How to Answer: What Interests You About This Role?

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“What interests you about this role?” is a quintessential question that employers ask during interviews. Instead of providing a generic response, a tailored response that incorporates both personal qualities and skills and the professional obligations of the role or the goals of the company can help you stand out. This article provides tips to help you plan an impressive response to this question. 

Why do employers ask this question?

Employers ask this question as it allows them to discover more about your motivations for applying for the role. It reveals your passions, interests, career goals, and what they hope to get out of working in that role and for the company. Your response to this question also informs the employer on whether the candidate will be an appropriate fit with the workplace culture and the company’s values. This question requires you to go beyond the salary that you might receive for a job and provide a sincere response to why that specific role and company is something that you desire. A genuine response will increase your likelihood to be successful for a role as it will demonstrate to the employer your commitment, enthusiasm, and work ethic. This question also allows interviewers to judge your understanding and expectations of the duties and obligations of a role. It also highlights whether you have taken the initiative to conduct further research into the position and the organisation. 

How to answer this question?

Here are some steps to follow when you are preparing a response to this question.

Step 1: Research

Before your interview, carefully read the job description and the selection criteria. You can also research the company by looking at their social media, any news articles written about them, press releases, their website, and any annual or quarterly reports that have been made public. This can help position both the role and the expectations of the position within the broader goals of the company. You can use this information when answering the question by discussing any ongoing projects or recent achievements of the company that have stood out to you and impressed you. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have a genuine interest in the company and its future. 

Step 2: Choose an approach

There are different approaches that you can take when answering this question. This will depend on your individual strengths, such as your skills, education, or experience. One of these factors may significantly align with the requirements of the position. It is important to be specific as this will allow you to demonstrate the extent of your suitability. 

Here are a few examples of approaches that you can take when answering this question:

Focus on yourself

One approach is to answer the question with reference to why you are suitable for the role. Your professional goals and experience may mean that the role you are interviewing for is the ideal next step (or first step) in your career. 

Focus on the company culture

You can choose to talk about the company culture and how it aligns with your ideal working environment. The company’s values may also align with your professional goals. This will show that you are invested in working cooperatively with our employees and will fit right in. Make sure to mention what about the culture drew you to the role and encouraged you to apply. By being as specific as possible, you will be able to show your sincerity. 

Focus on your career

The particular role may present opportunities for you to advance your career within the company. An answer that incorporates this demonstrates to the hiring manager that they are securing longevity if they hire you. Most employers do not want to hire employees that will only remain for the company for a short amount of time as this requires multiple hiring and training processes to secure new employees. Describing how the role aligns with your personal career goals demonstrates that you have the ambition, sincerity, and work ethic to succeed in this role. 

Focus on the company

Interest in the company will allow you to stand out to the employer. Tailoring your response to include particular facets, aspects, or goals of the company will show your sincerity and interest in the role beyond just a paycheck. This information can often be found on a company website or in annual reports and demonstrates interest in the company’s financial growth. You may also signal at an aspect of the company’s work where your skill set stands out and can be of benefit. 

Step 3: Have a positive attitude

While answering this question, ensure that you express your enthusiasm and gratitude. Make sure to mention your excitement at the prospect of working in that position and for that specific company. You may choose to mention how you see yourself working and succeeding in this role and contributing to the company’s overall success.  Provide specific examples of the aspects of the role, the company or the culture that you are excited about. These examples will portray the sincerity of your interest and show that you have taken the time to engage in the work that the company does. Perhaps there is valuable industry experience that you gain from the position that you are passionate about. Or, you may be interested in working with a specific individual in the industry that works at the company who you have admired. These examples will allow you to stand out. 

Example Responses

✏️ Graduate Software Developer

I am interested in this role because it will provide me with the opportunity to contribute to the valuable work being completed at XYZ Technology. I have wanted to work here since I first started my undergraduate degree. I have been endlessly impressed by the company’s ability to successfully create applications that so many people have found beneficial. I love that you provide your employees with opportunities to conduct experimental work and push the boundaries of coding. I am also excited to use the skills and knowledge from my studies in a practical and professional environment. I see this role as a valuable opportunity for me to grow as a professional and work alongside industry professionals.

✏️ Graduate Physiotherapist

I am interested in this role as I have been impressed by the company’s dedication to both holistic and medicinal therapies for patients. I appreciate your commitment to patient care and ethical practice. I believe that my personal and professional goals align with the values of your organisation. I believe that I can be of benefit at promoting your mission of providing excellent care and treatment to patients. I have completed both my bachelors and masters degree so I believe that I have the relevant skills to succeed at this role. I also appreciate how the company has internal opportunities for career advancement.


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