Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics - Grad Recruitment Edition

Posted by Daniel Purchas

Statistics, they can be dangerous at times. We've been hearing in the last week about one of our competitors in the graduate marketing space, specifically Graduate Opportunities, and how they are using statistics to compare our website to their website. We thought that we should clarify things in a blog post for all of the people who have been presented with this information by Graduate Opportunities.

The Stats in Question

Graduate Opportunities is using a 3rd party traffic ranking site, (run by to outline that their website is the highest ranked graduate employment website in Australia by providing a direct comparison between ourselves and them as follows: This image from alexa as at 11th of May shows us in comparison to Graduate Opportunities. Our issue here is that they are using our website, NOT our website which is the site that we use to profile our clients in the Australian market. Based off these figures, Graduate Opportunities claims that they are the most highly visited graduate employment website in Australia. This is not correct.

The reality

If Graduate Opportunities used the correct website in their comparison, this would be what they would be distributing to their clients: When you compare the actual Australian GradConnection website with Graduate Opportunities, the results are significantly different. is the 196,341st most traffic ranked website in the world, over 550,000 places ahead of Graduate Opportunities and also in regards to Australia specifically, we are the 3,084th most traffic ranked website in Australia, over 18,000 places ahead of Graduate Opportunities. So using these statistics in the same way that the team at Graduate Opportunities have, we can now thank them for confirming that is the most visited graduate program and employment website in Australia. You can view these figures directly at these links here: GradConnection - Graduate Opportunities

Our Analytics

To clarify what these 3rd party rankings mean, we've got an outline here of our traffic statistics between the start of February and the end of April, the peak graduate recruitment months here in Australia: As you can see, we've had 197,942 visits from around 112,000 unique visitors to our site who on average stayed on the site for close to four and a half minutes. This time on site figure shows that graduates love how we're presenting employers to them and also we can see that a large number of visitors come back to our site multiple times. Another important factor is that over 90% of our visitors are actually located in Australia. We take online analytics and statistical figures very seriously here at GradConnection so this year we have undertaken to be audited on a monthly basis by the Audit Circulations Bureaux and have audit certificates for all of our traffic. You can check us out on the Nielsen rankings in the employment section which is available with a login.

Our Value

We see the value in what we do with our website not just in pumping huge traffic numbers, but also engaging with graduates to open up new opportunities that they would not have thought of when commencing their career search and providing them with a resource we wish we had been able to tap into when we graduated from uni in the not too distant past. From the feedback we've been receiving from employers and graduates alike, I think we're doing a good job for both parties.

What next?

We have brought this error to the attention of the team at Graduate Opportunities and hope that they stop distributing these incorrect and misleading statistics as well as clarifying with any organisations that they have already presented this information to that they are not the highest visited graduate website in Australia.


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