2013 Record Breaking Traffic

Posted by David Jenkins

2013 Record Breaking Traffic

Our traffic growth since 2009

2013 record breaking traffic

2013 has been a year of records and celebrations for us. Not only have we experienced the most employers on our site since we began but we’ve also seen record numbers of students flood our site with the anticipation of finding their dream employer. Just under 160,000 unique visitors flocked to GradConnection in March, making it our busiest month on record.

How are we continually increasing traffic?

Although our careers fair attendance has decreased since we started in 2009 our traffic has increased year on year. How can this be? The volume of job seekers now moving to the online space just keeps growing and with it GradConnection becomes more useful and relevant each year. More users mean more contributors on the site so areas like our forums are increasingly more active. We’ve found more graduates sharing content on the site, which has had an effect on word of mouth. Now that we’ve been operating for a number of years we have users who have started and finished their degrees whilst participating on the site. Thanks to our experience and loyal user base we’ve been able to build a relationship with students from the day they start university to their graduation.

Even with all this growth we’re still planning on increasing traffic again for 2014!

Have we increased traffic for our clients?

It’s all well and good that we’ve had an increase in traffic, but were we able to send more potential graduates to our clients’ websites and application pages?

Click throughs to client sites


If we compare the results in 2012 and 2013 we’ve had a 28% increase in the amount of traffic that we’ve sent to our clients’ websites. In 2012 we sent 322,453 job seekers through to our clients and in 2013 we increased this to a staggering 413,200 click throughs.

Gradconnection Peak Season Report

Peak Season Report

This macro result is great to know as a general trend for the site. However I’m sure you are wondering what exactly that means for you as an employer on the site. We’re currently in the process of sending out our Peak Season Reports which will show:

  • Overall trends on the site
  • The top 25 most viewed employers (out of over 150).
  • Individual reporting on your overall click throughs and profile views
  • How you compare to other employers on the site

If you are currently doing your campaign reporting and would like this information immediately, please get in touch and we’ll fast track the report to you.


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