The GradConnection team have created SkillConnection!

Posted by Belinda Luby

Here at GradConnection we have been busily building and implementing a new website aimed to link would-be apprentices and trainees to those very opportunities. 

How did we get the idea?

The GC team were having a coffee with a friend who at the time was in the apprenticeship traineeship space. As they knew the market and industry very well,  they informed the GC team that there weren't any websites acting as a platform between employers and apprenticeship and traineeship seekers.

Further investigation into the online space showed that on average, 1 million searches in Australia per month for information about apprenticeships. This shows a huge opportunity in this space for a website which supplied this - which meant the next step was guaging employer interest in such a platform. We spoke to a few of the employers on our GradConnection site, and the overwhelming response amongst them was "YES! We need this!" . 12 months down the track, SkillConnection is ready to go - officially launching early 2012.

What's the big plan?

The long term vision for SkillConnection is to grow like GradConnection has - providing the market with what they were looking for and turning it into something above expectations. Our aim for SkillConnection is to be the biggest source of apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities online. The site is designed for high school leavers and anyone who wants to undertake and apprenticeship or traineeship to develop their skills. 

SkillConnection Apprenticeships and Traineeships Portal

If you or your organisation are interested there is a special deal for our loyal GradConnection clients - just email [email protected]


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