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We're home to Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted names in financial services.

As a top 100 ASX-listed company with over 13,000 employees, we may be big, but it’s the people at the heart of our business who set us apart. That’s why with us, you’ll have the exposure and training you want to chase the career that is uniquely yours. We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ company, and neither are the opportunities we offer our people.

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About Us

We're home to Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted names in financial services.

As a top 100 ASX-listed company with over 13,000 employees, we may be big, but it’s the people at the heart of our business who set us apart. That’s why with us, you’ll have the exposure and training you want to chase the career that is uniquely yours. We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ company, and neither are the opportunities we offer our people.


Graduate – Data Engineering Technology

I’ve always admired organisations who demonstrate their vested interest in enabling women to grow in industries that aren’t traditionally female dominated. So, when I saw Suncorp had an intern program specifically for women in Information Technology, I was immediately attracted to the opportunity. It was clear to me that there was a lot of support and recognition for girls in the tech world at Suncorp.  

My initial nervousness about the program quickly dissipated when I saw how welcoming my new team was. The managers at Suncorp are really supportive and approachable. So, wh…

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Graduate – Business Banking

I’m passionate about rural communities. The community, the people – I just love it.

I grew up on a broadacre farm in Central West New South Wales, and I’ve always wanted to live and work rurally.

In my final year of study, I had a few people encourage me to pursue banking as a great way to grow your career and be out on the farms, without being tied down to one spot.

One thing that really attracted me to Suncorp's graduate program was the opportunity to rotate through different teams. It was exciting to me that I’d be able to see different towns and industries, and always be moving and trying new things. E…

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Graduate – Insurance Underwriter 

From day one I’ve been responsible for work that affects the business, working on large accounts from start to finish and working with senior leaders on major projects.

I’m encouraged to ask questions and look for ways to improve how things are done. I’ve also had the opportunity to improve processes in my area to increase workflow accuracy and effectiveness.

Suncorp supports its people with flexible working conditions and an emphasis on learning, helping develop and adapt everyone working here for the ever-changing future.

Being on the Grad Program has seen me rotate through four different positions o…

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Application Process

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    Application form and Online Testing

  2. Interview

    Video interview

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Why Join Us

At Suncorp, we offer a graduate program with a difference. You'll put structured and on-the-job learning into practice while enjoying the flexibility of gaining valuable experience in different business areas. And, in 2022, we were recognised as one of the top 10 graduate employers by the Australian Financial Review.

This is the place where you can make your difference, not just to your future, but to the future of others.

Graduate Program

Suncorp's graduate program gives you the opportunity to choose your own career path. As a member of our team, you'll be working within a fast-paced learning environment and alongside a peer group that is friendly and supportive.

Our unique corporate culture will help you kick-start the career you want, giving you the exposure you need to thrive and room to pursue the things that matter to you. Unlock your potential and be your best and brightest self.

Applications open in August with the graduate program commencing at the end of January each year.


Internship Program

Our internship program is designed for students in their second year of study, seeking valuable on-the-job experience. This program is the opportunity to develop key skills to take into the workforce after graduation and to work in an environment where students can put their undergraduate learnings into practice.

Applications open in August with the internship program running from November to February each year with a two week break during the Christmas/New Year period.


Social Responsibility

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Goals call for action to address significant economic, social and environmental challenges such as poverty, inequality, health and wellbeing and climate action.









Find out more about our approach

Spirit to Cure

Spirit to Cure is a Suncorp initiative that started in 2021, raising money for cancer research, support and prevention. In 2021 we raised $1.3 million, exceeding our $500,000 goal. We held a 21 km walk and 350 km ride in both NSW and QLD.

Building a stronger Queensland | Resilience Rd

Along with leading scientists and industry experts, we architecturally designed ‘One House to Save Many’, a house that could help withstand Queensland’s extreme weather events.

The learnings from this were used to make the homes on Resilience Rd the strongest they can be. Taking inspiration from the iconic Queenslander, the results from the One House project enabled us to qualify specific design principles and demonstrate how clever use of design and material selection can dramatically increase the resilience of a home.

The upgrades to each of the homes on Resilience Rd have been specifically selected to help withstand extreme weather events, such as bushfires, floods, and cyclones.

Find out more here

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of graduates are you looking for?

We're seeking enthusiastic, flexible and motivated people who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of our customers. You'll be tech savvy and agile, and you'll know exactly why you want to be part of the Suncorp Team.

What type of roles are typically available?

Our specific requirements vary year to year based on the needs of our business. Check out the overview of our Program Areas for a better understanding of what is available in the next Graduate and Vacation Campaigns. Mostly we recruit in Accounting, Banking, IT, Insurance, actuary, HR and Agribusiness

What unique benefits do you offer?

You'll be exposed to a broad range of businesses, locations and experienced professionals. Unlike other financial institutions, we have both insurance and banking businesses which provides a diverse range of roles and opportunities. Check out our Group Benefits on our Careers site for more information.

How are employees recognised?

We have half and full year performance reviews with annual pay increases and bonuses for top performers. We also have a peer-nominated employee recognition program to recognise and celebrate outstanding individuals and teams for their contribution to creating a better today.

What training and development do you offer your grads?

Leadership is a big focus here. Our 2-year professional development program is focussed on what you need to do to be able to succeed in our organisation, as well as in your own personal development. Online and classroom training is provided to grow your personal and leadership skills. Technical training is provided where needed for you to perform your role (e.g. role specific certification).

How would you describe your facilities?

We have relaxed corporate environments with open spaces and great technology. We are a very flexible workforce with a lot of our employees working to their own schedule and working from home once a week.

What is the social life like at your company?

We're very friendly and sociable within and across teams and locations. Most offices have casual-dress Friday. What do you offer to promote work/life flexibility? Staff have access to flex leave, volunteer days and work from home arrangements.

What kind of things do you have in place that promote health and well-being?

You’ll be able to participate for free in a number of sports events that Suncorp sponsors, like fun runs and corporate challenges. You can also access the health and wellbeing portal that provides advice and tips on how to live a healthy life, while safety in the workplace is always a big focus. We also have a dedicated graduate wellbeing committee and wellness platform that connects you with other graduates and mentors to ensure your experience is positive.

How does your company promote corporate social responsibility?

Our Brighter Futures program matches dollar for dollar money raised by staff for charity. You're able to set up your own Everyday Hero fundraiser page to raise money and awareness for the cause you're really passionate about.

What does your company do better than your competitors?

We work hard to ensure that our culture is better than anywhere else. 80% of our staff recommend Suncorp to others. We're also leading the pack when it comes to innovation in our business and community. We have dedicated Innovation Days where employees come together and work in teams to tackle ideas and design solutions that help Suncorp improve the service we provide our customers and community.

How can a graduate stand out in your application process?

Show genuine interest in what Suncorp does and a true desire to work for us. Your application should reflect that you have an in-depth knowledge of who we are, what we do and how we align to your career goals.

To whom should I address my application?

You can address your application and cover letter to the Suncorp Graduate Team. The Grad Team will review your application in the initial stages of the application process.

Do you provide relocation allowance?

We only provide a relocation allowance for Agribusiness roles. This is because they are located in regional areas where it is more likely we will not be appointing a local candidate. All other roles are advertised as per their location and therefore you decide whether you are happy to relocate and the costs associated with this.

Do you reimburse travel costs for attending an assessment centre?

No we are unable to provide any reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as part of your participation in our recruitment process.

Can I apply for more than one role?

At the initial application stage, we ask for one preference only. If you are successful in proceeding to video interview stage, we'll ask you at this point if you have a second preference.

What hours do you work at Suncorp?

Under our agreement we work 37.5 hours per week. We work in a flexible work environment and the hours spent in the office are dependent on what you are working on at the time. We also have access to work from home arrangements.

What is your culture like?

Our culture is very much people focused. We have a workforce that's highly engaged and works together to constantly improve how we do things. The customer is first here, so our people are empowered to come up with ideas and challenge the way we do work. It's a friendly, inviting and innovative culture. If you're interested in working for Suncorp - check out our current opportunities and find the right role for you.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

At Suncorp, we aspire to be the most inclusive place to work in Australia and New Zealand. We believe we will be our best when our workforce is as diverse, talent and passionate as the communities in which we live and operate.

Diversity and Inclusion has the highest level of support at Suncorp. Annually, our Diversity & Inclusion Plan is endorsed by the Board. Our CEO and Managing Director is the Chair of quarterly Diversity Council meetings to drive initiatives for our people.

Suncorp’s Diversity & Inclusion plan includes five focus areas:

  • Inclusion
  • Gender Equality
  • Age Diversity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Indigenous Commitment

You can be actively involved in Diversity & Inclusion as a Suncorp employee. We have an established network of Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s). ERG’s are employee-led groups which form to act in the best interests of employees and give a voice to issues they care about. Current Suncorp ERG’s include:

  • Amplify – supporting the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Suncorp Women Connect – supporting gender equality
  • Evolve – supporting emerging leaders and future thinkers
  • Arise – supporting culturally and linguistically diverse employees
  • Life-X – supporting mature age workers
  • enAble – supporting employees with disability

Awards and Recognition 

  • Named an Inclusive Employer 2019 -2020 by the Diversity Council of Australia
  • Achieved Level 1 (Activate) accreditation in the Carers + Employers​​​​​​​ (AU) program
  • Winner: AHRI Susan Ryan Age Diversity Award 2019
  • Winner: ANZIIF Excellence in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (SNZ 2019)
  • Recognition: Inclusive Employer 2019-2020
  • Silver Employer: Australian Workplace Equality Index 2019
  • Finalist: ANZIIF Women's Employer of the Year 2018​
  • ​Recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 (and previously by EOWA in 2012).​
  • Bronze Employer: Australia Workplace Equality Index 2018


Perks & Benefits

Employee Benefits

Flexible Working

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity diversity icon

At Suncorp, we aim to create an inclusive culture for people from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our focus on Cultural Diversity allows us to advocate for this and celebrate the diverse array of background our people come from.

Some of our Cultural Diversity initiatives include:

  • Employment Pathways Program for Refugees and Migrants with Humanitarian needs
  • Cultural Awareness training to foster understanding of the diverse backgrounds our people represent
  • Celebration of events such as A Taste of Harmony and World Refugee Day
  • Creation of an Employee Resource Group for employees of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Suncorp employees:

  • Come from over 28 different cultural backgrounds
  • Belong to more than 10 different religions
  • Speak more than 18 different languages

You can learn more about our cultural diversity here:

Here stories from our people on World Refugee Day:


Age Diversity

Gender Equality diversity icon

Today, there are currently five different generations in the workforce. We know each generation brings unique perspectives and experience to the workforce. Suncorp’s commitment to Age Diversity allows our employees to feel included and valued no matter what their age is, or what stage of life they may be in.

Initiatives supporting Age Diversity include:

  • Intergenerational Mentoring Program
  • a reciprocal mentoring program which partners employees from different generations together and encourages to learn from each other
  • Employee Resource Groups supporting employees of different generations (Life-X and Evolve)
  • Training to reduce age related bias
  • Programs for mature-age employees and their leaders
  • Tracking of our workforce demographics by age

With an ageing population and multigenerational workforce, we know it is important to champion Age Diversity.

External Recognition:

  • In 2019, Suncorp was the proud recipient of the AHRI Susan Ryan Age Diversity award

Gender Equality

Gender Equality diversity icon

Gender Equality is a core aspect of Suncorp’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) plan. When you join Suncorp, you are joining an organisation which is externally recognised as a leader in Gender Equality. We know that gender equality is good for our people (men and women), good for our communities and good for business.

Gender Equality at Suncorp:

  • 51% of all leaders at Suncorp are female
  • Biannual pay equity reviews, with a target to reduce the Gender Pay Gap by 5 percentage points over the next five years
  • Active coaching and development programs targeted at high-potential women
  • Recruitment mandates (requiring one male and one female to be on the shortlist of all senior leader vacancies)
  • Promotion of leave, flexible work offerings and parenting resources to all employees
  • Increasing our parental leave offerings for all employees
  • We track and report against women in leadership targets
  • Annually celebrate International Women’s Day and Men’s Health Awareness Month

External Recognition:

SUncorp WGEA

  • WGEA EOCGE for seven consecutive years
  • 2019 Equileap equality Global Report & Ranking named Suncorp as the only company (3,500 companies reviewed worldwide) to achieve a gender balance at all levels of the business.
  • Equileap also ranked Suncorp #19 in the top 100 global companies for gender equality and ranked #9 in the global financial services sector

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

At Suncorp, we are working hard to build an inclusive workforce for Indigenous peoples, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Maoris. We understand Suncorp can play a role to help close the gaps faced Indigenous communities.

Some of our Indigenous Commitment initiatives include:

  • Employment Pathways Program: dedicated to providing meaningful employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians
  • Partnership with Career Trackers: offering internship opportunities to Indigenous Australians
  • Cultural Capability Training: to foster an inclusive workplace cultural for people of all backgrounds
  • Reconciliation Action Plan: Suncorp launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2018. We are now in the process of refreshing our RAP, to an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

These initiatives are an important part of Suncorp’s commitment to building resilient people and communities. Suncorp also supports Indigenous communities through Corporate Responsibility. This includes partnerships with organisations such as Clontarf and the development of Suncorp’s Financial Inclusion Action Plan. To learn more about our work, read here


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