7 Tips to Help You on Your First Day at a Graduate Job

Posted by Devina Tarin

As a graduate starting their first day at a graduate job, that means you have passed the steps that lead to it including writing your CV, applying for jobs, getting interviewed and receiving the call to say that you’ve been accepted. The only thing that is in your way is passing through your first few days at work.

There are many things you can learn from your first graduate job and there are bound to be mistakes that you have to learn from while on the job. There are a few things to keep in mind while you enter your first day at work that could help you out in the long run of the start of your graduate career.

First Impressions

First impressions are always important when it comes to your first day and they’re often based on the way you present yourself through appearance and body language. Make sure you know the dress code or wear clothes that is appropriate for the workplace. Body language is also a crucial factor in first impressions as it takes the majority of communication.

Be Confident

Bringing confidence to the workplace shows that you are ready for what you’ll be facing the moment you start work. Confidence is key to a successful career and once you are comfortable in your role and workplace, you are able to start improving yourself with confidence. Also be confident at what you do and what you’ll be assigned to.

Show Interest

Make sure you show that you’re interested when someone makes conversation with you, especially on your first day where you are most likely to be introduced to your co-workers. Showing interest in your conversations would also help you to be acquainted and befriend colleagues, giving a good first impression.

Prepare and Ask Questions

Asking questions has become a crucial part of any aspect at work as it demonstrates your desire to learn more. Be prepared before your first day to get as many background reading to help you have a grasp of your role and make sure to prepare questions that are relevant to show your curiosity about your work environment. This way you are able be familiar with what they do and have an idea on how to improve yourself to be successful in your role.

Seek Guidance

Don’t expect to know everything on your first day, and don’t pretend to know everything either. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help from your co-workers. However, don’t feel let down when your colleagues are busy in the office with their own work.

Also don’t expect your boss or seniors to have answers to everything; you’ll also have to find your way around things yourself to display your responsibility and can be dependable on doing things independently.

Be Available and Flexible

These are the two things that you need to keep in mind when you start your job. Not only will it give a good impression but it also shows that you are open to mingle with your colleagues.

Being flexible is another thing to consider on your first day of work. Sometimes you can be assigned to things that you didn’t expect, however it could help you improve or even gain new skills in aspects you didn’t think you would be executing. With flexibility you can also use your knowledge in different areas and learn from the work that you do.

Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself with every task that you are given allows you to broaden your knowledge and open up your potential. Be able to organise your time and priorities the tough jobs first before moving on to the easier ones. This way you’ll also be able to know your limits and also learn from the challenges as it forces you to improve. Sooner or later, the tasks that were once challenges will become easier for you as you develop through your role.


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