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Peace of mind with a globally trusted company

Allianz Group is one of the world’s largest insurers with a proud 130-year history, providing support to over 100 million customers across 70 countries.

Allianz Australia has been supporting customers for over 100 years. As one of Australia’s largest general insurers, more than 3 million customers trust us with their insurance needs. We also insure around 25% of the top 200 ASX companies, making us one of the leading pr…

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Application Process

  1. Apply
    Complete  our online application and be sure to attach your CV, academic transcript and a cover letter.

  2. Online Assessments
    This includes a video interview as well as cognitive and aptitude testing through HireVue.

  3. Meet Allianz
    Meet the team and participate in a group activity with other candidates. If you make the right impression, you will be invited to interview 1:1 with a Senior Leader.

  4. Outcome
    This is the last stage of the process! Reference checks and and offer to join our Graduate Program will follow…
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About Us

As the third largest general insurer in Australia, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted insurance and asset management companies globally. We care about our customers’ hopes and fears and create products and services that give people confidence for what’s ahead. We focus on sustainability and invest in future generations.  Bring your ideas, your passion and your skills, and let’s shape the benchmark of our industry.

Allianz Olympic & Paralympic partnership

In 2021, Allianz has officially begun its eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements. Just like them, Allianz has a strong global presence and a good track record in sport. We are proud to be a supporter of the Movements and celebrate being one of the TOP Partners. The power of sport unites us around a shared passion - it connects our employee community worldwide, including experts who are making the partnership happen and talented athletes, Para athletes and sport professionals who joined our company.

Join us and let’s care for tomorrow, together.

Application Process

  1. Apply
    Complete  our online application and be sure to attach your CV, academic transcript and a cover letter.

  2. Online Assessments
    This includes a video interview as well as cognitive and aptitude testing through HireVue.

  3. Meet Allianz
    Meet the team and participate in a group activity with other candidates. If you make the right impression, you will be invited to interview 1:1 with a Senior Leader.

  4. Outcome
    This is the last stage of the process! Reference checks and and offer to join our Graduate Program will follow. The Allianz Graduate Program starts in February the following year.

Why Join Us?

For your future career development.

Here, learning happens on repeat. It never stops. It’s in everything you do. You have the control to accelerate faster or take it slower. It’s up to you. Grow skills in new areas, creating future opportunities you didn’t think were possible. Feel excited about your career development and where it could take you. 

For all things that make you, you.

From your experiences, background, thinking style, abilities, to how you like to work. From your religion, culture, gender, to whoever your heart chooses to love. These things are uniquely yours and we want you to feel comfortable to show up and bring them all. When you can be yourself, knowing you’re respected for who you are and treated fairly, it’s easy to be your best. 

For life’s twists and turns.

We’re here for you. Whatever matters to you, matters to us. We want you to live your best life. To count on benefits that can strengthen all parts of you; physically, mentally, socially and financially. We also get that life is full of unknowns. With plenty of leave options you can make the most of special moments, important events, career breaks or take the time to give back. 

For our society and planet.

Even the smallest of changes can be a force for good. Especially when it can inspire everyone around you. From helping someone in need, giving back to your community, or encouraging your neighbour to work more sustainably. So come share your ideas. Get involved. Take action and make a meaningful difference in your own backyard. 

Let’s care for tomorrow.  Care to join? 

Graduate Program

Let our Graduate Program take your career to the next level.

What you do matters at ANZ. It matters to our customers, to the community, and to our people.

We're interested in people who are willing to transform ideas into reality. In an era where digital is reshaping customer service, it's important that we continually reinvent the way we work and take this bank to a new level.

We're on the hunt for dynamic Graduates who love workshopping ideas, are keen to embrace and explore innovation, and have exceptional taste in music (the last bit is optional...). We want people who aren't afraid to speak up, share their opinions, develop relationships and influence outcomes.

We're interested in people from diverse backgrounds, who want to join a bank that's constantly reinventing itself to address our community's challenges, raise standards in banking and create opportunities for generations to come.

The Australian Graduate Program has program streams in the following business areas:

  • ANZ Plus
  • Australia, Retail and Commercial
  • Agribusiness
  • Finance
  • Institutional
  • Risk
  • Technology

The key to our success is to support and empower diversity of thinking. We encourage students from all degree disciplines to apply for our program.

To be eligible for our Graduate Program, when submitting your application, you should:

  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or hold permanent residency in Australia;
  • be in your final year of university studies (bachelor degree or higher);
  • or have graduated in the last three years.

Key Dates

Applications Open: Mid March

Applications Close: Mid April

Semester Internship Program

Welcome Interns! 

Let‘s care for tomorrow. For reaching your full potential. Want to jump-start your career and aim higher?

At Allianz we offer a Semester Internship Program which runs for 6 months from July-December. Our Interns work part-time, 3 days a week to allow them to balance Uni with work. Our Semester Internship Program allows you to study full-time and still actively contribute in a meaningful way by working 20 hours per week part-time over the course of your internship.

We are looking for Interns who want to blaze new trails, disrupt the insurance industry and shape a better tomorrow. Explore who we are and the Intern roles that we offer and why you should work for us!


Joining Allianz as an Intern provides you with a unique opportunity to blaze new trails, disrupt the insurance industry and shape innovation in a supportive and welcoming environment. Following your formal orientation program during your first week with us, core benefits of our program include the below.


You will be placed in a team that is relevant to your degree and interests where you will have the opportunity to put your Uni theory into practice. You will be in this role for the duration of the Internship and will be involved in real work and real projects.

Learning & Development 

  • Professional skills workshops to continue to build your business acumen.
  • Access to LinkedIn online learning.

Community Engagement 

  • Paid volunteer day each year for your chosen charity. 
  • Initiatives company-wide taking advantage of our Olympics & Paralympics partnerships.

Support & Networking 

  • Each Intern will have ongoing mentoring and support during the Intern program through a Senior Manager or team member.
  • Grad Buddies will play a part in your time with Allianz and be able to give advise and impart their experience as a current Graduate.


Data Analytics Intern

Build your skills in manipulating data and sharing insights based on data. This is a unique opportunity to be part of the changing role that data is playing in the insurance industry. You will be place in one key area where data is at the forefront and plays an integral part in the business such as HR Reporting & Analytics, Customer & Analytics, Data Office or Actuarial Pricing and Analytics.

  • Graduates studying the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Statistics, Mathematics
  • Actuarial Studies
  • IT

Actuarial Intern

Gain valuable experience in the key areas of Actuarial at Allianz. Depending on skills and interests, the Actuarial Intern will receive a placement in Actuarial Pricing and Data Analytics, Workers Compensation or Finance Actuarial.

Students studying the following discipline are encouraged to apply:

  • Actuarial Studies

Accounting Intern

As an Accounting Intern you will be placed in a team within Finance designed to build your skills, and gain in-depth understanding of the important role finance and accounting plays in an insurance company. The teams include: Accounting Operations, Management Reporting, Planning and Statutory Reporting. 

Students studying the following discipline are encouraged to apply:

  • Accounting Studies


  • Australian or New Zealand Citizen or permanent residency holder
  • Be in your penultimate or final year of study
  • Completing a Data Analytics, Actuarial or Accounting University degree in Australia or New Zealand
  • Available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week during your Internship

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

Allianz is committed to contributing to an inclusive society. One in which all people – no matter their culture, background or ability –feel valued and have the opportunity to use their unique skills to reach their full potential.

We believe that by enabling people to participate equally at work and in the community, it helps promote fairness in society. When conditions exist which allow individuals to succeed, then the economy and businesses thrive too.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity diversity icon

Allianz Australia has partnered with Settlement Services International (SSI) since 2016, supporting people with a refugee background as part of its broader commitments to a multicultural society. The partnership provides targeted support for both employment and education, acknowledging both are vital to provide a sense of stability, identity and the achievement of one’s potential. The partnership was recognised with the Australian Human Rights Business Award in 2017, awarded by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Refugees who come to Australia face many challenges during settlement, such as financial hardship, dealing with experiences of torture and trauma, and family separation; yet Australia is a nation built on immigration. Australia has a long history of providing safe asylum to refugees, many of whom have gone on to make great civil, social and economic contributions to Australian society. The Allianz Sustainable Employment Program aims to continue that tradition – it was established to provide refugees with tailored development and career management plans, leading to permanent employment; and provide targeted scholarships to those who are the most in need and willing to overcome social and economic challenges.

The SSI Allianz scholarships directly support people from refugee backgrounds to achieve independence. Since 2016, the Allianz Sustainable Employment program and Allianz Ladder have provided employment opportunities to over 100 people, and the SSI Allianz education scholarship have provided over 130 grants.

Allianz also supports SSI as a Charity Partner. Allianz employees fundraise and volunteer to provide additional support to SSI programs.


Disability diversity icon

We champion the inclusion of people with disability. In addition to our support of Paralympic athletes, Allianz supports people with a disability via an organisation-wide program of work. Examples of our commitment include:

Member of the Australian Network on Disability for ongoing advice on how to attract and develop employees with a disability.
Partnered with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to provide financial literacy to young people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

We have a clear accessibility framework that will see us become a more inclusive and disability confident organisation over the next five years, as Allianz is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our customers.

Social Responsibility

Let’s care for doing work that matters.

At Allianz, we use our experience to tackle some of the most significant societal issues of our time. From small actions in our teams and communities to large-scale investment decisions, we believe social impact is everyone’s business – and everyone’s shared responsibility.

We focus our commitment and maximise our impact across three pillars: 

Inclusive Society

Allianz is committed to contributing to an inclusive society. One in which all people – no matter their culture, background or ability – feel valued, and have the opportunity to use their unique skills and reach their full potential.

Flourishing People 

Allianz is committed to the safety, mental health and wellbeing of all people. As an insurer, we play an essential role in society: when our customers purchase insurance, they are taking steps to better protect themselves should the unexpected occur.

Healthy Planet

Allianz is committed to tackling climate change. In 2005 we launched our first climate change strategy. We aim to mitigate and manage climate change by reducing our environmental impact and supporting disaster resilience and response. 

We’re very proud to be doing work together that matters right now – across climate change, mental health and equality. You’re able to take a day of paid leave per year to volunteer you time to your chosen charity so you can share your ideas, get involved and make a contribution to our planet’s future.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality diversity icon

We have published goals to meet and maintain gender equity across our organisation. In Q2 2020, 44 per cent of leadership roles were held by women.

Our Managing Director, Richard Feledy, is a proud member of the Champions of Change Coalition for the Insurance Industry, and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has named us Employer of Choice for Gender Equality since 2009. At Allianz, we also proudly support our Employee Network Group, NEO (Network for Equity and Opportunity), to help drive our gender equity agenda, which encourages both men and women to advocate for positive change.

We have been recognised by FlexCareers as a FlexReady organisation. To provide added assurance to our current employees, as well as prospective candidates, that a career at Allianz provides the flexibility they need to live their best lives.


LGBTIQ+ diversity icon

At Allianz, we believe that creating a safe and welcoming environment for people to feel that they belong is essential for our business.

In 2020, Allianz was awarded a Bronze Accreditation from Pride in Diversity as part of the Australian Workplace Equality Index. Our aim is to improve on this outcome in the years to come by focusing on the inclusion of our LGBTI-identifying colleagues at each point in the employee life cycle with Allianz.

Our Pride Employee Network Group provides support and awareness raising for our LGBTI-identifying employees and their allies.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

At Allianz, we are delighted to have launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as we are committed to the community and tackling social issues. As an insurer, our purpose is to secure Australians’ futures; with diversity, inclusion, respect and ensuring a sense of belonging at the core of our culture.

Our RAP is our pledge to work together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities to help build prosperity and security for what’s ahead. It is also our opportunity to listen and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, custodians of the lands on which we live and work for more than 50,000 years, in order to make a sustainable contribution towards building reconciliation across our country.

Find out more about Allianz Australia’s Innovate RAP:

Life & Culture

At Allianz, we care about everything that makes you, you. We are committed to create a workplace that is healthy, happy and productive – a place where you can bring your whole self and do your best.

Perks & Benefits

We care about the wellbeing of everyone within Allianz.

Being part of our team, you can access benefits that supports your physical, mental, financial, career and social wellbeing. 


Exercise can be a way to reduce the body‘s stress levels and stimulate the production of mood elevators. For some individuals, it may be an effective way to manage stress and boost the body‘s immune system.


Feelings of concern, distress and anxiety may be more prevalent for many of us during times of uncertainty, whether it is work related or personal. Our aim is to ensure that there are resources available to support you.


While health is often the primary concern, we also care for everyone‘s financial wellbeing through remuneration packaging, financial advice and corporate discounts. 


We recognise our employees‘ achievements and support flexible working so you can care for life’s twists and turns while achieving your personal and professional goals. 


We provide opportunities for our employees to get connected and stay connected as an important way for everyone to feel a sense of belonging so you can bring your whole self to work.



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