Browse our database and see our stats by University

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Browse our database and see our stats by University.

As our database has increased to over 75,000 active public accounts we’ve now found that we’ve got access to a nice subset of information on the Australian Student population, particularly on final year students which make up the majority of our database (In Australia there are approx. 1,000,000 total students attending University, 140,000 of which are final year).

Over the past 6 months we’ve been developing user friendly was to view some of the information we have access to with the end goal being to provide employers with data you can use in planning your graduate and student programs (whether you’re a client of ours or not).

Using this link you can now browse our database by university.


Within each university you can see how many signups and login’s we get daily and also the number of students we have by each area of study, for example you can see that at Monash University accounting students are dominant in our database.

Monash University Students by Industry


How can you use this information?

We’ve found that our database is proportionally relevant to the number of students that exist in a chosen field at a particular university. For example if there are a lot of accounting students in general at Monash University than this will be reflective in our database, and if UNSW has a massive amount of Engineering students you’ll see that in our database, as below:

UNSW Students by Industry

UNSW Industries stat

Want to know how popular you are at a particular University?

Knowing which universities to focus on can be a challenging exercise if you want to assess where to focus your time, money and resources on the best ROI for your organisation, especially as a lot of organisations budgets are smaller than what they were even a year ago. Taking a ‘focus’ approach also means that focusing on one university may mean that another has to miss out, but you only have so much time and so much money to spend.

You can now view the 10 most popular companies over a selected time period at all universities in Australia with our application stats feature.

We’re hoping that employers can use this information to learn that they may be popular at certain universities they may not have realized and in such a case consider focusing more of their efforts to the particular university. For example you may see that University of Queensland students appear to be applying to you so perhaps you should look at investing more time and money into their university as you know that their students are motivated to apply to your organization, therefore putting more resources into the University of Queensland will provide greater ROI.

University of Queensland

Daily applications by University of Queensland students in March 2013

The above graph is pulled from the month of March 2013 and shows the increase in applications from University of Queensland students throughout the month as more employers came to a close towards the end of March.

To provide the best result for your organisation to appear in the top 10 run the report over your application dates from start to finish, or try setting it for the last week you were open as you would have been guaranteed a spike.

Want to go even deeper into our database?

If you want to know exactly whom we have on our database at a particular university you can also search students. Although we have over 75,000 to browse through this is still only a small percentage of our total traffic, so if you can’t find every student that applied to your program in there they may still have used the site and just not created a profile, or they have a private profile that you won’t be able to see.

Say you want to see Engineering students at Curtin University you can pull up a list and see the below information on each Engineering student we have on our database at Curtin University.


Some employers have begun to send students individual messages. You’ll need an employer account to do that which you can create here.

Hopefully you find this information useful when it comes to doing your planning for 2014. There’s still a lot of room for us to improve and add to our University data feature so please don’t hesitate to request anything you want us to build into the system.

Remember ALL online channels should be able to provide you with the same level of detail if they have a database. Question anything less.

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