A Coffee For Your Thoughts

Posted by Resh Perera

A Coffee For Your Thoughts

A student’s perspective on GradConnection and what makes a grad program attractive

We caught up with Jennifer from the University of New South Wales to see what she found most useful about GradConnection and what she looks for in a graduate program.

Student details:

Jennifer You

Name: Jennifer You
Institution: University of New South Wales
Year: 3rd Year
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce

1. How often do you use GradConnection? How many times a month do you use GradConnection?

I use GradConnection 3 – 4 times a month to see what new graduate opportunities are available. GradConnection has been really helpful during the peak application period around March but I also like to go back throughout the year, especially around the summer holidays so I can prepare myself and start planning for the companies I might be interested in.

2. Why has GradConnection been helpful to you in your search for a grad job?

The graduate application process can be overwhelming some times, especially when I’m juggling uni and a job. I just don’t have the time to go to all the separate websites of companies. GradConnection has been great because it gets all the companies together in one place. I really appreciate the extensive amount of information [on the profiles] because it helps kick start my research.

I’m also interested in a career in Hong Kong and GradConnection actually offers different opportunities overseas as well, so it has definitely simplified my search. I can also create a profile on the website and enter what industry areas I’m interested in. I love how I can get notifications, because sometimes I’ll forget and I’ll get an email which will remind me about the different opportunities.

3. What’s the best feature of GradConnection?

I really like the simple layout of the website, it’s really easy to browse and find what I’m looking for.

4. Where does GradConnection rank on your methods for finding grad jobs?

It would definitely be on the top of my list because it’s simple to use and all the information I need is on the one website. It’s a great starting point on my search for a grad job. I find it’s more helpful than just searching through Google because sometimes the results are unpredictable and aren’t exactly what I’m looking for. GradConnection gives me the opportunity to say what jobs and locations I’m interested in. The results are always really specific and relevant to what I’m searching for.

5. What makes an employer stand out to you on GradConnection?

I usually notice the employers on the top of the list first and the ones that have eye catching banners and images. I’m really attracted to the employers that take the time to upload a lot of information to their profiles. One of the important factors that I look for when I’m searching for a graduate program is the company culture. So the companies that have extensive profile are usually the ones I’ll apply to first. I also like companies who have videos of current graduates speaking about their experience. It gives me important insight into the experiences of students who have already gone through the program.

6. What would attract you to apply for a grad program?

I’m attracted to programs that offer the opportunity for me to grow within a company, so promotion opportunities and career plans are always nice to see. I also value good employee benefits and flexible working arrangements because this ties into the company culture.

7. What would you like to see in a grad program, that you haven’t yet seen?

I really would like to see grad programs that offer travel opportunities. I think this is a great way for graduates to experience different work cultures.


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