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Bain & Company is one of the world's leading global business consulting firms, serving clients across six continents on issues of strategy, operations, technology, organisation and mergers and acquisitions.

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About us

Bain & Company


Bain & Company is one of the world's leading management consulting firms. We support companies in important decisions on strategy, operations, technology, organisation, private equity and M&A – cross- industry and cross-border. Together with its clients, Bain works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading enterprise value over the long term. Since our foundation in 1973 we have been measuring our success by the results of our consulting work. Bain has 53 offices worldwide and employs over 6,000 people working with major international corporations in more than 60 countries.


At Bain, we help the world's top leaders solve their toughest challenges. Our work fuels the growth of many industries; it creates change for some of the most influential organisations and notable brands around the world – and when those organisations are truly doing things right, they are positively impacting people’s lives around the world.

You will personally be a part of driving that world-changing impact – developing creative solutions to real-world problems and then working in the trenches with senior leaders to achieve change across their organisations.

You will leave your mark and together, we will change our world.


Our "product" is our ideas, the solutions to many of the world's most complex challenges. We’re looking for all-rounders – independent thinkers who thrive as part of a team. We recognize that everyone is different and everyone will bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the team. The essential skills we'll be looking for in an undergraduate are: a demonstration of exceptional academic performance and strong analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills. They are a group of high-achieving people from broad backgrounds.

Our Associate Consultants

Associate Consultants (ACs) are at the heart of Bain’s core strength – providing clients with powerful facts and analyses that outline solutions and drive change. ACs are generalists who work as members of case teams in roles that vary according to the team’s objective.

Bain helps each AC build the fundamentals of a business career – cracking tough business problems, communicating solutions with clients and teams, and collaborating with senior Consultants and Managers. The AC role at Bain attracts a diverse group of highly-qualified people and provides the opportunity to gain unparalleled business exposure in a challenging environment where learning is the primary reward.

Bain invests heavily in the training and development of each AC. While most training is on-the-job, ACs also attend formalized training throughout their time at Bain. Formal training programs start with an extensive in-office program, followed by a ten-day off-site program with new ACs from other Bain offices around the world.

Duties & Responsibilities:

ACs are typically responsible for identifying information sources, gathering and interpreting data, and presenting their findings to case team members. Other responsibilities include interviewing the client’s customers, competitors, suppliers and employers; this work becomes the basis of the case team’s strategic recommendation.

Do you have what it takes to succeed as part of the Bain team?

  • Problem-solving: Management consulting is all about helping clients overcome their most vexing business challenges. We look for candidates with the ability to analyse a situation and formulate an effective solution. Team experience and academic achievement may also indicate strong problem-solving skills.
  • Leadership: Do you have proven leadership experience? Whether through work, school or extracurricular activities, being a leader frames your application in a favourable light.
  • Passion: We look for candidates who show an enthusiasm for solving problems and delivering meaningful results. Strong applicants are focused on succeeding both as individuals and as part of a team.


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