Macquarie Group Graduate Programs & Internships

At Macquarie, you’re empowered to innovate and invest for a better future. Joining our teams, you’ll be empowered to meet the needs in our communities as we advise and invest alongside our clients and partners. 

We know success comes from encouraging people to think differently. Everyone here, no matter what level, contributes ideas and drives outcomes. You’ll be encouraged to examine problems from every angle, challenge the status quo and come up with new and i…

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Entry Level Jobs


Actuarial Studies
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Hires applicants with degrees in

  • Actuarial Studies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business and Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Software
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Banking
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Mathematics

Join our Equity Derivatives and Trading division which has a strong reputation as an equity derivatives player in Asia, including being a leading issuer of derivative warrants and capital raising solutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.

About Us

At Macquarie, you’re empowered to innovate and invest for a better future. Joining our teams, you’ll be empowered to meet the needs in our communities as we advise and invest alongside our clients and partners. 

We know success comes from encouraging people to think differently. Everyone here, no matter what level, contributes ideas and drives outcomes. You’ll be encouraged to examine problems from every angle, challenge the status quo and come up with new and innovative ideas. 

We value diversity of thought from people with different backgrounds, no matter what you studied, there’s a place for you at Macquarie. 

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Explore opportunities by business: 

Banking and Financial Services

Help people purchase their first home, start businesses, manage their finances or buy a car. Gain real customer-focused experience with our Banking and Financial Services Graduate Program. 

We’re a technology-driven Australian retail bank and wealth manager with over 30 years’ experience. We are innovative and forward-thinking. And we want you to join us on our journey.

Commodities and Global Markets

Help trade commodities, energy, metals, futures or equities. 

Join a team with over 2,100 employees, ranging from logistics experts, geologists, meteorologists, petroleum and mining engineers, data scientists, quant finance and theoretical physics PHDs to traders and advisers.

Corporate Operations Group

Help us transform, be innovative and people focused. 

As part of our Corporate Operations Group, you can help us drive operational effectiveness or join one of our core technology teams supporting all our businesses globally.

Financial Management Group 

Play a critical role in helping our business grow. 

As part of our Financial Management Group, you will join a team that provides strategic advice to senior management on how to support the growth of Macquarie’s business around the world.

Macquarie Asset Management

Play a role in managing electricity networks, renewable energy platforms, and farms. Help invest in hospitals, aged-care facilities and other essential businesses. 

In Macquarie Asset Management, you will be part of a global, full-service asset manager, providing investment solutions to clients across a range of capabilities, including infrastructure, renewables, real estate, agriculture, transportation finance, equities, fixed income, private credit, and multi-asset solutions.

Macquarie Capital

A market leader with the disruptive mindset of a challenger. 

From Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) and Capital Markets to Principal and Equities, our platform provides diversity in the problems we solve for our clients, the sectors we work in and the people we work with.

Risk Management Group

Balance opportunity with risk.

Our Risk Management Group is an independent function that objectively advises all Macquarie businesses and the Board, contributing to our long-term success.

Why Join Us?

What’s in it for you?

Build a better future

At Macquarie we’re truly having an impact and it’s all about building a better future —whether that’s accelerating the green energy transition, helping sustain global food supplies, financing social housing projects or investing in essential infrastructure. Our graduates and interns help to deliver on that purpose.

Be supported to learn and develop 

There are plenty of opportunities for you to learn and develop. You’ll have the chance to build transferable skills through formal training programs, learning on the job and from your peers and leaders. 

Your peers, managers, and leaders are all here to support you. Each bringing diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills, you will be supported by the people around you. 

Grow your career

You’ll have the opportunity to join different teams, develop new skills and forge a career path that works for you. 

During your career, if you’re interested in exploring other opportunities our size and international presence means your work can take you anywhere—across business groups, disciplines, sectors and borders.

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Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program offers a learning environment designed to create our future leaders. We’re looking for the best minds to help manage, develop, advise, finance and trade. 

You’ll make a genuine impact and, regardless of what you do, you’ll help us build a better future —whether it’s working on projects that accelerate the green energy transition, help sustain global food supplies, finance social housing projects or invest in essential infrastructure.  

You’ll embark on a structured 12–24-month program where you’ll be supported and mentored by your peers and leaders, as well as through the Graduate Development Program.  

Applications open from February-March of each year and final year students are eligible to apply. Our Graduate Program commences in February of each year.

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Graduate Development Program 

You’ll be supported and mentored by your peers and leaders, as well as through the Graduate Development Program.  

This program is built by our graduates: you tell us what you’d like to learn, and our learning and development specialists will tailor a program to suit you.   

In the past, our graduates have wanted to focus on personal impact, how to communicate effectively and build a positive representation of themselves. They also wanted to learn from others in the business, their career journeys, challenges and advice for success. The program was developed around these priorities with a range of internal and external speakers.    

In addition to the Graduate Development Program, you’ll be invited to complete several orientation initiatives designed to help you get your bearings around the office and learn how to make your mark at Macquarie.  

Initiatives will be a mixture of online learning and face-to-face events. You’ll attend ‘Discover Macquarie’, where you’ll meet some of your new colleagues and develop an understanding of Macquarie's structure and operating groups.  

After six months, you’ll attend ‘Success at Macquarie’, where you’ll hear insights from our business leaders and learn about how to make the most of your career at Macquarie.  

Once you finish the Graduate Program, there are a range of learning and development opportunities available to you. From team development and manager capability training to individual skills development, our learning and development teams design programs to help you develop your knowledge and skills.    

At Macquarie, you’ll be encouraged to own your career. This means that it’s up to you to choose which direction you want to take – whether that’s taking on a new project; progressing within your division; exploring an opportunity in a different team; or relocating globally – and our learning and development programs can be tailored to help you get there. 

Internships & Clerkships

Our Summer Internship Program

Are you interested in the financial services industry? Regardless of what you are studying you can join our Summer Internship Program for 10-12 weeks of hands-on experience.   

You’ll get to work on real projects from your first day, develop and utilise new skills, explore interesting fields and do challenging work.   

Put your learnings to work in a global business, build a professional network and learn from business leaders.   

Summer Interns are eligible to be fast-tracked for our Graduate Program.  

Applications open from May-August of each year and penultimate year students are eligible to apply. Our Summer Intern Program commences in November of each year. 

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Our Winter Development Program 

Are you a science, technology, engineering or maths student, or a female student from any degree discipline, in your penultimate year of study? Join our Winter Development Program in Macquarie Capital, where you will gain exposure to our global corporate M&A, advisory, investing, development and equities capabilities. You’ll get insight into transactions across the full spectrum of capital solutions from debt, equity, and private capital raising and financing to investing our own capital to enable new opportunities.  

Applications open from February-March of each year and penultimate year students are eligible to apply. The program runs in July of each year. 

Other Opportunities

Each year we host a number of events for you to learn about our programs and business groups. These events are a great opportunity for you to network with, and gain insights from, our employees.

Thursday, 10th MarchTech EventWhat makes a company a tech company? Macquarie is challenging perspectives and leading the way as a FinTech but what does this look like as a career? Join leaders and Graduates who will talk through various technology career paths within Macquarie, meet the teams and hear their journeys.6PM - 8PM1 Martin Place, Sydney
Monday, 14th MarchBFS Intern/Grad EventMacquarie Group is inviting ambitious and talented university students to register for our Personal Finance Workshop. You will have the opportunity to learn about the numerous opportunities available in Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Business Group.5PM - 6:45PMOnline
Tuesday, 15th MarchSTEM Pathways

Our “Opportunities in STEM” event is an invitation for students studying a STEM degree, to join us and learn about how they can use their degree at Macquarie Group. 

Macquarie Group is inviting talented and ambitious students who are studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees to register and find out how they can utilise their degrees at Macquarie. We are interested in meeting motivated students who want to learn about a career at Macquarie. 

You will have the opportunity to hear from Macquarie business speakers with STEM backgrounds across a diverse range of business groups, and network with business representatives as they share how they used their degrees to build unique careers with Macquarie.

6PM - 8PM1 Martin Place, Sydney
Thursday, 17th MarchMacquarie Grad Onsite

Final year students from all degree disciplines are invited to attend our Graduate Insights Evening to learn about the exciting career opportunities that await at Macquarie. 

This is a unique opportunity for driven individuals to gain an insight into the graduate prospects offered at Macquarie and where this could lead. Attendees will hear from a panel of previous graduates and have the opportunity to network.

6PM - 8PM50 Martin Place, Sydney & Online

Please note that invitations to events will only be extended to students who fulfill the eligibility criteria of our programs.
Find out more here.

Employee Profiles

Find out more about our Graduate’s experiences within different business groups and how they have helped build a better future. 


Susan Paek: Working at the heart of Macquarie for Group Treasury

Susan Paek completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Science before joining the Group Treasury’s Funding Team through Macquarie’s Graduate Program in 2021. Susan has already been promoted, and says she enjoys having an impact by working at the centre of Macquarie’s businesses.

Explore her story here.


Sandra Ma: Exploring a technology career in finance on Macquarie’s Graduate Program

Sandra Ma had already completed an internship with Macquarie’s Technology team before joining the Graduate Program in 2021. A Bachelor of Commerce and Information Systems graduate, she chose Macquarie for its balance of career and personal growth, as well as the opportunity it gives her to pursue a technology career within a finance environment.

Explore her story here.


Arjun Bhuyan: From Mechanical Engineering to Macquarie Asset Management

“A lot of people think they need to study commerce or finance to work in financial services, but there’s no ‘right degree’,” says Arjun Bhuyan who has a mechanical engineering degree and joined Macquarie Asset Management’s Graduate Program in 2021. “Macquarie employs people from a range of backgrounds, and that diversity matters when it comes to collaboration and having a range of perspectives.”

Explore his story here.


Caitlin O’Connell: Empowerment as a graduate and finding synergy in the Risk Management Group

Caitlin O’Connell had never considered a career in risk management until she met with a recruiter from Macquarie. In 2021, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Law, Caitlin joined Macquarie’s Graduate Program, working in Regulatory Affairs and Aggregate Risk for the Risk Management Group.

Explore her story here.


Manish Muthyam: A quantitative approach to a career in risk

“The Risk Management Group is an independent risk function, but to do our job we need to have we really good insight into the business groups we support. So, working in the Risk Management Group gives you great exposure to Macquarie’s businesses,” says Manish Muthyam, an Actuarial Studies and Commerce graduate who joined Macquarie’s Graduate Program as an Associate in Market Risk in 2021.

Explore his story here.


Samadhi Pelenda: From Intern to Graduate Analyst with Macquarie Capital

“As a graduate at Macquarie, you don’t need to have the exact experience for your role already. But you do need to be confident in your ability to learn and willingness to try everything,” says Samadhi Pelenda who joined Macquarie’s Graduate Program in 2021 as an Analyst in Macquarie Capital’s Financial Institutions Group.

Explore her story here.


Jay Adams: Diverse experiences in Macquarie’s Business Services Division Graduate Program and beyond

Jay Adams joined Macquarie's Graduate Program for the Business Services Division in 2021, where he’ll experience rotations in four different teams over two years. He also leads Macquarie Pride Employee Network Group’s training and education stream, promoting allyship, inclusion and awareness of diversity across the organisation.

Explore his story here.


Application Process

Application Dates

2022 Winter Development Program

Program dates:

July 2022 (to be confirmed)

Eligibility criteria:

Science, technology, engineering and maths students or female students from any discipline in their penultimate year of study

Application dates:

Open: 16 February 2022
Close: 15 March 2022

2022 Summer Internship Program

Program dates:

Commencing November 2022 for 10 to 12 weeks, depending on business group (to be confirmed)

Eligibility criteria:

Students in their penultimate year of study

Application dates:

Open: 17 May 2022
Close: 19 July 2022 (Melbourne and Perth), 2 August 2022 (Sydney and Brisbane)

2023 Graduate Program

Program dates:

Commencing February 2023 (to be confirmed)

Eligibility criteria:

Students in their final year of study or those who have completed their studies within 12 months of applying. This is from the time you completed your final subject or unit, not from your graduation date.

Application dates:

Open: 23 February 2022
Close: 29 March 2022

macquarie group

Application Process and Tips

To apply for our Graduate or Internship Programs, visit during the application open dates.
Once you have submitted your application, the recruitment process varies slightly between our business groups. Typically, successful candidates go through the following process:

  1. A review of your application by the graduate recruitment team
  2. Completing a psychometric assessment 
  3. An informal phone interview
  4. Face-to- face interview/s
  5. Reference checks and employment screening.

Find out more about our recruitment process:

What should you include in your application?

You need to include your resume, a cover letter and your most recent academic transcript in your application. If you are currently studying a second degree or a Masters degree, please ensure you include transcripts from your previous degree as well.

Remember, your application is your opportunity to tell us why you want to work for Macquarie and what sets you apart from the other applicants. Tell us your aspirations and where you want to take your career at Macquarie. Demonstrate any previous work experience, volunteering and extra-curricular activities that you have undertaken.

Make sure you do your research on Macquarie and the business that you are applying to.

You don’t need to include references when you submit your application. If you are successful, we will ask you to submit two professional references.

Have a look at these tips from our people:


A Day in the Life

Helping to build a more sustainable economy: Olivia Sun’s graduate experience

Olivia Sun a graduate in the Sustainable Waste Solutions team in Commodities and Global Markets loves that the work she’s doing has a real, tangible impact on the future of our planet.

Helping shape the future of banking: Rachel Pahlman’s graduate experience

Rachel Pahlman a graduate in Banking and Financial Services is supporting the evolution of our digital platform for financial advisors.

Building for a better future in Tech: Teebana Balakumar’s graduate experience 

As part of Macquarie’s Technology Graduate Program, Teebana Balakumar is building for a better future in Tech and discovering technology roles she didn’t know existed.

Social Responsibility

The Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie and provides support to hundreds of community organisations globally each year through financial contributions, volunteering and skills sharing.

In FY2021, we reached over $A475m contributed by the Macquarie Group Foundation and Macquarie employees since the Foundation’s inception.

The Graduate Volunteer Network works closely with the Macquarie Group Foundation and is an initiative where our graduates come together to organise fundraising events close to their hearts. In 2020 our Graduate Volunteer Network raised over $A17,000.

The money that Macquarie employees raise for charity is matched dollar for dollar by the Macquarie Group Foundation.

Learn more about the Macquarie Group Foundation here.

Perks & Benefits

Benefits and wellbeing

We are helping our employees build for a better future by putting a focus on benefits and wellbeing. 

Flexibility and leave

We ensure our employees feel supported to effectively manage their work and life priorities. We offer flexible work arrangements, providing you with the resources and technology to work remotely. Our employees have an opportunity to purchase 10 days of additional leave on top of their annual leave. We also have study, exam, and parental leave offerings. 

     macquarie group

Health and wellness

We provide our employees with a wide range of resources to help them prioritise their health and wellness. This includes discounted rates at select gyms, corporate rates on private health insurance, onsite health checks, bike racks and servicing, employee assistance programs, quiet rooms, multi-faith prayer rooms, onsite fitness class and mindfulness programs. 

     macquarie group

Learning and development

We offer many learning and development opportunities through tailored programs, subsidised relevant external study and paid professional memberships. At the conclusion of your graduate program your learning and development journey is only just beginning. You will continue to build skills on-the-job and through formal training programs. 


Our size and international presence means your work can take you anywhere – across business groups, disciplines, sectors, and borders. There are plenty of mobility opportunities with permanent relocation and living away from home benefits. 

Employee Network Groups

We are connecting our people in many ways. You can join one of our many Employee Network Groups including Pride at Macquarie, Wellness, Families and Carers, Gender Equality, First Nations, Heritage and Culture. You may also enjoy one of our other employee-led networking and community initiatives such as sporting groups, choir and more. We also have a dedicated music room with a selection of musical equipment, as well as breakfast clubs in certain locations. 

     macquarie group

Manage your finances

We also help you manage your finances through salary sacrifice, staff rates on home loans through Macquarie Bank, financial education lessons and more. 


Our employees can access a range of retail discounts, savings on new vehicles through some manufacturers, discounted insurance, novated leasing, and recruitment referral awards. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

Our approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In every one of our offices across 33 markets around the world, you’ll find individuals from diverse backgrounds with different ways of thinking, different skills and different experiences. At Macquarie we value the innovation and creativity that diversity of thought brings and recognise that inclusion ensures all our people are empowered to innovate and invest for a better future.

We recognise that our people often have multiple, intersecting identities and so our strategy focuses on ensuring that everyone feels that they can bring their whole selves to work. Within Macquarie we sponsor groups, committees and employee-led initiatives that connect those from across the organisation so that they can collaborate and learn from each other.

macquarie group


We empower all our people to manage their professional commitments to suit their own personal situation and equip our people managers to lead a flexible workforce. Because we recognise that working flexibly means different things to different people, flexible working at Macquarie exists in many forms, and could include changes to hours, locations and patterns of work, study and exam leave or leave without pay.


LGBTIQ+ diversity icon

We promote a diverse and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ+ people and clients, where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole self to work and be an ally. We do this through inclusive policies, ongoing education, awareness and community engagement.

Macquarie has achieved a Top 10 ranking in the Australian Workplace Equality Index four times, qualifying us as a Platinum Employer for LGBTQ+ inclusion. We are also #33 in the UK Stonewall Workplace Equality Index and maintain a 100/100 ranking on the US Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.

macquarie group

Disability Support

Disability diversity icon

Principles of inclusion are embedded within our policies, practices and procedures, with workplace adjustments and technology available to all.

We promote awareness of visible and invisible disabilities, including through global campaigns. In FY21 we became a signatory to The Valuable 500 and partner with leading organisations to provide resources to ensure that everyone is empowered and enabled to succeed at Macquarie.

We are working to ensure our workplaces provide dignified access for our people and visitors, consulting with accessibility experts on the design of our new Sydney headquarters.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality diversity icon

Gender Balance

We are committed to achieving gender balance at all levels across our organisation. Our focus continues to be on developing the internal and external female talent pipeline at both junior and senior levels.

We continue to maintain gender equity and transparency in all our remuneration, promotion and development practices. Each year we celebrate International Women’s Day, where we share our progress and the action, we are taking to promote gender equity within our organisation.

As part of our focus to develop the external female talent pipeline, we actively promote careers in finance to young women. We sponsor female university societies and promote financial services careers to female school students to motivate and empower girls to consider a broad range of career paths.

macquarie group

First Nations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

We are committed to honouring and celebrating First Nations history and culture as well as providing employment opportunities for First Nations people.

We aim to raise awareness through education and training, and develop long-term relationships with First Nations organisations, communities and individuals. We offer employee secondments with Jawun and are a long-term employment partner in the CareerTrackers program, offering internships to Indigenous students. 

In partnership with the Macquarie Group Foundation, we have established a number of long-term partnerships with educational organisations such as the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, and the Clontarf Foundation to close the gap in First Nations educational outcomes.

When do we hire?

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