acceptance to role commencement. Learn more.

How to Attract and Retain Gen Z Graduates
Posted by Isabel Wilkinson
What do Gen Z graduates want from a graduate employer? Read the blog for our tips to help you create an employee experience-centric employer brand.

Recruiting software engineers? 5 insights from the latest software engineer survey to inform your recruitment strategy today
Posted by Isabel Wilkinson
Stack Overflow recently published their annual Software Developer Survey Results for 2018, shedding some light on the rapidly changing developer industry and details surrounding its pioneers.

How to Use Instagram to Recruit The Best Grads For Your Graduate Program
Posted by Sasha
Instagram should be seen as a serious employer branding platform for your 2018 graduate recruitment campaign. As it’s a visual platform comprising only of photos and video, it’s the ultimate storytelling medium that allows you to showcase your organisation; who you are, how you operate, who you hire, what you do in the day-to-day. It’s also the second most favoured platform for millennial grads.

Top 5 Employer Benefits from University Career Fairs
Posted by Daniel Headford
Despite shrinking budgets and resources, university career fairs are still one of the best ways to raise your brand profile and kick-start your graduate attraction campaign. These are the top 5 reasons why we love career fairs. Learn more.

Are you attending USQ’s VFair?
Posted by Sasha
USQ’s VFair is a chance to get on to a new campus and take advantage of a diverse set of students so if USQ hasn’t been part of your student engagement strategy it’s now easier than ever and best of all it’s free too.



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