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Recruiting For Potential

Posted by Mai Ly
In today’s job market demand for talent is far outstripping supply, and this is no different for us in the grad recruiting world. If you’re finding yourself falling short of hiring goals or facing reneges it is probably time to reevaluate your hiring criteria and assessment process, asking yourself whether you’re hiring talent, as well as recruiting for potential. Read more in this blog.

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Presence

Posted by GradConnection
In our recent blog on how to fill roles post-peak season, we suggested developing and planning a dedicated marketing campaign to elevate your digital presence. So how exactly should you go about doing this? With the resources now available online, the possibilities to connect with and reach students – aka your potential candidates - are endless! See what our top picks are in this blog.

Improving International Student Employment Outcomes – Industry Roundtable Recap

Posted by Daniel Purchas
A recap on Study Melbourne's round table on international student employment. How can we use employment of these students as a way to market and entice more students to return, with the other benefit being filling skill shortage roles?

Using Internships as a Pipeline for Your Graduate Programs

Posted by GradConnection
Internships are a great way for students or recent grads to try their hand at an industry or particular company that they are interested in pursuing further. While you may view them as a nice temporary addition to your team, interns are also a fantastic talent pipeline to candidates for your graduate programs. We show you why in this blog.

How To Fill Roles Post-Peak Season

Posted by Mai Ly
Still looking to add to your recruitment numbers post peak season? Students are still looking to apply! We have some suggestions in this blog on how to continue to hire over the next couple of months.

5 Ways To Prevent Reneges

Posted by GradConnection
Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a shift from the traditional peak graduate hiring season (February - April) to a continued recruitment period throughout the rest of the year. With continued recruitment comes increased competition for your current accepts. What then can you do to keep graduates engaged during the period before their program starts? We’ve got a few ideas to help in this blog.

How to Best Support Your Remote Interns and Grads

Posted by GradConnection
While employers may be looking at a gradual return to the office, many interns and graduates have still indicated their preference for the flexibility of remote and hybrid working. We give our top tips on best ways to support your new starters in a remote environment.

5 Things To Do To Get Your Hires In 2022/23

Posted by Daniel Purchas
2022 is shaping up to be a tough graduate recruitment season for many recruiters - the crunch is on, demand is up from employers, students aren’t applying as much. So what can you do to get your numbers for 2023 intakes?

Make sure you’re assessing the things that count

Posted by Sova
Time to hire, cost to hire, attrition rate. There are plenty of really comprehensive lists of HR and hiring metrics available online. But are we using them to measure what matters? Do metrics such as employee turnover or length of service tell us the full story? Or are we simply assessing the success of our own graduate recruitment processes? Find out in this latest article from Sova.

Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Your Job Campaign is Live

Posted by GradConnection
We all know the feeling during peak season - you’ve launched your campaign for your biggest annual graduate program push and waiting to see how the numbers will look. And how do you know whether your campaign is on track, especially with the changeable graduate market and last-minute nature of students we know all too well? In this blog post, we give our top tips on how you can set goals, monitor your progress and ways to create peaks when you need a little mid-campaign boost.

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