Top100 New Website

Posted by Resh Perera

The Top100 event not only highlights the leading graduate employers in Australia, but via a stringent selection process, also awards exceptional students who come from various Australian universities with the opportunity to become future leaders of Australia in different areas of expertise. 

We, at GradConnection, have decided to create a new space dedicated to the previous and future winners of the Top100. This new website was launched to celebrate and recognise and all our winners and sponsors of the event. It also allows us to briefly describe as well as provide insights into the processes and methodology behind the Top100 event held annually during the beginning of the year.

This website makes it easier for you to browse through the winners in various categories for both graduate employers and future leaders. This provides you an opportunity to not only look at the employer ranks but to also browse through the profiles of the profiles of the bright students from the diverse categories who are looking for a graduate job.

In conjunction to this, it also helps students figure out which employer would suit them best based on the category, hence becoming a great new platform for students and employers to connect.

How is it measured?

The Top100 is measured based on popularity by attracting students through advertisements and then calculated by the number of applications sent from final year students in Australia that are received by the employers throughout the year. The list is then generated from these applications in descending order and limited to 100.

While calculating the Top100 graduate employers, there are a few advantages for employers that have multiple locations or positions for students, multiple intakes throughout the year and those that interact with a broad number of students through GradConnection as we increase their chances in having a higher rank on the Top100 through exposure.

The Top100 list is beneficial for all GradConnection employers and if you would like to find out more and how you can be involved, you can contact us for more details!


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