A career in resources. But not as you know it.

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The South Australian resources sector is growing, and it needs graduates. Now. 

What do you think of when you read the words ‘resources sector’? A mine, a gas pipeline maybe? And you’d be right – the industry extracts and delivers the essential resources that make our daily lives possible. 

But did you know graduate career opportunities in the sector go far beyond the mine and pipeline? Whatever your background, whatever your interests, there could be a career waiting for you in the resources sector.

If you’re an engineering or geology graduate you probably already know about the range of career opportunities in the resources sector... 

Students majoring in engineering and geology remain in high demand. Chemical, mechanical and plant engineering are all critical roles in the resources sector, as are geologists, geophysicists, and hydrologists. 

The range of responsibilities is vast - from identifying and gauging possible mineral, petroleum, and natural gas deposits to planning the tunnels and mine shafts to help get these resources out of the ground.      

But what about if your focus is finance, commerce or law?  

You’re in luck! The resources sector is a global industry with the same legal, financial, and commercial challenges faced by any business. Many resources companies now have globally renowned graduate programs offering corporate career pathways for a range of professions, from law to accountancy and just about everything in between.

Resources companies are ready to invest in young professionals and give them the opportunity to become a leader in their professional field and a leader in the resources sector.      

And if you’re a techy or a creative, the future is yours…

In the next five years, three quarters of jobs in resources will be enhanced or redesigned through technology. For budding data scientists, developers and creatives, now is the time think about a career in the sector. Many mining and energy companies are already utilising cutting edge data to enhance their operations.

The resources sector can offer a ready-made innovation ecosystem and the opportunity to work in tech while also delivering the kind of job security and financial rewards the start-up scene often struggles with.

If you’re interested in learning more about careers in South Australia’s resource sector, go to unearthyourfuture.com


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