Untapped Talent – International Interns

Posted by Resh Perera

Over July and August this year GradConnection took on two marketing interns from the City University of Hong Kong, as part of City University’s international internship program. We’ve never taken international interns before so we were a little unsure of how the process would work and what kind of projects they would be able to undertake.

Within the first few days of having Annie and Jenny in our offices it was clear that our uncertainity was completely unfounded. These two interns were both two well skilled and hardworking. And more importantly but they brought fresh perspective to marketing campaigns and added value their breadth of skillset.

Annie and Jenny worked primarily on our search engine and social media marketing, finding ways to optimise our campaigns while also find cost-saving and increasing their effectiveness. Where our two star interns really shone was in their ability to help us tailor our campaigns to the Asian markets by making sure our ads were engaging those audiences in the right ways.

After their short stint with us, we had seen more than enough of these two to offer them part time position with us while the completed the remainder of their degrees in Hong Kong.

To those interested in taking on interns, my advice is to make the investment. Both the time and financial investment. Interns bring fresh perspective and ideas into your business while also providing you with a talent pipeline into your graduate programs. And if you’re able to take international students they can be a fantastic way to gain insight into global markets while also broadening the diversity in your workplace. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Annie and Jenny from City University and I can only imagine that there are many more positive experiences to be had by other Australian employers!


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