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Did we interrupt your graduate or internship program browsing? Then this podcast episode is for you! In our Season 2 premiere of Cram Time with GradConnection, we're joined by expert grad recruiter Kelly Pfeffer (Graduate Talent Lead, Suncorp Group), who shares all you need to know this peak grad recruitment season.

Should grads ask for a higher salary? Are you at a disadvantage if you haven't already done an internship? What are recruiters really looking for in psych tests? Tune in as we answer all these questions and more!


(Jump to 00:54 to skip the intro!)  

01:44 Why graduate recruitment?

03:18 Top three must-knows when applying for grad programs in 2023!

06:32 Resumes vs Cover Letters - what to put and where

08:50 Don't meet all the criteria? Don't dismiss yourself!

10:34 Radio silence - when can you expect to hear back from employers?

13:43 Meet top grad employers this March! 

14:17 There's no 'right' answer - psychology behind Psychometric Tests

17:04 Dialling it up or down - how to ace the Group Task

20:12 Reneging respectfully, or rather, not at all

23:56 YOUR questions answered - making a good first impression on the job and more

27:12 Busting grad myths - Should you settle or ask for a higher salary? Are you at a disadvantage if you haven't done an internship? (Fact or Fiction)

33:43 It might go right, or it might not - the importance of self-belief

35:35 Chris Hemsworth, overcoming fears and concluding thoughts


Kelly Pfeffer

Graduate Talent Lead @ Suncorp Group

Former Graduate Coordinator @ Queensland Government and Board Director @ Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE)

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