A sneak peak into the stats behind GradConnection

Posted by Andrew Purchas

Towards the end of the February, months of hard work and planning springs into life with many of the graduate programs around Australia opening up their applications to students across the country. 

For many of you, this isn’t enough and there is never a shortage of things to do from onboarding last years graduates through to assessment and selection of the next generation of future leaders. On our side of the fence we are scrambling to make sure our servers keep running and graduates can apply for the hundreds of companies on our site.

In the last 30 days we have had: 

  • 167,714 unique visits to the GradConnection Australia website
  • These 167,714 students have visited the site 291,512 times in that time
  • On Average they spend 5:04 on the site
  • Every time they visit they view on average 7.5 web pages such as an employer graduate program
  • A staggering 2.2 million pages viewed

The only people we know who work as hard as the graduate recruiters over this peak season is our IT team who work tirelessly to make sure GradConnection keeps on running and as the data suggests, it’s no easy task over March.

Good luck finalizing all your applications and we look forward to providing a lot more insight to you with full demographic breakdowns 


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