Graduate Recruitment Re-marketing

Posted by Andrew Purchas

Last time I did a blog post it stepped into what is the unknown for many where we spoke about online tracking and targeting. For those who caught us at the AAGE I hope our presentation helped demystify it and show you how you can manage this both personally and professionally.

What we’ve been working on and exploring is how might use online tracking and targeting in the graduate recruitment space. Generally we hear some common themes which aren’t limited to:

  • We need more females in IT / Engineering
  • We are always looking to increase exposure to our indigenous recruitment program
  • We struggled to find a specialist graduate such as an Actuarial grad

As we understand our graduates and have information such gender, work rights, indigenous background, university, majors, graduation date to name a few we can make sure employers who have perfect roles for them can stay in touch well beyond the confines of their own careers site, or even GradConnection. Let’s take a look below at an example “Women in IT & Engineering” campaign.

  1. A visitor comes to GradConnection and due to her account on GradConnection we know she meets the criteria of:
    • Female
    • Graduates in December 2013
    • Studying Software Engineering
    • Resides in Sydney
  2. We know graduates treat job applications like university assignments where they leave things to the last minute!
  3. We can then place what is called a cookie to make sure that the perfect graduate program is displayed to them on other sites which they frequent making sure that the opportunity is in front of them through out the application window, drastically increasing exposure to your key demographic


This is definitely an interesting topic to us as we love exploring new ways we can use IT to help the companies we work with. We’ve been exploring this with a handful of companies but if this is something you’d like to find out more information on just get in touch as we’re always happy to chat about this kind of thing!


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