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GradConnection’s 2018 Top100 Award Winners
Posted by Rita Biankin
In partnership with AFR, GradConnection are pleased to announce the winners and finalists of our 2018 Top100 Graduate Employers and Future Leaders.

Our story with Student Super Professional Super
Posted by Mike Casey
Student Super and Professional Super all started nearly three years ago when Mike Casey and Andrew Purchas from GradConnection had a coffee with Andrew Maloney and Jenny Luu from Student Services Australia. We thought we would sit down and discuss how Australia’s most popular graduate jobs site and Australia’s most popular website for university students ( could work together to create great a service for students.

5 Ways to Ensure an Awesome Graduate Onboarding Experience | GradConnection Australia
Posted by Daniel Purchas
It’s important your new graduates have a positive onboarding experience, as it directly influences their engagement and retention with your organisation. Here are 5 ideas to guide you. Read on.

2018 Graduate Recruitment Trends
Posted by Isabel Wilkinson
Want a jump on your competitors? We put together our top graduate recruitment trends to help you prepare for battle in 2018. Read more.

How Will the Move to Trimesters Affect Graduate Recruitment Cycles?
Posted by Daniel Headford
Australian universities are making the move to trimesters – but are you adapting your student and graduate recruitment cycles to align with these changes?

How to Attract Diversity Groups to Your Graduate Program
Posted by Rogan Sturrock
In the AAGE’s 2017 candidate survey, millennial students and graduates said they seek employers with diverse and inclusive workplaces when deciding whether to accept a job offer!

Easy Ways to Leverage Social Media in Graduate Program Marketing
Posted by Isabel Wilkinson
Social media is the glass window potential candidates look through to see the nuts and bolts of your organisation and work out if they’re a fit. Do it well – and you’ll build a solid pipeline of talented, culturally-aligned grads eager to work with you.

2017 AAGE Graduate Recruitment & Development Conference
Posted by Daniel Headford
If graduate programs are foreign to you and you’re feeling flustered by your way forward, you might be keen to check out the AAGE Conference later this month. The Conference provides insights into the latest graduate industry trends and best practice, as well as access to your industry peers to help you soundboard ideas!

How Can You Make Sure Your Employer Brand Is A Millennial Magnet?
Posted by Rogan Sturrock
Is your organisation a millennial magnet? Are you attracting high quality candidates aligned with your organisation culture and values?

What You Must Understand About Your Employer Brand
Posted by Daniel Headford
Are you presenting an appealing employer brand for your millennial applicants? Millennial graduates are a tough nut to attract – they have specific expectations of their employer, job opportunity, and work environment. They won’t shy away from hours of research to find their match.

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