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Can you help us make meaningful change for our clients, our people and our communities?


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About Us

We’re a leading IT infrastructure and services company with a diverse, dynamic and welcoming team of industry experts around Australia and the world. We operate in more than 200 countries and serve 5,000 clients.

Every day, together, we use the power of technology to make the world a better place.

Can you help us make meaningful change for our clients, our people and our communities?

We are a human company, truly useful to the world around us, and focused on making a positive impact. Our logo symbolizes what makes us who we are.

NTT Logo

Great Things, Change Things

We accelerate a connected future.

We help clients accelerate business transformation with intelligent digital solutions, empowering them to make the right decisions at the right time and to achieve their goals.  We work with our clients to capture emerging opportunities, disrupt industries for good, and shape a better society for us to live and work in. Our portfolio includes a digital backbone, a secure multicloud platform, and a range of services.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do

We believe in our people. They are diverse and inspiring, experts at what they do, and committed to true partnerships with our clients. Together we do great things, delivering sustainable outcomes and a better future for our clients and society. Our people are employed to be where our clients are based, all around the world. We are proud to be committed to a strong Diversity and Inclusion Strategy dedicated to ensuring all people are welcomed and accepted for who they are and are supported to live their truth on a daily basis, without compromise or fear.



Why Join Us?

Every day at NTT we use the power of technology to make the world a better place.

We deliver experiences to help our graduates thrive, supporting your growth, development and career through multiple paths to enrich your learning.

Working with NTT, our graduates have a greater sense of purpose and understanding of how the work they are doing is making a positive impact for our clients and the community where they live and work.

Can you help us make meaningful change? Are you ready for the challenge?

We’re looking for bright, passionate graduates to help us create a better future. We welcome all types of people with all types of skills to help us succeed. At NTT, we know that strength comes from embracing and celebrating our differences as well as our similarities.

We have over 40,000 people, operate in more than 200 countries. We are diverse, dynamic, and experts in what we do.

We’re committed to building on our strong culture of inclusivity and enabling a workplace where people of all races, abilities, genders, sexual orientation and gender identities are accepted. At NTT, our diversity makes us stronger and we want you to bring your best, authentic self to work.

Graduate Program

Be part of something bigger

Our two-year structured program includes multiple paths to enrich your learning:

  • Coaching and mentoring from industry leaders and experts through structured and organic programs
  • Meeting passionate and professional world-class industry experts
  • Being paired with a buddy from day one 
  • Access to our interactive online learning platform, which offers an extensive range of specialist skills as well as professional, business and technical certifications
  • Participating in our annual two-day national graduate conference
  • Solving real world business problems and working on strategic projects
  • Working in a state-of-the-art digital workplace
  • In-house educational events
  • Cross business exposure and client projects
  • Leadership opportunities on small projects
  • Volunteering opportunities, networking activities and social events

At NTT, we’re Purpose-led, Performance-driven and Technology-enabled.
As a graduate, what does that mean?


Every day at NTT we partner with organisations across the globe to connect data, people and communities in innovative ways to create a better, more sustainable world. 

As well as through our operations, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, offering our people opportunities to contribute to a better world by raising money and volunteering for causes we’re passionate about.  


As a graduate, you’ll gain valuable experience, in some cases working directly with our clients. You’re joining a performance-driven organisation where we’re always challenging ourselves and wanting to be better. NTT has a world-class culture of innovation through collaboration, giving you the opportunity to solve new problems regularly with new teammates who are incredibly skilled and talented, in the process learning new skills yourself. We also believe in diversity to spark innovation; diversity of thought.


At NTT we use technology for good – connecting data, people and things to build a better future.

Like technology, NTT doesn’t stand still – we use every wave of change as an opportunity to transform how humans live and work. We also believe that you have a vital part to play in changing the world. Therefore we invest in our graduates, so you develop to be the best and brightest in the business. 

Just because we’re a technology company doesn’t mean you need to be a ‘techie’. 

We need all types of people with all types of skills to help us succeed. At NTT, our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities. That’s why we actively promote our culture of diversity and welcome ideas from everyone in all areas of our business.

NTT’s Graduate Program


Learning & Development


Careers, growth, potential. 

At NTT we help you explore your future and put you on the path to a successful professional career through the graduate program and beyond. This is a core tenet of our people commitment.

At NTT, we’re here to learn and be curious. It’s what keeps us fast, flexible and relevant, and we’re always ready to take bold steps into the future. We’ll provide you with the opportunities, training and development you need to change the world.

The only question you need to ask yourself is, “How will I make a difference?”

Be ready to take up the challenge and launch your career in a global company committed to excellence and innovation as we transform with the market and the world.

Learning and development through our graduate program

Depending upon which part of the business you join, you’ll experience a variety of formal and informal placements, teamed with key activities to develop both functional and technical expertise across the NTT business.  We guide you in choosing your own adventure based on your strengths and passions, creating the opportunity for multiple career paths.

We encourage you to build your own brand, drive your own career and create opportunities through networking.

We offer multiple paths to enrich your learning, including:

  • Coaching and mentoring from industry leaders and experts through structured and organic programs
  • Meeting passionate and professional world-class industry experts
  • Being paired with a buddy from day one 
  • Access to our interactive online learning platform, which offers an extensive range of specialist skills as well as professional, business and technical certifications
  • Participating in our annual two-day national graduate conference
  • Solving real world business problems and working on strategic projects
  • Working in a state-of-the-art digital workplace
  • In-house educational events
  • Cross business exposure and client projects
  • Leadership opportunities on small projects
  • Volunteering opportunities, networking activities and social events

And beyond

Investing time in world-class learning experiences is imperative for your personal growth. Throughout your time at NTT we help you develop further professional and business skills to accelerate your career including:

  • Learning from the best:
    Gain access to the sharpest minds in tech through our peer mentorship and extension programs. You have the opportunity to join global technical learning sessions amongst other communities formed by the industry’s subject matter experts.
  • Exceptional exposure
    Learn from our global community of experts, attend renowned tech conferences, upskill yourself with industry-recognised certifications, and share your innovative ideas through various channels and connections.
  • Stay continuously curious
    Access to a multitude of learning and development opportunities such as premium content, sandboxes and world class labs, that will grow your skillset and shape you into becoming a thought-leader within IT.

Application Process

Below we take you through the 6 steps in our NTT application process, including useful links and tips.


Once you’ve reviewed the process, take a moment to check out this post with more tips on landing your preferred graduate role, as written by our graduate Ryan, Intelligent Cybersecurity.
5 things only successful Graduates do to land Jobs after University


1. Online application

This application is our first step in getting to know you! We look at your experiences across previous work, opportunities taken for growth and learning, extracurricular or volunteering work, academic achievements, your interests and passion for technology. 

You will be asked for your preferred graduate role and location. Please note, not all roles are available in all locations. Please refer to the Job Opportunities tab on our NTT profile for full break down of roles and locations.

Some helpful tips when completing your application:

  • Do your research
  • Submit your application early
  • Be sure to stand out in your written responses – tell us what you are passionate about!
  • Take your time

Please use the ‘Ask a Question’ button on our NTT profile to enquire about the application process.

2. Eligibility and application review

At this stage, we’ll review your application for eligibility and suitability for your preferred graduate role.

We welcome applications from graduates with a variety of backgrounds and passions. Just because we’re a technology company doesn’t mean you need to be a ‘techie’. We need all types of people with all types of skills to help us succeed. At NTT, our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities.

Business, Commerce, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Criminology, Psychology, Law, Economics to name a few.

If you love a technical challenge and are excited by exploring the art of the possible, NTT can offer you exhilarating opportunities and a rewarding career. 

Don’t worry if you only meet some of the graduate role requirements – if you have a positive, can-do attitude and an appetite to learn, we will support your development and growth.

To be considered for our graduate program: 

  • You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or hold Australian permanent residency status at the time of application. 
  • You must have attained successful completion of your degree within the last three years in one of the specified disciplines. We will also consider post graduate qualifications. 
  • If holding an overseas qualification, provide documented evidence confirming the qualification is recognised in Australia. Attach proof of your English proficiency testing at time of application. 

3. Video interview

Candidates who progress, will receive a link to complete a one-sided video interview. Instructions will be provided at this stage on how to record and complete the video interview. 

Some tips for video interviews:

  • Set up early, choose a well-lit room and remove distractions
  • Dress for success – business attire
  • Be aware of your tone and body language
  • Prepare for frequently asked questions
  • Be your authentic self!

4. Assessment Centre

Successful candidates will be invited to attend an assessment centre – we’ll confirm if this will be virtual or in-person. Our assessment centres are a two-way process; we will continue to get to know you, and as a candidate you’ll to get experience our culture, understand more about what we do at NTT and be provided the opportunity to ask questions and network with current graduates. 

What to expect at an assessment centre: depending on the role you have applied for you may be asked to participate in a technical challenge and/or group activity, which will be followed by an individual interview.

5. Final interview

Candidates who progress to final interview will also be asked to complete an online assessment. 

6. Offer

Congratulations and welcome to the NTT family! We’ll be in touch regarding your formal offer and onboarding.


Q: When should I apply? 

Applications for our graduate programs will usually open in July each year. Graduate start date will be in February the following year. 
We may at times have other opportunities available for an immediate start, so be sure to check back in regularly. 

Q: Which role should I apply for? 

With a variety of exciting vacancies, each requiring specific skills, apply for the role that best aligns with your background, career goals and what you are passionate about. 

Q: How will I know I have been successful at each stage? 

You will receive email correspondence from application through to assessment centre. If you are invited to final interview, we will be in touch personally.

Q: How far through my degree do I need to be to apply for a graduate role?

We are looking for both final year students and those who have graduated within the last three years. 

Q: What results do I need to have achieved?

We are looking for students with a minimum of a credit average. 

Please use the ‘Ask a Question’ button on our NTT profile to enquire about the application process.

Employee Profiles

Andre, Cyber Security

Something I’ve taken away from this experience is the level of care and effort that goes into the graduate program and beyond at NTT. Positive outcomes are directed from positive experiences and the team I get to work with every day is always supportive of my learning endeavors and project work undertaken. 

Alexander, Project Services

When starting out as a graduate at NTT, people don't expect you to be an expert in your field, although of course a general understanding of a large range of technologies and applications provides a solid foundation for any on-the-job learning. NTT has allowed me to jump in the deep end, whilst providing all of the support I need to thrive within the rapidly growing IT landscape.

Jordan, Cyber Security

Overcoming those first day nerves!

I went through a whirlwind of emotions on my first day. Nervous, scared, and excited. Yet it all immediately dissipated when I met with my manager, got introduced to my team and my ‘buddy’. Throughout the day, I got to have a 1-on-1 chat with each member of my team and I felt immediately welcomed into the strong community at NTT.

I met so many new people throughout the Queensland branch within my first month, and each one of them tried to check-in and see how I was adjusting to the new workspace. 

Max, Digital Workplace

In year 1 of my program I’ve enjoyed first-hand the experience of how NTT can make a real difference for its clients. When I’m on site and explain to end-users the reason for the project and why I’m there, I often hear comments such as "Oh that will help us a lot", which assures me that the work I’m doing actually has an impact that will benefit the client. 

Although much of my time at NTT has been virtual due to COVID-19, I still feel like I’ve had many opportunities to connect and bond with my team as though we are in person. This year the office has opened up and it’s been great to meet with my clients and colleagues face-to-face. I’m also fortunate that NTT provides me with the option of working closely with my manager, team and clients to arrange flexibility around team days in the office, onsite with clients and from home, which is great for work-life balance. 

Krystal, Cyber Security

I first interacted with NTT as part of their 2021 Internship intake, which provided me with an invaluable opportunity to experience first-hand what the culture of NTT is like. It also provided me with the opportunity of speaking with a large range of people with differing experiences and in varying roles – something that I wouldn’t otherwise been able to so easily at the start of my career. Through this I went on to join NTT in their graduate intake in July 2021, starting out in the Professional Services team for Security in Melbourne.

Matthew, Digital Solutions

Some Graduate Pointers:

Remember you have value.
It is important to remember that as a new comer into the industry, you have the fresh ideas and have studied the latest industry trends and technology. NTT openly embraces the value of a new perspective, which is what you can bring along with your foundational knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.
Your ideas need to be heard! Challenging the norm is what drives innovation. NTT is always looking to stay in-front of the curve.

Embrace change.
Technology is always evolving, and as a consultant you'll gain exposure with many different industries. Utilise NTT’s learning culture to continue to upskill and enjoy the diversity of experiences when working with clients. That is arguably the most interesting and rewarding part of the job!

A Day in the Life

Matthew – Digital Solutions


Working and coffee culture certainly go hand in hand. This is my first point of call for every morning. The soothing nature of a warm beverage helps me start the day relaxed, and it has the bonus of a caffeine kickstart! 

Before any stand-up meetings, I like to hop on and check any emails I have received overnight and review my calendar, so I am aware of my schedule. This is a great way to prioritise your day and stay on top of your workload. As old-school as it might be in the modern age, I write my tasks down, and tick them off as I go throughout the day.

Within the first hour or two, I will have a stand-up meeting with my current project team to run through everyone’s work for the day. Although these meetings typically last 10-15 minutes, they are critical to our team’s workflow. All tasks are kept track of on an agile board, so I tend to only take essential notes in these meetings, allowing me to fully focus on listening.

Time to start my task for the day! First point of call is to get up the agile board and assign any tasks to myself and set them to the correct status. I log into the current Dynamics 365 environment I am working in and start making changes in the team’s solution.

There is some clarification required for some of the development work that is being completed today. We have organised a quick 30-minute call to run through the changes with the client to ensure that the build is meeting their requirements.

It’s time for our Dynamics team meetup! The boarder Dynamics team come together to listen to presentation by team members about work that is going on across our client portfolio. Today I am presenting a piece on Embedded Power Apps and how to improve their efficiency.

After having a bite to eat whilst listening to the other presentations it is back to billable work. 

An afternoon coffee is due, so I have reached out to the grads to see if anyone would like to have a coffee break at the same time. A couple of the available grads and myself head down to a local coffee shop to catch up on the work we have been doing in our areas of the business.

I am keen to close out my tickets for today, so this afternoon I have booked some time into my calendar to get my head down. Key items for today include the automation of email notifications for an internal team when a new record become available in the database.

All work items for today have been finished off. I quickly sort out any admin tasks like updating the agile board and updating my timesheet before logging off. 

It is super important to unwind after a day at work. I like to go for a run in the evening to help clear my mind and get my exercise for the day.

It’s important to have a collection of interests in combination with work. As a result, I will always try and spend some time on my hobbies in the evening. For me that is usually, playing some guitar, playing some video games with my brother, or going for a drive to find some urban landscapes to photograph.

Our Services, Solutions and Success Stories

Our Services, Solutions & Success Stories

In a constantly evolving world, technology doesn’t stand still. And nor do we. Our clients constantly grapple with competing priorities. They’re faced with unprecedented disruption to innovate, remain relevant, drive profitability, and transform the business digitally. Yet, this needs to be done all while running day-to-day operations. Every wave of change brings opportunities to reshape our clients' business and set the pace of transformation.

In our interconnected world, technology has the power to bring all things and all people together – and change our world for the better. We partner with organisations globally, using our broad portfolio of services, solutions and products to help them meet the demand for constant innovation and to accelerate business transformation. We can help our clients drive competitive advantage and capture emerging opportunities, leveraging digital solutions to solve major business and technology challenges. Our services, solutions and products are data driven, connected, digital and secure. These are supported by an industry-leading digital backbone and secure multicloud platform.

Client and community stories

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Social Responsibility

We’re a purpose-led business that believes people solve problems for people. Our vision is to harness the connectedness between people, ideas and technology so that innovation can gain momentum and spread across applications, industries and regions, transforming entire cities, communities and generations.

Innovation and invention have been part of our heritage and DNA for over 120 years, and we’re working towards a more sustainable and connected future. We believe this is key to what makes us different. We strive to move forward, challenge the status quo, and drive excellence through the technologies we integrate and the services we deliver around the world.

How you can help us make a difference

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program – called Heads, Hearts, and Hands (HHH) – is all about making a difference. Aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, HHH offers our people opportunities to contribute to a better world, as well as for personal growth and development, with employees being offered 3 days of volunteer leave each year. We encourage and support our people to use their expertise and, where possible, our technology to make a difference to their local communities. We raise money and volunteer for causes we are passionate about, with recent initiatives including fundraising for Movember, the Salvation Army, volunteering for the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services, and donating blood. 

Our Sustainability Ambition

Planet. People. Potential. Partnering for a sustainable world.

Our goal is simple — achieving it is not.

We aim to do more good and less harm. Today’s complex challenges require ambitious solutions that can scale and evolve over time—more connected solutions. Our operations and services reduce waste, water and emissions, while our technologies help regenerate the environment. We serve the underserved by opening opportunity where little existed before. And we provide a foundation of security on which organizations can grow, innovate, and advance—just like we do, every day.

We’re working towards a more sustainable world through our people, our operations and our solutions. Our work as a corporate citizen is guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’re invested in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 because we believe that if you live on this planet, you should contribute to its health. The Global Goals, which were launched in 2015, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

NTT is proud to be a Business Avenger for Goal 11 ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ goal. We see the role of technology as vital to a future where we can all thrive, where cities and communities are more sustainable, more resilient, safer and more inclusive.

Our commitment:

  • We commit to net zero emissions across our operations by 2030, and across our value chain by 2040.
  • We commit to set science-based targets aligned to the 1.5-degree pathway established through the Paris Agreement.
  • We drive towards 100% renewable energy across our global data centers by 2030 and offices and facilities by 2035.
  • We commit to engaging 50% of our staff in conservation and regenerative initiatives in their local communities by 2025.
  • We commit to incorporating circular economy and regenerative design principles across our operations, supply chain and client solutions by 2026.


We’re working towards a more sustainable world, which is why we’re proud to be in the top 25% of all companies assessed globally by EcoVadis and to be a Leader in Carbon Management in the environmental criteria.


Perks & Benefits

Health & Wellbeing

We’re committed to your health and wellbeing. Healthy minds and bodies help us have better relationships with ourselves and others, meet our goals more quickly, and deal with stress and change more easily. 

Our Wellness Program and our Employee Assistance Program provide resources to help make everyday choices that support physical and mental wellbeing. When we have healthier, happier people at work, our business also thrives.

COVID-19 remains a focus around the world. We make our company decisions in line with relevant government requirements, and with the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, clients and community as our priority. 

State of the Art Offices

As a business we know that great ideas happen when our people actively collaborate and create strong relationships with each other and with our partners and clients. So we’ve made sure that our spaces facilitate this. Our offices are state-of-the-art environments that incorporate Smart Workspaces, enabling our people to create, imagine and deliver innovative, world-leading solutions.  In most offices we also have access to shower facilities for after your commute or lunchtime walk, as well as other facilities such as bike storage.

Our connection

With all our offices now open again after COVID-19 lockdowns, you can expect to feel a real vibe of connection, as well as the excitement of working closely with your team and learning from each other on the job. Each location offers a changing series of benefits, reflecting feedback from our people. In some you might find daily fruit, in others you’ll be invited to yoga classes or running clubs. We also offer custom education and training such as for superannuation. We operate a hybrid working model where we support employees in liaising closely with their managers to work where they will be most productive – at client sites, in our offices, with their teams, and sometimes from home. Our culture means that we’re all committed to remaining connected and make the most of all opportunities to meet with our colleagues and clients – we know that every single one of us plays a key part in making our welcoming, collaborative, connected community.

When do we hire?

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