GradConnection AAGE Presentation Wrap-Up

Posted by Belinda Luby

Angry Nerds: We're being nerds - so you don't have to be. 

The goal of our presentation was to share some cool conclusions with you. Dave, Dan and Mike openly admitted (and are proud of!) their nerd status at the AAGE this year with a presentation encompassing a few of the nerdy things we do here at GradConnection. We wanted to introduce you to the increasingly important data, analytics and online worlds. Dave presented some very interesting conclusions from our GradConnection data, Mike talked about  how to generate and tend to online talent communities, and finally Dan introduced us to the online graduate recruitment industry and the future of graduate recruitment. For those of you who missed or would like to take another look at the presentation, you can see it below. Enjoy!

Dave: Statsonomics - cool conclusions from our data


Dave gave a brief overview of what is possible with google analytics and how it is applicable to your website, and the results of some of the top search terms in the graduate industry and found some very interesting results - our data shows the top location graduates want to work in is Melbourne, yet the majority of those who are searching are based in Sydney.  More interesting results were that the top three industries graduates are searching for are accounting, engineering and marketing and sales. Dave also presented the top ten employers from each industry based on page views from the site, which you can find here.

Mike: Online Socialising - how to use social recruiting tools to generate and tend to online talent communities

Mike gave a summary of the social media activity on our site this year with particular reference to some of the most successful employer forum sessions on our forums as well as some of the niche forum sessions that created great conversations for our results. He also covered our plans to enhance our forum sessions further with our new invite-to-apply functionality and graduate profiles.  


Dan: Mobile Asia - mobile platrforms and what's coming up in the future of graduate recruitment


Dan introduced the world of graduate recruitment in China, showing the online recruitment options there, with case study of what has, and has not worked. He also showed the direction of technology in China, with the introduction of "3G everywhere" in China and the current social media platforms in use and what this means for Australia - and how you can keep up.


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