The 3 Innovations That Changed Graduate Attraction

Posted by Devina Tarin


Technology is growing more drastically than ever before and with the Internet becoming a new medium of discussion, there are newer and faster ways to reach out and attract graduates.

1. Google

Google has approximately 3.5 billion search queries per day and is the most popular search engine in the world despite only being launched in 1997. Demographics show that Google users are more likely to be in the young demographic age compared to other search engines 2.

It has become the simplest and most efficient way for students and graduates to go job hunting online and it’s also not restricted to just one area, allowing them to have broader job prospects. As an employer, creating a webpage will be the best way for Google to identity, track and collect your information for others to find.

2. Online Job Boards

Online job boards are another efficient way for students to find jobs. Job boards are a compilation of job openings that are targeted at a specific audience that makes it easier for students to not only find what they are looking for but also for employers to more effectively connect with students. With the job boards being online, it is also a more efficient use of time.

3. Social Media

Social media has exploded in the past five years and is a great tool for employers to use when it comes to attracting graduates. By using social media, your message will be reaching out to the 89 per cent of the Internet population that have social media accounts3.

With social media becoming a main platform of communication, many organisations have integrated their work with social media to reach out to their audience. As social media is very current and up to date, it is important to keep it updated as well as interactive.

Through these online platforms, there are ways to measure your success by:

  • Number of clicks (on social media and webpage)
  • Number of followers and likes
  • Number of online applications

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