Congratulations & Thank You from the GradConnection Team :)

Posted by David Jenkins

The AGRIA Winners at the AAGE Conference 2011

The GradConnection Team would like to send out a great big CONGRATULATIONS!! To all those AGRIA winners at last weeks AAGE conference.

It's been a long three years since we started out and we wouldn't be here today without the support we've received from everyone. Thank you to everyone who voted for us for the Best Supplier to the Graduate Recruitment Industry Award. It's a massive milestone in our short history and we're just blown away by the amount of support we've received. 

The list of everyone to thank would go on into the 100's, however we've come up with a few thank you's for some people that we've known since the early days and just wanted to say thanks for the support so early on :)

  • Thanks Ben Reeves - AAGE
  • One of our first clients, thanks Laura Campbell - ANAO
  • Always enjoy our visits when we head to Canberra, thanks Paul Russell - APSC 
  • Since we met you at FutureStep, thank you Kelly O'Shaughnessy - Blake Dawson
  • Always been a great supporter of us since he started with BP, thank you Rohan Holland - BP
  • Cheers Bolsty, Clinton Bolst - Chandler MacLeod 
  • Amanda originally recruited Dan and I back at Westpac NZ and was on the site in our first year when she joined CBA. Elise has always been a big supporter of us since her Deloitte days so thank you both - Amanda Hinds (Now HP) & Elise Ianno - Commonwealth Bank
  • Sam was the first person we met in the massive Deloitte team and Gemma was at BDO when we met early on, we're appreciative of all you've done for us since we started out. Thanks for all the continued support, Liz McAuliffe, Anna El Ali, James Elliott, Ilana Foeldes, Victoria Redman, Alex Dodd, Adam O'Donnell, Sam Nuttal (Walton), and Gemma Hudson - Deloitte 
  • Thanks to first year clients Allyson Eadie, Carol Wigg & Brett Maron - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry   
  • Some more of our first clients from Canberra, thanks Lauren Purcell & Renee Osburne - Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
  • More of our first clients from Canberra, thank you both Cassie Haynes (now Department of Regional Australia) & Elissa Hadgkiss - Department of Finance and Deregulation
  • Thanks Emma for being one of our first clients and all the support over the past few years. Thank you Emma Gallagher - Department of Human Services
  • Great working with you Josh McKenzie - Development Beyond Learning
  • Thanks for all the connections early on, thank you Nicola Laver - Drake
  • Dating back to SKM days, cheers Jared Woods - Elegant Moose 
  • Belinda was a supporter of us early on, thanks Belinda Holst and Kara McLeod - Ernst & Young
  • Cheers for giving us a chance when we met you at Macquarie, thanks David Als - HCMS
  • Thank you Claire for trialling us, thanks Claire Strik - KPMG
  • Thank you Lucy, another one of our first clients, thank you Lucy Simic - FaHCSIA
  • Going back to your NAB days, thanks Paula Gepp & David Cvetkovski - FusionGMS
  • Going back to your days at Pitcher Partners you were always an advocate of us and what we were doing, thanks Hayley O'Callaghan - GE
  • Thank you Annie and the Hoban Team, thanks Annie Christian - Hoban Recruitment 
  • Thanks Ingrid, you've always been great to work with, thank you Ingrid Harvey - Holden
  • Thanks Michael, Michael Sacco - Manpower 
  • Thanks Bree and Erin for taking care of us when we visit Albury, and thanks for the support early on, thank you Erin Coysh & Bree Robinson - Mars Australia
  • Ainsley and Anna, thanks for all the great support over the past few years, thank you Ainsley Gilkes and Anna Clarke - OneSteel
  • Great meeting you so early on, thanks Naomi Lock (Can't forget the two Matt's, cheers guys) - OneTest
  • Thanks Jane, Nina and the rest of the team for the continued support. Jane Moore & Nina Cleary - Queensland Transport and Main Roads 
  • Always love talking technology with you Bordo, thanks Chris Bordin - Telstra
  • Our very first client, thank you - Madeleine Kaye, Lis Brown, Cheryl Ingold & Rachel Biglia - The Australian Treasury 
  • Thanks Portia for being another first year client, thanks Portia Bridges - Westpac

AAGE Best Suppler Award

The whole GC team on stage accepting the Best Supplier Award

Congratulations to all the AGRIA winners on the night

In case you couldn't make the night we've got  a little summary of how it panned out - 

Award for Best Online Marketing Strategy:

Xstrata (Large Programs)

Award for Best Print Marketing Strategy:

Teach for Australia (Large Programs)

Innovation, Aspirational Employer and Graduate Recruiter of the Year Awards

Congratulations to Deloitte who took away two awards, winning the Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation in the Graduate Market, as well as the Award for Aspirational Employer of the Year.  Another Deloitte achievement was for Adam O'Donnell, who tied with Stefanie Plummer from BHP Billiton to win the Award for Graduate Recruiter of the Year. 

Best Print and Marketing Strategies (Small Programs)

Another top winner was L'Oreal Australia, winning the Award for Best Print Marketing Strategy (Small Programs) as well as the Award for Best Online Marketing Strategy (Small Programs). 

Best Graduate Development Program

Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

Best Careers Office

Monash University

Best Contribution to the Graduate Recruitment Industry

Ben Reeves, Australian Association of Graduate Employers

Hall of Fame Award

Rohan Holland

Best Supplier to the Graduate Recruitment Industry

Thank you again to the 2012 AAGE Employer Survey respondents  for voting for us to win the Award for Best Supplier to the Graduate Recruitment Industry!

Best Exhibitor at the Conference

A big thank you to the AAGE Conference Delegates for their support of our AAGE Exhibition, resulting in GradConnection winning the Award for Best Exhibitor. In case you missed it here's the stand: 

Angry Nerds Stand



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