What Do Students Actually Want From You At Virtual Careers Fairs?

Posted by GradConnection

Whether you’re participating in one of our upcoming Meet the Employers events or attending other virtual careers webinars, how do you anticipate what your student audience is expecting? What are the key points to cover in your talk? How can you keep stand-out attendees engaged post-event?

In a survey we conducted in 2021, the top response from students at 35%, was to cut right to the chase and provide them with detailed information about grad programs and internships. Students also want to know about the application process, including any useful tips that you can offer.  

 Source: GradConnection (2021)


So what does this actually look like in practice? Here is a brief breakdown of points you can include in your presentation: 

Programs Offered 

  • A comprehensive overview of each of the programs offered e.g. Summer Intern Program and Graduate Program 

Who Should Apply? 

  • Any eligibility requirements e.g. penultimate year student or recently graduated within 24 months 
  • Disciplines and key candidate attributes 

Key Dates 

  • Application open and closing dates 
  • Include commencement dates and duration for both graduate programs and internships 

Examples of Projects 

  • What are some of the exciting things students/graduates will be working on 


  • Your chance to hook in students with any company perks and culture! 

Application Process and Tips 

  • A step by step overview of each stage of their application process 
  • Tips and advice for applying to your company specifically 

Bonus - Spruce Things Up!

  • With likely multiple employers in attendance, you want to be the one to leave a lasting impression!
  • Include a short and engaging video about your company/programs (time-permitting)
  • Invite a ‘special guest’ e.g. a senior leader in the company to speak briefly to attendees

You can watch an example here of a fantastic presentation to students by Theresa Dang (Campus Lead, Amazon) in one of our pilot Meet the Employers events last year. 

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Follow Up 

Be proactive in following up! You’ll likely have candidates reaching out to you, but remember this can go both ways. Virtual platforms now make it easier than ever for you to gain access to attendees’ contact details. If there’s someone who particularly impressed you, reach out and encourage them to apply to any current or future opportunities. At our upcoming virtual events, Meet the Employers, you will receive an export of all students who spoke to you at the event - why not send out a targeted email promoting your programs to this list post-event!

Evaluate Feedback 

Host platforms, and certainly us here at GradConnection, are always keen on receiving feedback from both students and participating employers so we can keep improving for the next event!

Happy presenting! 


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