GradConnection are Hosting the Official AAGE After Party !

Posted by Belinda Luby

Synchronised Shuffling Party Rocks the AGRIA's

The atmosphere set with a post awards ceremony pretend dance-off was nothing short of euphoric. It all started with Ben Reeves from the AAGE, Matt Chaplin from OneTest,  Josh Mackenzie from Development Beyond Learning  and Mike Casey and Dave Jenkins from GradConnection, who appeared to be in the running for a "special award" which required them to have a dance off to decide the winner.

After various attempts at shall we say.. "mediocre" level dance moves, the boys  broke out into synchronised shuffling mid way through LMFAO's Party Rock anthem and had the audience cheering for more. The performance was followed by a large glass of champagne and a flood of fellow party rockers joining the dance floor for the next couple of hours.

Not so coincidently, the after party did rock

Following on from the dance floor in the Ball Room, partiers were handed green glow sticks and instructed to go with the glowing green flow down stairs to Marble Bar at the Hilton,  decked out with GradConnection coloured glow lamps and a bar full of Appletini's. After a few more hours of shuffling attempts  and exhausting the bar staff of all the free alcohol they could, a few party animals headed on to the After After Party at Echo Point Karaoke Lounge to showcase their singing talents (or not) to eachother. After a few too many microphone hogging battles, the party rockers headed home to rest up for the final day of the conference and exchange stories from the night before..

For those of you who missed it, here's the "Dance-Off"

GradConnection are Hosting the Official AAGE After Party!

The team at GradConnection are transporting you back to the breathtaking traditional romance of the 1800's at this years AAGE after party, to be held at the Hilton Sydney's Marble Bar.

What was originally built in 1893 in the Adams hotel and later received an "A" rating from the National Trust of Australia will take you back in time to the Italian Renaissance - think classical antiquity, Corinthian columns, cavernous fireplaces and Edwardian paintings, with a special little something at the door just for you to take your own outfit back to the 1800's. 

Keeping true to the  GradConnection theme they will be treating you with something green and tasty to get the party started. ..I know we're excited.. aren't you?

If you haven't already registered for the AAGE, you can secure last minute tickets here!


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