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The GradConnection Returnee Report 2016 produced some surprising results, as top Chinese and Hong Kong-based employers were asked which universities they targeted when selecting their returnee graduates.

The GradConnection Returnee Report 2016 is a result of data collected over various months from 93 top Chinese and Hong Kong-based employers with graduate and/or internship programme/s. Universities from across the USA, UK and Australia were included in the report with the aim of finding out how employers are targeting and selecting returnee graduates from overseas universities. Employers had the opportunity to further expand the university list by adding any other universities that they target to the survey. The results were surprising.


Employability Rankings

Despite only having a QS ranking of 9, Imperial College London in the UK came out as the most popular university targeted by employers. The University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, however, who has the top QS ranking only came 11th on the Returnee Report.

Interestingly the report data revealed that universities were not necessarily targeted by employers based on league table rankings, in fact only 21.51% of employers said that their main reason for not targeting a university was because their global ranking was not high enough. Conversely, the majority (53.76%) said their top reason for not approach a particular university was because they were not sure of the number of returnee students and their areas of study.

These are just some of the interesting figures revealed in the report as it uncovers the top 30 universities according to employers in the USA, UK and Australia, in relation to their QS rankings. In addition, the report shows a further more detailed breakdown of university employability for each of the three countries.

For more information and access to the full report, please contact Dave Jenkins.


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