How to List Education on a Resume as a Graduate

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Education is an extremely significant part of a resume, especially for graduates seeking employment. As a graduate, education is often the greatest example of why you are qualified for a job. Here are some tips on what qualifications to include on your resume and how to list them. 

Why should you list education on a resume?

Education and educational achievements are incredibly important to list on a resume. Certain graduate careers mandate a particular degree or qualification. In some job listings, the hiring manager may describe the qualification required for the role and encourage only individuals that have completed it to apply. It is therefore important to demonstrate to the graduate program recruiter that you have the necessary education to successfully complete the requirements of the role.

Education also allows employers to see what skills and knowledge you have, outside of what you may have gained through practical experience. For graduates who may not have much work experience, education is all the more important. 

What information should you include?

When listing your education, there is some critical information that needs to be included. For each separate qualification the following should be described:

  • Name of school/educational institution
  • Location of school/educational institution
  • Qualification obtained from school/educational institution 
  • Field of study (includes any majors, minors, or specialisations)
  • GPA
  • Graduating year
  • Any awards, achievements, or extracurricular activities associated with qualification or completed at the educational institution 


Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), XYZ University (XYZ City)


Major: Software development 

Achievements: Treasurer of XYZ Computing Society; Dean’s Honour List; First Class Honours

Thesis projects, exchange programs and professional development can also be listed if they are relevant. A GPA should only be listed if it is particularly high or impressive. Otherwise, it should be omitted unless the employer explicitly requests it. 

Applicants with multiple degrees should list the degrees in order of the level of qualification. The Australian Qualifications Framework lists the level of different types of degrees based on complexity and depth of achievement. For example, someone with both a Masters degree and a Bachelors degree should list their Masters first followed by their Bachelors degree. 

If you do not have a university degree, it is still acceptable to list other sources of education, including a high school certificate, TAFE qualifications, and online certifications. 


High School Certificate:

Higher School Certificate (HSC)

XYZ State School


ATAR: 94.50

Subjects: English Standard, Mathematics Advanced, Ancient History, Physics

Achievements: School prefect, debating, chess club

TAFE Qualification:

Certificate IV Workplace Health and Safety

TAFE Queensland


Online Certification:

Responsible Service of Alcohol

XYZ Training

Completed 2023

It is important to be honest about your education and qualifications. This is not only because the minimum education requirements of a job are necessary to fulfil the associated roles and obligations but also because an employer may check to verify your qualifications. 

Where to list education?

As graduates do not have as extensive work experience and employment history as experienced professionals, the education section of the resume should appear before work experience. Due to this lack of experience, education is the main source of evidence that demonstrates the extent of your skills and knowledge. Ensure that the information is provided concisely and clearly so that the hiring manager is not left with any questions about your qualifications.

How to list education if you have an incomplete degree?

Education can still be listed on a resume if you are still completing your degree or if you did not complete your degree. For in-progress degrees, include a projected graduation degree. For incomplete degrees, include the coursework you completed, especially if the knowledge and skills are relevant to the role. 


In-progress degree

Bachelor of Laws, XYZ University (XYZ City)

2022-2024 (Expected)

Achievements: First year officer, XYZ Law Student’s Society

Incomplete degree

Bachelor of Economics, XYZ University (XYZ City)

Coursework completed: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistical Analysis


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