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Maxme exists to maximise human potential by equipping people with the critical human skills they need to realise their career potential and thrive. Human skills upskilling for anyone, anywhere, at any pace they prefer.


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Up to 6 months FREE unlimited access to Hodie! A gamified app offering bite-size human skills development at any pace you prefer, redeem up to 6 months FREE unlimited access to Hodie now.


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About Maxme


Welcome to Maxme! We exist to maximise human potential by equipping people with the critical human skills they need to realise their career potential and thrive. At Maxme, we believe success isn’t about IQ, it’s about unlocking what makes us truly human. Through exceptional learning experiences, our pledge is to be your trusted partner on that journey. Along the way, we’ll equip you with the critical human skills, advice and support you need to realise your career potential and thrive. Human skills upskilling for anyone, anywhere, at any time they want it. We’re Maxme, and we exist to maximise human potential.

Our flagship human skills app - Hodie - is now live, FREE and available for download via Apple and GooglePlay. Download and start your self-guided human skills learning journey today!

The Maxme human skills learning portfolio offers solutions for Learners, Employers and Educators. Our key products include:

  • Hodie app., your human skills hero
  • Amica, your secondary schools human skills work experience program
  • Raeda, your human skills coaching academy.

Contact us at any time to find out how Maxme can support you, your organisation or students to realise their potential and thrive.

About Hodie app - your human skills hero!


Meet Hodie - your trusted human skills development app from Maxme.

Maxme Strengths

Start your personalised human skills journey with Hodie, a free app designed to help students, graduates and job seekers unlock unique personal superpowers, build human skills and prepare for success in career and life.

Download Hodie today for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Skills you will learn and develop:

  • Self-awareness
  • Your unique personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicating with impact
  • Working together
  • Mindfulness
  • Owning it
  • Creativity

...and more!

It's fun, rewarding and on your terms. Using Hodie, you can earn points, complete levels, receive skill certificates and collect your own team of Sidekicks!


Meet Lina, a graduate with an amazing story of human skills development.

Learn how Hodie shifted Lina from anxious student to empowered, employed graduate crushing personal and professional goals.

Hodie is made for you. Hodie is personalised to you and your human skills journey. It's a curated experience with everything you need to discover, develop, and grow your special superpowers.

Download Hodie today for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Hodie app - how much does it cost?


Maxme Learn

In outstanding news, Hodie ‘Apprentice’ was recently made FREE, giving you access to all 5 levels of all 6 key Hodie human skills at zero cost. Yep, that’s 30 learning modules (and one seriously powerful upskilling opportunity) at no cost to you … because we’re here to put human skills in the hands of anyone hungry for it!


We love the way you think, and know you’ll love our Hodie MINI QUESTS!

Those itching to get ahead and take their human skills to epic practical levels have the option of our popular paid Mini Quests. Once you’ve completed your first skill area - Self Awareness (all 5 levels), you’ll get access to Hodie Mini Quests. Mini Quests are your human skills ‘life hacks’ covering specific, career-boosting essentials like CV Writing, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Dealing with Difficult People, Networking and more. New Mini Quests are added regularly!

Cost: $5.99 (Australian Dollars) per Mini Quest


Maxme Learning Journey

Yep, after graduating as a Hodie Apprentice, you’ll soon have the chance to become a Hodie Artisan, and then a Master!

  • HODIE ARTISAN (paid, coming soon)
  • HODIE MASTER (paid, coming soon)


The speed of your Hodie upskilling experience will depend on your preferred pace of learning.

On average, it takes about 5 weeks to complete each skill, based 20 mins of learning p/day. So … in less than 6 months, you’ll be Hodie human skills accredited!

You might go faster or slower - it's up to you.

What are Human Skills & Why Do They Matter?


Human skills enable us to better understand ourselves, others and what we need to thrive in work and life. They include self awareness, communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity, ownership, mindfulness and more.

What do human skills matter?

Human skills, or soft skills, help us understand ourselves and others, they are essential in navigating through life's various ups and downs and helping us to achieve personal success. Like all skills though, it takes time and effort to master them.

Your technical capabilities will always be essential in building a career pathway, but it's your human skills that will make all the difference when it comes to standing out from the crowd. In fact, 86% of business leaders believe graduates are not fully prepared for the workforce and that ‘human skills’ are one of the main attributes they look for when recruiting!*

Today tertiary education is skewed towards acquiring technical knowledge rather than mastering the human skills needed to thrive in complex professional environments.

Employers are increasingly frustrated by the skills gap but human skills don't just help you succeed in work they also help you in your studies personal life and relationships. They can help you find your passion and channel your strengths.

Visit our Maxme website to learn more about Human Skills and how our flagship human skill app Hodie can help you realise your career potential and thrive.

*Deloitte Access Economics: Premium skills, The wage premium associated with human skills (2019).

Maxme for Employers & Educators


Who does Maxme work with?


Organisations of all shapes and sizes. Optimise talent, future-proof your workforce, elevate your company.


Universities, TAFEs, Colleges and Institutes. Increase the engagement, employability and long term career prospects of your students.

And How?


Searching for employees with more than technical excellence? You’re not alone. 97% of businesses require people with good human skills*. Through immersive learning experiences and highly scalable solutions, we offer a refreshed approach to workforce readiness.

Partner with us to equip your people, teams and organisation with the critical human skills required to thrive today, and into the future.

Maxme for Employers bundles unlimited access to Hodie, with options for extra customisation, coaching and analytics.

Partner with us to start your human skills development journey from scratch, or maximise your organisation’s existing programs.


Keen to better prepare your students for the future of work? Maxme is a refreshed approach to student readiness, tailored to the changing needs of the modern workplace. Through the power of human skills, partner with Maxme to realise the career potential of your students.

Maxme for Educators bundles unlimited access to Hodie, with options for extra Maxme services, support and customisation. Maxme allows you to help your students maximise their human skills development to:

  • Increase employability & work-readiness
  • Perform better in their studies
  • Stay focused on career goals.

For more information on both pre-set and bespoke Maxme solutions for Educators and Educators, please contact us anytime via [email protected] or [email protected].

Our Founder, Renata Sguario



Maxme was founded by Renata Sguario, a leading tech and digital transformation executive and qualified coach, with three decades industry experience. Renata is chair and non-executive director of Future First Technologies (ASX:FFT). Renata has held senior leadership roles at NAB and Latitude Financial and has worked with hundreds of young professionals to help them realise their potential.

Renata’s life passion is helping people be the best version of themselves. In 2019, Renata decided to dedicate herself to living this passion by starting Maxme.

Having two high school aged children at the time, Renata was acutely aware of the challenges facing young people in particular as they look towards entering the workforce. She knew by helping young people to develop their human skills she had the potential to make a real difference.

After working one-on-one with Maxme’s first clients and consulting to organisations, it didn’t take long for Renata to realise she wanted to reach even more people. She needed to package up her 30+ years of human skills wisdom into something that could be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The aim - democratise human skills development so it could be accessed by anyone who needed it, not just a privileged few in big corporates who had been hand-picked for the path to excellence.

And so, the Hodie app was born and the Maxme suite of products continues to grow to help all the humans to reach their potential and thrive.

Connect with Renata on LinkedIn today!

More on Maxme: Mission, Pillars, Approach


Our Mission

At Maxme, we believe success isn’t just about IQ, it’s about unlocking what makes us truly human.

Through exceptional learning experiences, we equip young people with the critical human skills, advice and support needed to realise their career potential and thrive. Our pledge is to be a trusted partner on that journey.

Affordable human skills development for anyone, anywhere, at any time they want it.

Maxme Pillars

Our Brand DNA (Pillars)


Success isn’t about IQ, it’s about unlocking what makes us truly human. That’s the reason we exist - to equip people with the critical human skills they need to realise their career potential and thrive.


We’re obsessed with engagement. In fact, everything we do is about optimising the learning experience for our users. From gamified apps to immersive work-experience programs, captivating, effortless and, above all, enjoyable experiences are king.


Creative thinkers with exponential ideas, we’re committed to solving human skills challenges at scale. We love partnering with local mates to do great things, but know the power of spreading our magic across the world too. We think big from the outset, relentlessly innovate to accelerate, and deploy technologies today that will transcend tomorrow.


Democratisation is in our DNA - we level the playing field, empowering all humans to upskill, wherever they’re at. Just as there’s no place for boys-club boardrooms and diversity-deficient workplaces, there’s no place for elitism in education. Providing affordable education to anyone, anywhere, at any time they want it? Now that’s a world we’re excited about.


To achieve design that works, quality data, critical analysis, and informed decisions are key. Our learning never stops and curiosity never stagnates. Through rigorous reflection and a fierce addiction to excellence, we forge purposeful pathways for growth.


Helping humans become the best version of themselves is a serious perk of our work, but when it comes to ‘maximising’ en masse, we’re passionate about solving broader problems too. For educators, we empower fulfilled, prepared, resilient students. For business, our maxme grads expedite recruitment and hit the ground running sooner. For the economy? More effective businesses powered by more purposeful people. And for Government, less pressure on health and welfare.

Our Approach

Tried & tested methods

Learning experiences based on research and decades of experience. Our flagship app Hodie is underpinned by 4MAT and 70:20:10 learning models.

Centred on understanding of ‘self’

Based on the fundamentals of positive psychology, assessment of top strengths and lesser strengths builds underlying self awareness and highlights areas to develop.


‘Fit for audience’ content to ensure maximum benefit for tertiary students, graduates and early career professionals.


Highly immersive, bite-sized, enjoyable content based on the key skills required to ‘hit the ground running’ and thrive in the modern workplace.


Benchmarking, progress surveys and assessments allows us to measure the impact of Maxme human skills development experiences on both an individual, and organisational, level.


Every team and organisation is unique. While we offer ‘ready to go’ packages, we also collaborate with employers on bespoke programs according to their needs.

Contact Us


Whether you’re a Student, Employer, Educator, or another member of the community keen to explore how Maxme can help to support your human skills upskilling goals, we’re keen to hear from you!

Simply head to the Contact page of our Maxme website now, or email us directly via [email protected]


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