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GHD is committed to developing and supporting talented, motivated graduates who are eager to launch their careers as change makers. When you join GHD, we commit to encouraging your curiosity, to fostering new ideas, and to creating meaningful change.

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About Us

What we’re known for

GHD is a global professional services company that leads through engineering and architectural skills and experience. Our forward-looking, innovative approach connects and sustains communities in Australia and around the world, delivering extraordinary social and economic outcomes.

In Australia there are more than 4000 diverse and skilled individuals connected by 44 offices across the country, many in regional locations. The company has been involved in iconic, community changing projects such as North East Link, Level Crossing Removal Project, Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro, Western Sydney Airport and Snowy 2.0.

Globally, we span five continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, North, South America and the Pacific region, employing more than 10,000 employees across more than 200 offices.

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What makes us different

GHD is an employee-owned company with a stated vision and a determination to address humanity’s most urgent needs: to ensure water, energy and urbanisation are made sustainable for generations to come.

Kick-start your career with us

If you're ready to kick start your career as a change-maker, GHD is the answer. We commit to encouraging your curiosity, fostering your ideas, and creating meaningful change together.

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Why Join GHD?

Our Graduate Development Program

As a Graduate, you will learn how to transform complex challenges into imaginative solutions.

The GHD Graduate Development Program is an integrated, holistic approach to developing future leaders and technical specialists. Over the two-year program, you will learn about our business and our values, your team and most importantly, yourself. You will develop your decision-making, communication, technical and critical leadership skills, access personal mentoring, and participate in a variety of development activities. Alongside invaluable on-the-job experience is the chance to build networks that will last a lifetime.

It is a structured, balanced development program with a blend of experience and exposure across GHD designed to develop your skillsets and keep you constantly challenged.

The program highlights are:

  • An intensive, informative and fun induction and orientation session
  • Formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Regular coaching and feedback
  • Various opportunities to build your network within the business
  • The opportunity to participate in our mentoring program
  • A variety of assignments through different groups, projects and locations
  • Involvement in local community projects
  • The creation of your own graduate peer community
  • Preparation for attaining professional accreditation.

GHD uses a variety of ways to build your skillset and knowledge including: coaching and mentoring, talent exchanges, e-learning modules, opportunities for self-study, structured workshops and courses and through our Career Pathways program.

Career Pathways is our global approach to career planning at GHD which encourages you to develop a portfolio of skills and experiences, providing the capability for a variety of future roles.

On the job learning includes exposure to a variety of projects, disciplines, and regional locations. This will give provide you the opportunity to work with and learn from a variety of different people.

The GHD Business School is the branded name for learning and development within GHD. The GHD Business School provides diverse learning opportunities for you to acquire the experience and knowledge you need to be a truly effective member of our team and to strengthen our global network.

Meet Our Graduates

Sadia Abdullah


"I protect people from fires by designing fire alarm systems, analyzing egress routes and identifying construction types in new and existing buildings. I also design sprinkler systems to save lives and to protect property from fire and smoke damage."

Jeyson Ventura, Engineer, Chantilly, USA


"A Graduate role at GHDWoodhead is an amazing head start into learning how an architect works in a multi-disciplinary environment."

Claire Audley, Architect, Melbourne


“I never expected so early in my career that I would have completed field investigation (drilling and seismic MASW) and then performed liquefaction analysis to find out if a dam is susceptible to liquefaction or not.”

Hassan Ali, Engineer/Project Coordinator, Waterloo, Canada


"My advice for new graduates applying is to not be afraid of applying for a role in a field that you feel you lack prior knowledge and experience in. If a job description interests you, and you want to learn more, show that passion during the interview process. Hiring staff do not expect graduates to have multiple years of experience under their belt, what they're in search for is a motivated individual who is eager to learn and grow. "

Dilshad Mondegarian, Environmental Engineer-In-Training, Waterloo, Canada


“I've progressed so much in terms of role and geography. I started in Adelaide as a graduate civil engineer and moved to the UK, where I am now Aviation Service Line Coordinator for the Europe and Middle East region.”

Jarred Williams, Civil Engineer, London, UK


"In my first year as a Graduate, I contributed to a large proposal for a wastewater treatment plant project which I never expected to and our team won it! I enjoyed the challenge of being thrown in the deep end and the responsibility. It demonstrated that my team leader trusts me to ask questions and deliver something of real value."

Flavia Steinauer, Graduate Chemical Engineer, Perth, Australia

Burning Questions with GHD Grads

We reached out to the current group of Graduates in the GHD Grad Programme from their varying degree disciplines and within different rotations, to ask them some burning questions, as requested by students.  Thank you to the GHD Grads for their time and effort.  Let’s see what they have to say!


University of Queensland
Double Degree - Bachelors in Economics and Bachelors in Business Management

Can you let us know what company you are working for and which area of the business you work in or which rotation you are currently in?

GHD - Transactions & Infrastructure Strategy

What was the first 6 months like?  What have you really enjoyed? 

The first 6 months went so fast. It was a very steep learning curve, especially being the first corporate job I have had out of uni. I have really enjoyed the variety of work at GHD - I work on all different types of infrastructure projects and it is very hands-on, even as a grad, so you always feel like you are achieving milestones.

Was your position with the GHD Grad Programme as you expected it to be? Did anything take you by surprise?

The position was not what I expected it to be - but I think this was purely because I didn't know what corporate work was like. However, I have actually enjoyed my position more than I thought I would.

Everyone is keen on maintaining work/life balance, with that in mind what is the longest day you have put it and have you worked weekends at all?

Longest day I have had to work is probably 15 hours. In consulting, there is sometimes going to be hard deadlines for clients, and you just have to get the work done which can lead to some longer hours. However, 90% of the time my work day is 7:30am - 5pm. I have had to work once on a Saturday for 2 hours.

On a day to day basis, what do you work on?

Transactions involve helping a client acquire or divest an asset. This requires risk reporting, due diligence reports and answering questions and answers. I also do a lot in the ESG space (Environmental, Social, Governance). I really like this area because it is helping clients become more sustainable and helping achieve decarbonisation goals.

Have you worked on any projects at GHD?

  • Transaction due diligences 
  • Economic regulation projects 
  • Policy review projects 
  • ESG projects

What systems do you use for your role in the graduate programme?

  • Microsoft word, ppt, excel
  • Microsoft teams 
  • Coding languages - R and Python

What sort of support are you provided at GHD?

Starting corporate during COVID has been interesting. I have been at GHD for a year and I have still never met my boss in person. However, I have a really good relationship with him, he calls me twice a week to chat and I feel very supported by him. My peers around me that are advisors and senior advisors have been so amazing and always take the time to teach me things if need be. I feel very supported with my Advisory team.

What skills do you think you need to succeed in your role and do they differ from what you envisioned?

Attention to detail, research skills, ability to perform under tight deadlines.

What are the best perks or benefits at GHD?

Very flexible working - they don't mind if you log on at 6am or at 10am as long as your work gets done in the end. We often go for drinks or events which are paid for by GHD. We have Young Professional x-mas parties (for professionals with < 10 years experience).


University of Queensland
Chemical Engineering and Economics

Can you let us know what company you are working for and which area of the business you work in or which rotation you are currently in?

I'm working as a Graduate Process and Project Engineer in GHD's Plant and Process Team

What was the first 6 months like?  What have you really enjoyed? 

My first 6 months was great, starting with the Careers Kick Off week with the rest of the GHD graduate cohort, and then getting straight into really interesting engineering work on a wide range of projects.

Was your position with the GHD Grad Programme as you expected it to be? Did anything take you by surprise?

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility I have been given as a grad. I expected to be doing a lot of basic excel work, but pretty quickly I was given real engineering design tasks, input into client meetings and assisting with delivering projects. As a grad you are taken seriously and your contribution is valued.

Everyone is keen on maintaining work/life balance, with that in mind what is the longest day you have put it and have you worked weekends at all?

I may have done one or two late nights and weekends to get deliverables in on time... but in general the work-life balance is good and overtime isn't needed.

On a day to day basis, what do you work on?

Depending on the project I might be doing anything from having meetings with clients, keeping track of project cost and schedule, process design and modelling, or working on deliverables like reports, line and valve lists etc.

Have you worked on any projects at GHD?

I've had a lot of great opportunities to work on cutting edge projects in the hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon capture and storage spaces, as well as more conventional process plant projects.

What systems do you use for your role in the graduate programme?

GHD uses a SharePoint system for collaboratively working on files and quality assurance.

What sort of support are you provided at GHD?

Working in the office with the team is great as a grad, as often when I am unsure what I'm doing I have several experienced engineers around to help. All work is also checked by senior engineers who are often happy to give detailed feedback on how to improve in future.

What skills do you think you need to succeed in your role and do they differ from what you envisioned?

Time management is certainly important when you have several projects going at once. Good communication and record keeping is essential as senior engineers checking your work need to understand how you have come to a conclusion. I think a willingness to put your hand up for things (even things you haven't done before or may not know how to do) helps a lot, because those experiences grow your knowledge and confidence so much more than those within your comfort zone.

What are the best perks or benefits at GHD?

The free coffee machines in the office are a pretty important part of my workday.


Monash University
Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture

Can you let us know what company you are working for and which area of the business you work in or which rotation you are currently in?

GHD, working in the Building Engineering group as a Structural Engineer

What was the first 6 months like?  What have you really enjoyed? 

Bumpy start with the return of the lockdown, but have really liked consulting and getting to meet a lot of different people. The work is interesting and definitely not what I expected, but everything is new for me which makes it all enjoyable!

Was your position with the GHD Grad Programme as you expected it to be? Did anything take you by surprise?

Definitely not what I expected! A lot of the work is interpreting different standards and making engineering judgement calls which is sometimes a bit scary!

Everyone is keen on maintaining work/life balance, with that in mind what is the longest day you have put it and have you worked weekends at all?

Longest day I've worked would be around a 12 hour day but that was because of my own mistake and thus very justified! I luckily have not been made to work any Saturdays

On a day to day basis, what do you work on?

Typically I support senior engineers with designs to Australian standards and design guides, checking the capacities of structural elements of buildings from footings to slabs to columns/walls to roof structures.

Have you worked on any projects at GHD?

Worked on a few different projects, some for Defence, some for VSBA, and some for joint ventures on major infrastructure projects.

What systems do you use for your role in the graduate programme?

We use Bluebeam a lot! And a lot of structural engineering design software, but it really varies depending on what you're working on.

What sort of support are you provided at GHD?

I get a lot of support from my Team Leader and Business Group Leader, as well as whomever I'm doing work for. The company is great and provided a lot of support especially during lockdown.

What skills do you think you need to succeed in your role and do they differ from what you envisioned?

Honestly people skills are super important in consulting! And of course, being able to interpret technical guidelines and make engineering judgement calls based on your own previous experiences, or asking for advice from someone more experienced. Also super important is the ability to communicate when you need help or when things aren't going to plan. Most of this was what I expected, but the people skills was definitely more important than I expected!

What are the best perks or benefits at GHD?

GHD is great in supporting their staff with flexible working hours, and very understanding of home circumstances. We get free tea, coffee and milk in the office, and before the pandemic we had biccies every day for morning tea! Highlight of my working days.

GHD in the Community

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program, GHD in the Community (GITC), is designed to have a positive social and environmental impact on the communities in which we operate.

GHD people are actively involved in community and partner with many not-for-profit organisations. This includes the provision of pro-bono services and the support of a range of community-based enterprises for fundraising, volunteering, workplace support and engagement. Our people proudly consider, formally apply and then nurture GITC partnerships, making this program one of deep interest and personal pride amongst our workforce.

Our clients also play an important part in this program by highlighting their challenges or identifying opportunities for our assistance. We are grateful for their involvement which enables us to add value and a make a real difference to disadvantaged communities or causes.

Projects of national or international significance - that help rebuild communities after disasters, assist with vital infrastructure or simply provide much needed support to affect positive change - are a key part of our approach to GITC.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

At GHD, we want our people to feel comfortable to share all aspects of themselves at work.

Our commitment toward diversity in the workplace is driven by a strong conviction that genuine inclusion will deliver greater productivity, creativity and diversity from deeper pools of talent and through fairer processes for all.

Our people are as diverse as the communities we serve across five continents. Embracing diversity of thought, background and experience helps us develop imaginative and responsive solutions for our clients that create lasting community benefit.

GHD’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is embodied within our strategy and includes: championing gender equality, cultural diversity, LGBTI inclusion, adapting work practices to capture the benefits of generational diversity, reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as flexible working arrangements for our people. Our actions continue to position us as an industry leader in inclusion and diversity.

With a workplace rich in diversity of thought, background and experience – we’ve got what it takes to deliver amazing outcomes for our clients.

More and more it is how we do business today.

Read GHD's full report on Inclusion and Diversity.

Read GHD's LGBTI+ Action Plan.

LGBTI Inclusion

LGBTIQ+ diversity icon

At GHD, we strive to be an inclusive community where everyone feels they belong. We want to be an organisation that facilitates more productive and connected teams that value each other's differences. The inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people as well as those with diverse sex characteristics, gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations (LGBTI+) as employees and clients is an important part of that work.

For us, LGBTI+ inclusion means continuing to support and promote a workplace where people feel comfortable and empowered regardless of their sexual orientation. It also means providing a supportive environment for anyone with a direct or indirect connection to the LGBTI+ community, including family, friends and workplace colleagues.

With this vision in mind, in 2016 we established a National LGBTI+ Reference Group, a group that is now supported by a growing network of more than 200 LGBTI+ allies across Australia and an executive sponsor on our Australian Leadership Team (ALT).

In 2018 we participated for the first time in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) a definitive independent national benchmark on LGBTI+ workplace inclusion and we were proud to receive Bronze status.

While we’ve made significant progress in recent years, we want and need to go further, to challenge ourselves and our industry to embrace inclusion. With our people and our culture at the heart of our strategy, we aspire to become an Employer of Choice across all businesses and number one in inclusion and diversity in our industry.

In 2021 we developed an LGBTI+ Action plan which documents our commitments to achieving our aspirations for the LGBTI+ pillar of inclusion in an Australian context. Read our LGBTI+ Action Plan.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity diversity icon

GHD is committed to providing a culturally safe and diverse workplace. We have historically employed people from many different cultural backgrounds whilst promoting harmony in the workplace.

GHD employees currently working within the Australia region have told us they were born across 85 countries, with the majority of our people born in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and India.

Generational Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

Young Professionals

We are focused on recruiting and developing our future leaders, through our graduate and emerging leader programs and Young Professionals (YP) networking groups.

Our YP program provides a strong support network our younger employees and opportunities for them to participate in a range of professional development activities. Active in every state, our YP groups help our people build strong working relationships with their peers and clients. The YP program brings together people with less than 10 years of professional experience from various disciplines to assist in developing skills.

Ageing workforce

As part of our efforts to promote and encourage optimal work practices and policies that support mature employees’ participation, engagement and health at work, GHD has become an inaugural Stakeholder Reference Group member of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research. The Centre is a multidisciplinary research collaboration between University of New South Wales, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Curtin University aimed at optimising social and economic outcomes for an ageing world. Our engagement with the centre helps them to translate their research knowledge into practical business applications, it also facilitates our access to data, personnel and other resources that will help us promote successful ageing in our workplace.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

At GHD we’re proud to have maintained a strong connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities since our foundation more than 90 years ago.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitments are a core part of both the way we operate and how we deliver our clients’ projects. Our aim is for reconciliation to be fully embedded into our business to foster a culturally safe environment for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia where the cultures, histories and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are understood, recognised and respected. A nation where we all celebrate that this land and its First Peoples are the oldest continuing cultures on the planet.

We proudly presented our first Reflect RAP in early 2017 as a public commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our Reflect RAP focused on developing national strategies related to our business and how we could contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

In November 2018 we launched our second RAP – Innovate, to set the future direction of how GHD and all our people can continue to make a positive difference in a practical way. Since the beginning of our formal reconciliation journey we have continued to look across our business to understand the breadth of our influence and embed an implementation approach that is a blend of national and local. With this in mind, we launched a refreshed Innovate RAP in October 2021 which refreshes our vision and establishes more ambitious and specific actions needed to achieve this vision.

This RAP recognises there is further work for us to do, particularly around facilitating employment opportunities, and improving procurement practices and engagement with the communities impacted by our work.

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