Posted by Nikki Barnard

GradConnection lists the country’s leading universities based on the Top100 Future Leaders for 2017

With the Top100 Future Leaders for 2017 now finalised, GradConnection sat down to find out which universities they come from. Interestingly, this list does not necessarily correlate to tables such as the QS Rankings as students’ employability skills are becoming more important than ever.

Last year’s results we saw some universities who, based on traditional rankings, did better than expected with the highest number of finalists showing that employers are now looking at the employability skills of students rather than solely universities and credentials.

Bridging the gap between universities and employers

As student numbers continue to rise, both domestically and internationally, securing employment after graduation is proving to be more and more competitive.

It is becoming increasingly important for universities to equip their students practically and not merely academically so that once they have graduated, they have all the necessary skills as well as the knowledge required.

In order to close the gap between education and employment, it is vital for relationships to develop between universities and employers. Both universities and employers have the same end goal as they both look to match top graduates with leading employers.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interest to work together to enhance student success after graduation through improved employment outcomes. And the only way of doing that is to forge strong relationships between the countries universities and employers.

Events such as the Top100 Graduates Employers and Future Leaders Awards is an ideal platform to showcase your university to employers and network directly with the largest employers in Australia.

The Top100 Future Leaders 2017

Voted by Australia’s leading employers, the aim of the competition is to find the most employable students across the country. Designed to emulate the typical recruitment process that students undergo when applying for a graduate program including; online applications through GradApp, psychometric testing using Revelian, video interviews by Fusion Graduate Consultancy and for the final Top100, an assessment center.

Students participate in an actual assessment center, conducted by Fusion Graduate Consultancy, where they are assessed and judged directly by some of the country’s leading employers. We believe that this is the only event to cover the entire graduate ecosystem bringing students, employers, and universities together.


Based on the number of Top100 students per university
University of Sydney 12
University of Technology, Sydney 11
University of Melbourne 9
University of New South Wales 9
University of Queensland 8
University of Wollongong 7
University of Western Australia 6
Curtin University of Technology 5
The Univeristy of Adelaide 4
Monash University 4
Griffith University 4
University of South Australia 3
Deakin University 2
Macquarie University 2
Queensland University of Technology 2
RMIT University 3
University of Newcastle 2
Flinders 2
Australian National University 1
Bond University 1
Edith Cowan University 1
La Trobe University 1
Victoria University 1


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