AAGE Best Exhibiter 2012

Posted by David Jenkins

AAGE Best Exhibiter 2012

Thanks for voting for our stand at the recent AAGE Conference. It was great to bring the Best Exhibiter Award 2012 back to the office to share with the rest of the team that weren’t able to make it to the conference and recognize their hard work as well.

Since the conference, we’ve had some questions from clients regarding our stand and how they might be able to incorporate some of the aspects into their stand next year, so we thought we would answer some of them below:

How much was the large banner and pop-up displays and where did you get them?

The large banner was made of fabric and cost $950.00 to print. The framework of the stand cost $700.00 and is reusable. The pop-ups were $200.00 each. Our supplier is AdMart Print Solutions based in Sydney (http://www.admartprint.com.au/)

Where did the App pillows come from?

We ordered these from the US. They can do custom orders for about $28.00 a pillow. Order them at CraftsQuatch – Pillows for geeks. http:// www.craftsquatch.com/

Did we use an agency for the design?

No, we worked on a concept with the GradConnection team and our own in-house designer (Ron, a recent UTS design graduate) who put it together.

Where can we get the giant leaf and ladybug?

One word – IKEA!

Thanks again for voting for us. There was some really strong competition this year, some of the stands that stood out to us were:

Fusion - with the army of large blue cut outs
OneTest - who seemed to have an entire bakery behind their stand
DBL - David Letterman studio

Look out for next year’s most popular App as that might well be the theme we go with for 2013...


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