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At Telstra, our purpose is to build a connected future so everyone can thrive.

The telecommunications industry is experiencing enormous growth; network traffic is growing faster than any other period of time and digital technology is changing our world. Our people, including our graduates and interns are at the heart of this change – and as Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company with a presence in over 20 countries, we’re helping to make it hap…

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You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re an innovator. You’re a problem solver. You’re a critical thinker. And no matter which graduate or internship pathway you choose at Telstra, you’re curious about technology and passionate about helping our millions of customers to thrive in a connected world.

Our Graduate and Summer Vacation Programs will launch your career, and together we’ll imagine what’s possible in the future. Because just like you, we’re going through an exciting journey – one that will shape the future of telecommunications products and services in Australia. This means you’ll play an important role in supporting our vision from the moment you step through the door.

About Us

At Telstra, our purpose is to build a connected future so everyone can thrive.

The telecommunications industry is experiencing enormous growth; network traffic is growing faster than any other period of time and digital technology is changing our world. Our people, including our graduates and interns are at the heart of this change – and as Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company with a presence in over 20 countries, we’re helping to make it happen by connecting people together and to their devices.

Throughout our 100 year history, our people have been at the forefront of technology innovation. More recently, we have the largest Internet of Things network in Australia and are leading the way in 5G. And this is just the beginning of what we’re hoping to achieve together.

A career with us will give you a platform to shape tomorrow through technology. For you, that means helping us to push the boundaries of what’s possible today, and in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to empower millions helping businesses grow, evolve and reach their potential.

At Telstra, you can thrive, your way. We foster new ideas, we embrace different ways of working and thinking, and we believe an inclusive and diverse team will lead us to innovate for the future.

Bring your aspirations, your skills, your talent – and discover how that translates into a remarkable career.

So join us, and together we’ll reimagine the future.

Our Values

change makers

We are changemakers

We think big, set ambitious goals and deliver them – for our customers, shareholders and communities. By speaking up, being curious to learn and valuing different perspectives we challenge the status quo and make change


We are better together

We’re one team and embrace the value each of us bring. Our (super) power lies in working together to deliver for our customers. We’re each accountable for our actions and do what we say we’re going to do.


We care

We show care in all that we do. We do the right thing for our customers, our communities, the planet, ourselves and each other – even when no one’s watching.


We make it simple

What we do is complex, but we always make things simple for our customers and each other. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean quick. We keep the simple, simple.

Telstra Graduate Program

A graduate career with open possibilities

You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re an innovator. You’re a problem solver. You’re a critical thinker. And no matter which graduate pathway you choose, you’re curious about technology and passionate about helping our millions of customers to thrive in a connected world.

Our 14-month Graduate Program will launch your career, and together we’ll imagine what’s possible in the future. Because just like you, we’re at the start of an exciting journey – one that will shape the future of telecommunications products and services in Australia. This means you’ll play an important role in supporting our vision from the moment you step through the door.

Our Graduate Program has recently been named as one of the Top Graduate Programs for 2022 by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers. The accolade was based off experiences of our previous Grads!

Who we look for

We’re looking for graduates who have the right technical skills in areas such as software engineering, network engineering, information and cyber security, data analytics and management, and product and service design. Have a degree in areas like finance or HR? We have career pathways for you too.

Whether you apply for a technical or corporate graduate role, you’ll support the cutting edge work we’re doing in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networks, 5G, cybersecurity, drone technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies.

You’ll work in an environment that’s embracing new ways of working like Agile, DevOps, Human Centred Design and Lean. You’ll also be able to collaborate with the best people in their field and have the knowledge that your ideas will always be welcome.

Through our specifically designed Accelerator Programs, you’ll be provided with the learning, experiences, coaching, and mentoring that you need for your career today, and in the future. Plus, you’ll get the tools, flexibility and volunteer opportunities to help you thrive, your way.

Join the Telstra Graduate Program and together, we’ll reimagine the future.

Applications into our Telstra Graduate Program opportunities in Australia open in March each year.

More questions?

You’ll discover more about our Program, application process and FAQs on our Telstra Careers website. Or, connect with us on Facebook and ask us a question!

Why Join Us?

We’re on the lookout for the next generation of passionate and enthusiastic graduates and summer vacationers who are willing to challenge their thinking, apply their skills, and develop their careers in a fast-paced technological environment.

The opportunity to lead the way with emerging technology is at your fingertips, and we want to connect you to these opportunities. It starts right from the moment you step through our door.

You’ll thrive your way with Programs designed to help you explore your career options. From Agile methodologies to Human Centred Design, you’ll experience new ways of working that are as immersive as they are flexible.

To shape tomorrow with the latest technology, you’ll connect with industry experts – the best in their field. You’ll learn in a collaborative and diverse environment with tailored mentoring programs to help you grow, giving you a platform to empower millions of people and businesses who rely on our services every day.

So start your career with Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company.

Summer Internships

If you’re in the penultimate year of your university studies and want to know what it’s like to work at Australia’s biggest telecommunications and technology company, our Summer Internship Program is for you.

Our paid 12-week Program has been specifically designed to give you hands-on experience, and immersive development and learning opportunities. It also feeds into our Telstra Graduate Program, which means if you perform well in the program, you’ll be considered for early offers and will join us when you graduate.

Throughout the length of the Program, you’ll be supported by one of our current graduates and be exposed to the cutting edge and innovative work our teams are doing in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT) 5G, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and other emerging technologies.

We also value diversity and are committed to creating inclusive experiences for all of our people and candidates. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work and use technology to enable flexibility.

So, if you’re ready to be challenged, want to learn from the best people in their field, and are interested to find out what it’s like to work in an agile environment, make sure you apply for our Summer Internship Program.

Applications open 5th July and close 25th July.

Application Process

application telstra

Step one: online application

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill out a short online application form which will help us to determine if you’re eligible for the Program. You’ll also need to upload a copy of your resume and most recent academic transcript.

Resume tips:

  • Depending on your years of experience, a two-page resume is what you should be aiming for
  • Try and focus on your most relevant experiences
  • Tailor your resume to suit the pathway you’re applying for

Academic Transcript:

  • Please upload the most recent version of your academic transcript
  • If you don’t have an official copy of your transcript, we can accept a statement of results. However, if you progress to the interview stage, we will require a copy of your official academic transcript

Step two: video interview and online assessments

During this stage of the application process, we want to get to know you a little bit better. To help us do this, you’ll need to do a video interview and online assessment - the system we use is called HireVue.

You can learn more about how to prepare for the interview and online assessments here.

Step three: virtual interview

At this stage of the recruitment process, you’ll be asked to participate in a virtual interview where you’ll be asked to present a pitch, discuss your motivations and respond to behavioural based questions. This will give you the chance to showcase your skills, personality, qualifications, work experience and mindset.

Prior to your virtual interview you will also have the opportunity to meet with our current graduates in a virtual setting to get to know more about life at Telstra.

You can learn more about the final interview day and get a few tips here.

Step four: checks

Before we can offer you a place in the Telstra Graduate or Summer Vacation Program, we’ll need to conduct a couple of checks such as a security check before we can progress you to the final stage.

Step five: offers

This is the final step in the process! If you have been successful, we’ll give you a ring to let you know the good news.

We often see a high caliber of candidates throughout the interview process. Subsequently some candidates may just miss out on receiving a role with us. If this is the case, we will let you know and keep you in our reserve pool, so if roles become available later in the year, we will be in touch.

How we support candidates with disabilities or access requirements

If you identify as living with a disability, our team are happy to work with you through the recruitment process. During our recruitment process, we can offer you a range of reasonable adjustment support services. Once you apply, your recruiter will be able to answer any questions you have to ensure we can support you as best we can.

Please let us know if you have a preferred method of communication, for example via email, phone or in person.

To learn more about our commitment to disability employment, click here.

A Day in the Life

My graduate experience at Telstra


Ankita Suryavanshi


Product and Technology - Graduate


I started my position as a Product and Technology graduate at Telstra in 2019.

I have always been curious about how the fields of Business and IT work together and what elements are involved in making any business successful. My current interests are in IoT, 5G, Product Marketing, Product Development and UX/UI.

When I’m not busy, I enjoy reading and dancing. Being part of my community has always been important, so besides the reading and the dancing, I am heavily involved in my community and have taken the lead many times in organising activities for kids, adults and seniors.


Before I joined the Telstra Graduate Program, I did a lot of part-time work at various companies – but it wasn’t until I began working at Telstra that I really felt the organisation I was working for was invested in my career development and my future.

A series of amazing experiences

As part of the Graduate Program, I had the opportunity to do my first two rotations in our Product and Technology function as a Technology Specialist, and my current and final rotation in the Global Business Services Strategy team.

During each rotation, I have been so lucky to work with the most amazing people who are passionate about their work, and I’ve had the opportunity to lead some great projects too.

One of my biggest highlights from the first rotation was my marketing work. I was asked by my leader to produce a set of videos about our product. I had to work with multiple stakeholders outside of Telstra for the videos and it took a lot of back and forth sessions to complete – but after seeing the end product, it was so worth it!

The videos are now being used as the main sales and marketing material for our product. Whenever I see one of them, it's a great feeling to know that I led the team in getting those made. And it didn't stop there! I also received an opportunity to present the team's work in front of all our big strategic partners.

Another highlight for me was my work on our cloud roadshow, which happened during my second rotation. The roadshow was held in five cities around the country and took about six weeks to plan, so there was a lot of logistics involved. I’m happy to report that all roadshows were a success and we received positive feedback from the audience in all five cities.

It’s all about the people

Every single person I’ve worked with here has been so nice and willing to help, and honestly, that’s the biggest standout from my graduate experience so far. No matter who I talk to, everyone has time for me and is always willing to answer my questions. Even today, I’m still in touch with people who I met at the start of my journey here because we've ended up becoming good friends.

In some ways, the Program is like starting school: the first few days are a bit awkward and you don't really know anyone. But the activities that Telstra plans help to get you out of your shell and meet people. I’ve met so many great people, and these are people I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life.

Focusing on learning (with room for fun too)

Telstra provides access to a range of online learning courses. The learning aspect of your grad journey is in your own hands. Sure, there will be some modules or courses that your leader might recommend, but if you are passionate about learning anything else and you have the time and capacity during your rotation, you have the freedom to choose your learning path.

During my first rotation, if I had some spare time in the afternoon, I’d sometimes start on a learning module. But I’d also take time to have a bit of fun as well. In the Sydney office we have a fantastic breakout area with table tennis and foosball tables and a terrace where you can go in and soak up some sun.

My advice to other grads: Be confident and proud of your work

If I could go back and change one thing about how I entered the workforce, I would be more confident in my work. I had a serious lack of confidence and was told by my leader and multiple team members that I had to trust my gut feeling. They were confident in my ability to make decisions, so why shouldn’t I be confident too?

So, my advice to new grads is trust yourself. Often, you’ll know the right thing to do but you might not feel confident enough to back yourself. Of course, it’s ok to lean on your leaders for support, but it’s also important to have faith in your abilities and be proud of your achievements.

If you want to launch your career at an organisation where you get to play an important role from the moment you walk in the door, head to our Telstra Graduate Program page.

Telstra ankita interview

A day in the life of a Telstra graduate

My name is Mayur and I’m a Cyber Security graduate at Telstra. I can honestly say that joining the Telstra Graduate Program is the best thing that could have happened to me since I finished university.  Here is what my typical day looks like.

5.30 AM

I wake up early, greeted by this beautiful Melbourne skyline from my balcony. Each day I like to spend 10 to 15 minutes drinking my coffee here, thinking about what’s ahead. 


6.00 AM

I enjoy fitness, so I do weights and cardio training 5 days a week. As it’s a Thursday today, I am working on my upper-body hypertrophy. 

7.30 AM

After an exhausting but amazing session I pack up and walk back home. I then freshen up and have a quick chat with my Telstra teammates over the phone about work or recent technology releases.

8.00 AM

I have my breakfast and get ready for my exciting day of work ahead, travelling all the way from my living room to my study room. I continue to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

I love setting up my workstation each day and I keep improving it with the latest tech.


8.45 AM

I’m at my desk and I start by looking at my calendar and visualising the day ahead. I then check my Cyber team’s group chat to see what my teammates are sharing and talking about.

9:00 AM

Every second day I have a virtual coffee catch-up with my broader Cyber Security team. We grab a cup of coffee and join a video call to recreate our office coffee catch-up in a virtual environment.  

I try to attend most of these sessions as it helps me to stay connected and I also get to meet senior leaders across the business. 

9:30 AM

As I work in an agile team, I have a quick 15 minute stand-up meeting in the morning, where we share an update on what we have completed in the last day, what we are planning to work on next and if we have any issues to raise.


10.00 AM

I have a call with my cyber product team, where we discuss a new product and the progress that has been made on its development. As a Product Manager, I need to understand the technical details and design it to my Product Owner’s vision. 
I take notes about the current state and share the major milestones with the Product Owner once a week.

12.00 PM

One of the great things about working at Telstra is that I get to learn from leaders across the business during regular lunch and learn sessions. 

In today’s session, a senior leader speaks to us about product excellence and provides an insight into key concepts like product lifecycle and demand. They also speak about their roadmap for the year.

2.00 PM

I have a meeting with one of my customer’s to discuss a new security product that we believe will help their business. I take them through how to use the product and its benefits. I also note down any suggestions or personalisation ideas that they have, which could improve the product for them.

3.30 PM

I now have a share and care session with my fellow 2020 graduates. Today a graduate from our 2019 cohort talks about his career journey, best practices and shares some personal insights into how he was succeeded at Telstra. It was an impactful session and something that helps me to understand how vast and supportive Telstra is as an organisation.



4:30 PM

I have a couple more tasks to complete for the day, which includes some financial work. It looks like I’ll be done for the day soon!

5.20 PM

I update my team about the completion of my financial work and start to wrap things up for the day.

5.45 PM

It is bright and sunny day in Melbourne, so I head to my rooftop for a swim – it helps me to rejuvenate and reflect on the day. In the winter I love to read or listen to some music instead.



7.30 PM

I’m back in my apartment and spend some time with my partner. We play a board game called ‘Sequence’ and a card game called ‘UNO’.

8.30 PM

For dinner I have a BBQ, where I cook ‘Paneer’ or Cottage Cheese and vegan sausages.

After enjoying the delicious meal, I watch a bit of TV (currently Big Bang Theory) and get ready for bed, so I can recharge myself ahead of another exciting day at Telstra tomorrow.



Social Responsibility

We're a global employer; a socially responsible corporate citizen; an educator; and a community of like-minded people. Here, you'll get the chance to be involved in things that matter – from matched payroll giving to volunteer days; from disaster relief to cyber safety initiatives to telehealth services.

We have programs that people all around our business can get involved in to support the communities that we operate in.

There are three strategic sustainability priorities on our CSR agenda:

Everyone Connected

We believe the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have. Our Everyone Connected programs focus on making our products and services more accessible for everyone, enhancing digital literacy and cyber safety, and supporting technological innovation for social good.

Environmental leadership

We are using technology to minimise our environmental impacts, and are helping our customers and suppliers to do the same.

Employee involvement

Our employees want the opportunity to contribute to the communities in which they live and work. We facilitate this by supporting them to give ‘One Day. One Cause. One Dollar. For Everyone’. This call to action encourages our people to take up their One Day of volunteering leave and get behind One Cause that matters to them.

Perks & Benefits

We like to think of ours as any good relationship – and that means we give a lot back. So, when it comes to rewarding and supporting our graduates, we do this in several different ways throughout your journey with us.

Here are the top eight things you can look forward to:

1. Rotational Program

When you start with us, your first month is dedicated to getting you inducted into the Program and helping you to adjust to Telstra life. Your time will be spent learning about our business and what’s expected of you throughout the Program. Plus, you’ll be able to spend time with your fellow graduates.

You’ll then take part in two six-month rotations where you’ll take a deeper look into different areas of our business. During each rotation, you’ll be supported by our Early Careers team, who’ll ensure you make the most out of your time and are learning as much as you can. You’ll be able to start working on projects that have a positive impact on our customers and align to our wider Telstra strategy.

2. Accelerated learning

Throughout the Program you’ll take part in three accelerators, which are all unique to the pathway you have chosen. Each accelerator includes learning, experiences, coaching, and support that will help you to build your professional and technical skills.

3. Immersive experiences

As a graduate, you’ll be able to see first-hand the incredible and innovative work our teams are doing across Telstra. You’ll be given opportunities to explore the Global Operations Centre (GOC), the Security Operations Centre (SOC), 5G operations centre and Telstra Labs.

During each rotation, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in projects, products and technology, which are all aligned to the Telstra strategy.

Our graduates have worked on some pretty cool projects like Internet of Things, vehicle to vehicle communication tools, emergency services communications, and some have even attended concerts and sporting events to test our 4G and 5G capabilities.

4. Social connections

We know that a career at Telstra shouldn’t all be about the work, so we give you plenty of opportunities to network and socialise with your peers and leaders across the business.

These include informal coffee or lunch dates and connecting with colleagues across a range of different forums. We also encourage you to join groups with likeminded people, such as our Spectrum group for LGBTI+ colleagues and their allies, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (ATSI) and our Brilliant Connected Women group, which is our network on gender equality.

5. Flexible working

We have adopted an ‘all roles flex’ working arrangement, which acknowledges that flexible working means different things to different people.

Working from home, being able to take study leave and getting paid volunteering leave are just some of the options available to our graduates. You can talk to us about what works for you when you start with us. You can also learn more here about all roles flex policy here.

6. Leading edge technology

No matter which pathway you choose you’ll support and be exposed to the cutting edge work we’re doing in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networks, 5G, cyber security, drone technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies.

7. Work with industry leaders

Whether it’s your manager, a team member, our early careers team, a peer or one of the many specialists in our business, there are several people who’ll be supporting your development and career progression here at Telstra.

8. Great starting salary

When you start in the Program, you’ll be given a competitive salary – but that’s not all. You’ll also get a Telstra additional day each year on top of your four weeks annual leave, and have access to paid volunteer and cultural days.

You’ll also receive discounts on Telstra products like phones and internet, and those of our partners, such as travel, entertainment and cars.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

We’re passionate about creating an environment that’s inclusive and supportive; a place where everyone can truly be themselves. We know that diversity fosters greater innovation and better customer connection, and helps our people to thrive.

We welcome people of all genders, ages and ethnicities and focus on fairness and opportunity for under-represented groups like the LGBTI+ and Indigenous communities, and people who identify as living with a disability.

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy is built around three foundational streams:

1. Diverse perspectives – Ensuring under-represented people are included in our workforce and their diverse thinking is valued.

2. Inclusive teams – Creating an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

3. Flexibility and fairness – Flexibility enabled by technology, fair policies and processes.

This means a career with us will see you work with a diverse and talented group of colleagues, who’ll support your development and with whom you’ll achieve great things.


LGBTIQ+ diversity icon

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI+) inclusion is important to us - so that our people can bring their whole selves to work and contribute fully to delivering for our customers and each other.

We have many employee networks where you can build relationships and influence, learn and support each other. These includes our Spectrum network, which is one way our LGBT+ employees and allies connect, both inside and outside Telstra, to promote a positive and inclusive workplace. We also show our support by taking part in events such as Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival, Pink Dot in Hong Kong and Singapore, Wear It Purple Day and IDAHOT.

We’re a founding member of Pride in Diversity, an employer support program dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTI+ people.

We’re committed to being inclusive at all levels of the company – and this is supported through our Values, Cultural Priorities and our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Disability Support

Disability diversity icon

Disability employment

Our purpose it to build a connected future where everyone can thrive, including the millions of people who are living with disabilities and seeking employment. We are proud to be counted among the organisations who have completed AND’s Disability Confident Recruiter Program (DCR).

We are also proud of our Disability Action Plan, which articulates our core commitments to inclusive employment; to employees and their carers, to customers and to the wider community.

It recognises the benefits that communications technologies bring to people with disability and the important leadership role that Telstra can play as one of the largest employers in Australia. We are proud to support candidates and employees who identify as living with a disability (more detail shared in the 'Recruitment Support' section below) to and help them to have a great career at Telstra. Here are some of the ways we bring our commitments to life –

Grow your career

Our leaders and recruiters are trained to understand individual needs and can offer support, understanding and a range of career opportunities. Employees with sensory, physical or other disabilities also have access to a great range of resources, which means more opportunities for great performance and a fulfilling career.

Access all areas

We encourage our people leaders to have conversations with their team members about any adjustments they may require so we can help to get them what they need to do their work successfully. This could include computer programs, equipment or talking about different ways of working.

We have a dedicated Employee Resources Group (ERG) known as Telstrability, which consists of recruiters, senior executives and human resource specialists, who are visible supporters of inclusion for people with a disability. Telstrability is a central point of contact and advocacy for employees living with a disability and their allies.

We also have a centralised workplace adjustment process, which allows employees and leaders to request workplace adjustments during our recruitment process and at any stage of their employment with us. A Health Management Consultant can support with assessments and modifications that might be needed. Any employee can approach the team to request an adjustment to their workplace – a change that benefits long-term employees as much as our new team members.

Supportive connections

We have many employee networks where you can build relationships and influence, learn and support each other. These include our online Disability and Accessibility network, which is one way our employees connect and promote a positive and inclusive workplace at Telstra.

Living our values

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a clear reflection of our company values. Together with our innovative use of communication technologies, Telstra has all the elements needed to become an employer of choice for people with disability.

Having your say

It’s important to us that we get the important things right, first time. In our Disability Action Plan, we're committed to involving employees with a disability in planning for our new workplace strategy for accessibility.

Recruitment support

If you identify as living with a disability, our team are happy to work with you through the recruitment process (or, work with your Disability Employment Services provider if you would like us to). From navigating our website and searching for jobs, to submitting an application or making suitable arrangements to ensure you're interview ready, we're here to help.

Examples of where we’ve provided support during the recruitment process include providing access to information in different formats, ensuring suitable adjustments for face-to-face or instant messenger interviews for candidates who identify as living with a hearing impairment, or standing face-to-face interviews for candidates with back injuries.

To get in touch, email us at: [email protected], noting your preferred method of contact. This could be requesting communication via email, a return phone call, or for us to work with your Disability Employment Services provider if you would like us to.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality diversity icon

Our success as a technology company depends on great people – people who are talented and determined to succeed.

We understand the benefits of equality and are dedicated to improving diversity in our workplace. That is why we have publicly committed to ensuring that recruitment and interview shortlists include at least 50 percent female representation (or 25% in some specified roles where there is a widely acknowledged gender imbalance in the job market).

We've adopted an ’all roles flex’ working arrangement, which acknowledges that flexible working conditions mean different things to different people. Working from home and job sharing are just some of the options available to our people.

We’re proud to say that our work on gender equality has been recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, who has awarded us the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for the fourth year in a row.

First Nations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

We have talented and passionate people, exciting career pathways and a supportive and inclusive culture. We’re from diverse backgrounds, with a huge variety of skills and talents. We believe that by promoting diversity and inclusion we can enrich our communities, our workforce and the experience of our customers.

Because we put the customer at the heart of everything we do, in every corner of the country – you’ll be able to help us make a real difference to all the communities in which we operate. We’re working on things like increasing Indigenous employment, and better connections through digital literacy programs, e-health and community partnerships.

We value growth opportunities for all our people, so you can develop and build a career with a bright future. You’ll be part of a team that respects each other and welcomes new and different ideas.

We’ll support you to fulfil your potential – and encourage you to nurture and encourage others, too. You’ll also have flexibility in how you work, because we know it’s what you do, not where you are, that matters most. And you’ll be supported all the way through our strong Indigenous employees’ network.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) at Telstra

Cultural Diversity diversity icon

Inclusion of culturally and linguistically diverse people is important to us. Our Telstra team is from diverse ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, languages, traditions, societal structures and religions. Together they bring diverse experiences and perspectives to our organisation which we truly value.

We know that diversity fosters greater innovation, better customer connection and helps our people thrive. We actively seek input from our employees of different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities on things like new policies, product development and customer service.

We have six employee networks where you can build relationships and support one other. MOSAIC is the name our CALD network has chosen, to represent their rich diversity. It’s a group where people from all over the world can connect and create an environment that’s inclusive and supportive. By driving diversity awareness within Telstra, we create a place where everyone can truly be themselves.

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