Australian Careers Fair Season 2010 Starts Today

Posted by Daniel Purchas

Today is the kick off of the 2010 Careers Fair season for Australian University students and it is also the start of GradConnection's 2010 careers fair tour. We thought we'd put up the schedule on the blog so if you're a graduate employer, you can remind yourself where you are meant to be at any given day and if you're a job hunting student, you can figure out when employers will be visiting you on campus.

The National Schedule

So here we go, we have 38 careers fairs happening across 7 states and territories, there are going to be some very travel weary grad recruiters out there by the end of March. To check out when the careers fairs are you can download the full schedule here.

GradConnection on Campus 2010

We thought we'd post up which fairs that we'd be attending so that you can come and say hi to who ever from the team is representing on the day and put a face to the name and the site. We'd be keen to see what you think about our new site and if you have any suggestions about how we can do things better we'd love to hear them. We're starting out this year today in Perth, here is our careers fair schedule:


Murdoch University - 3rd March The Big Meet - 4th March


The Big Meet - 12th March University of Newcastle - 25th March


Swinburne University - 17th March The Big Meet - 18th March


Tertiary to work - 26th March


Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus - 26th March Bond University - 26th March QUT - 29th March University of Queensland - 31st March As I write this, Dave and Mike are on the plane from Sydney to Perth to attend Murdoch and The Big Meet (Perth edition). We unfortunately can't make it to the Curtin fair that we attended last year as it is in the following week and we have to be back in Sydney for the NSW version of The Big Meet. After this we are down in Melbourne next to go to Swinburne and then the inaugural Victorian Big Meet which will be an interesting experience. The following week is the beginning of the home stretch with a trip up to Newcastle University followed by a trek down to Canberra the following day. Mike and Gwilym have unfortunately drawn the short straw and while we're down in Canberra will be forced to travel up to the Gold Coast to attend the Griffith Gold Coast and Bond University careers fairs. We're looking forward to checking out the Gold Coast fairs as they were two that we didn't manage to get to last year and have heard good things about the students who study in the GC. The last two that we'll be attending are QUT and the University of Queensland careers fairs. We were at QUT last year which was a good experience. We had an unlimited supply of Easter Eggs from the guys on the Aldi Graduate Program Stand and got some awesome video game posters from the team at THQ. We haven't been to the University of Queensland fair before so will be looking forward to experiencing this as it was the 2nd largest careers fair in Australia last year with 137 exhibitors.

Why come and talk to us????

If you're at any of the careers fairs we are at, come and say hi and tell us about what you've studied and what career paths you're interested in. We've actively surveyed over 45 major Australian Graduate Employers over the past 6 months so we'd be more than happy to provide you with some guidance on who the best employer for you might be and can even let you know if they're at the career fair on the day so you can go speak to them in the flesh.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Employment Evenings

If you are a soon to be accounting graduate, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia is holding a number of accounting focussed careers evenings in all of the major state capitals in Australia. All of the employers will be members of The Institute, and this is a very worthwhile use of your time as every employer at the event will have accounting opportunities for you. Check out the schedule of events here to find the one that is easiest for you to attend. If you are attending the NSW Chartered Accountants event, we will be covering this for a follow up blog post so stay tuned. You can also follow the Institute on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

The Big Meet

I thought the Big Meet careers fairs were also worth a specific mention, as they are slightly different to your usual university organised careers fair. These fairs are open to all students from all universities to attend which means if for whatever reason you can't make it to your own careers fair at your university, you have a backup plan where you can attend one of the Big Meets in either Perth (March 4th), Sydney (March 12th) or Melbourne (March 18th). To find out more about these events and to pre-register your attendance, click here. You can also follow The Big Meet on Twitter and Facebook which will keep you updated.

Good Luck

Good luck out there everyone whether you're a grad recruiter or a job hunting graduate, we will catch you out on campus.


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