GradConnection launches the latest version of our website!

Posted by Nikki Barnard

A little fact about GradConnection is that every 18 months we release a new version of our site, however, the most recent - fondly know as GC5 - has been designed from scratch.

Built from the ground up, we have taken into account research and learnings from the past 10 years of industry experience as well as feedback from employers and students. Paying special attention to the design of the new site, GC5 has been constructed to create a unique experience for each user as well as cater to our global audience.

Our team of developers have spent the past two years building the site with the focus on a modern look and feel as well as easy, user-friendly navigation for both students and employers.

Some of the changes you will notice:

  • On the front page, we have a large banner which now rotates between employers - stats show that students spend an average of one minute on the homepage, and rotating the banners is eye-catching and effective and directing traffic to your employer profile.
  • On the display page there are larger space allocations to display employer logos - as we know that students, on average, look at around eight employers per search. The larger more prominent logos now allow for students to recognise your brand more clearly and are designed to push more students to your profile.
  • Your employer profile now has its own job board section which provides greater flexibility for you to organise your graduate recruitment the way you want.
  • With the ability to include more information on your profile means that it is easier to provide a more comprehensive and engaging story about your organisation and program to students.

Quick Search function

We have now added a quick search function so that once students discover your profile on GradConnction they can easily navigate back to your profile. This has streamlined the process of discovery to application so that students are more likely to use GradConnection to both find and apply to your program.

Employer showcase

The employer showcase has been split into two different areas:

  1. Employer profile content - information that sits on our site for 12 months so that students are able to discover your organisation and programs all year round!
  2. Job board - hosts all your open program and job opportunities and allows you to organise your recruitment the way you want. It will also ensure that the right students are notified about the most relevant opportunities. This means that you receive high quality and highly relevant applications.

We know that content is key for students, and now employers can upload as much content as they wish, including videos, images, links, and structure the pages the way they want. With the next update to GradConnection, we will be able to tell you how much time students are spending on each page of your profile. This will allow you to constantly optimise your profile using the analytics we provide.

Email alerts

Another important feature of GC5 are the email alerts. These alerts can be received weekly or daily by students and are an important part of keeping the students informed as to what opportunities are available.


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