Dos and Don’ts for Your Work Christmas Party as a Grad

Posted by GradConnection

Heading to your first office Christmas party as a grad and not sure what to expect? Here are six dos and don’ts to keep in mind and make sure you have an enjoyable time without doing anything you might regret the next day! 

Don’t go overboard with the booze 

While it's natural to want to celebrate your achievements of your first year on the job with some bubbly, it’s important to keep an eye on your alcohol intake and consume in moderation. Remember that this is still a work event and a level of professionalism is still expected. Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fill up with food beforehand and find a fellow grad buddy to keep you accountable throughout the night! 

Don’t overshare or talk inappropriately about your colleagues 

It might be tempting to gossip with your colleagues and fellow grad cohort outside of an office context but remember to keep the conversation appropriate and respectful. As a grad you don’t want to be making a reputation for yourself as someone who bad mouths their colleagues, or even worse, their manager. So keep things kind, civil and within what you would normally discuss in a workplace setting. 

Don’t be overly affectionate with a colleague 

As much as we all love watching Jim and Pam on-screen, now is not the time to make your debut as the next romantic lead. Don’t make others uncomfortable by acting inappropriately and keep the flirting off the table!

Do find out what the dress code is 

Black tie attire? Your favourite TV show character? Whatever the dress code is, be sure to find out so you can show up in appropriate attire. And if it is indeed a themed party, make sure you put some effort into your costume to show your enthusiasm and commitment as a grad! 

Do get to know people from outside your team 

This is a great opportunity as a grad to mingle and get to know other people outside of your immediate team. Introduce yourself, network (although keep in mind it is good etiquette to keep the work talk to a minimum) and you might just meet your new work bestie.  

Do enjoy yourself! (but not too much) 

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself – but not too much. Keep these tips in mind and give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved throughout your first year on the job! 


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