New Addition - Public Profiles to allow Student Targeting!

Posted by Belinda Luby

The tech team at GradConnection have been busily creating a brand new addition to the GradConnection site - Employers will soon have the ability to search for exactly what they want in a Student or Graduate!

GradConnection wanted to make our site even more useful for employers, especially for those hard to fill positions. We have been focusing on gaining more specific data from our registered users, such as which University they are at, Degrees, Majors, Employment history and more!

This gives employers the chance to zoom in on target employees and "Invite to apply". The profile will act as LinkedIn for grads. A search query we ran showed that only 5% of our registered users use LinkedIn, but they are using our site - amazing feedback on the usage of our site amongst the graduate market, with our site profiles as proof of this market opportunity.  We have decided to open the information up to employers allowing them to search via specific Universities, Degrees, Majors and Employment history to zoom in on target employees and "Invite to apply" - perfect for finding potential employees to place in those hard to fill roles. Look out for next month's newsletter for tips on how to use this great new feature!

Oh, and here's a look at what Mike's completed profile includes for you to browse through :) 


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