4 reasons why Social Media has to be on your radar for graduate employment

Posted by Lyndsay Shaw

4 reasons why Social Media has to be on your radar for graduate employment

Social media is changing our lives, and looks set to be a driving force for business in the future. Social media guru and acclaimed author of ‘Socialnomics’, Erik Qualman, suggests that we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, rather the question is how well we do it. So here are four reasons why you can’t ignore it.


Social media platforms have grown at an alarming rate and their reach is staggering. Consider this; if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears (who appeal to the youth market) have more followers then the entire populations of Germany, South Africa and… Australia! Shifting focus to the graduate population, social media allows you to engage with a far bigger audience. Think about the Aussie kid that won a scholarship to Yale. She’s probably someone you’d want to be talking to. But how do you make that connection with traditional graduate campaigns? Social media enables a paradigm shift when it comes to reach and allows you to considerably change your strategy with regard to which, and how many, graduates you target.


In the past potential graduates would read static websites and annual reports as well as scratching around in newspapers for relevant information about their potential employers. They’d attend an interview and deliver a scripted comment about the ‘return on investment’ that the organisation achieved 12 months ago, or possibly, the latest trading statement released in the newspaper a couple weeks earlier. However this doesn’t really translate into an authentic view of the kind of work they may be involved in. Social media platforms allow organisations to educate their audience about the roles and work within their companies, and in doing so, create platform for appropriate candidates to ‘self-select’ in to the process, and those that are obviously not appropriate, to ‘self- select’ out.

Real-time engagement

Its 48 hours before applications close, and students being students, have all left it to the last minute to get their applications in. Despite a considerable increase in volume, your system is coping until the unthinkable happens… the system crashes. The tech wizards are onto it immediately but 12 hours of applications are lost and with it, the possibility of some of your best potential candidates. Even if you extend the deadline, how do you channel the message to affected candidates? The capacity to engage with graduates in real-time is unsurpassed and allows your organisation to be flexible and responsive in its communication with the target audience.

Career development skills

The number of graduates that benefit from career guidance and development skills far exceeds the small number of individuals that ultimately join programs. Unsuccessful candidates go on to pursue further opportunities with stronger interviewing, and CV writing skills. These are noble outcomes, however, the real value to the organisation is in improving the selection process. Think about the star mathematician that would make an outstanding engineer or derivatives trader. While numbers are his game, weaving a great story isn’t, and as a result, getting through the application process is hard work. The contribution made by providing students with the right skills is in allowing them to present their ‘best self’, ensuring that organisations don’t miss hidden gems.

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