GradConnection has expanded into the African Market

Posted by Mike Casey
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Recently we worked with Orica and expanded GradConnection into the African market in Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania. Compared to the Australian campus recruitment market, things could not be more different.

The application process needed to be very simple. Most students expected to post their CV and cover letter in. We made the decision early to simplify the application process so that a student simply needed to write a small cover letter and upload their CV and transcript.

This enabled many to upload CV's from their mobiles, in fact 75% of the traffic was via a mobile device which was staggering compared to the Australian average of 19% in 2013.

All about the functionality

Page Up has a great piece of functionality that allowed the Orica team to forward these applications by email. The Page Up software would then pull out all the relevant information from an applicants CV and create an application. This meant you could get the benefit of using an advanced ATS and still simplify the application process right down.

The age of graduates in Africa is also considerably older, with a graduate averaging 25-30 years old.Mentioning the location of the role made a marked difference to application numbers.

Statistics like these give us a view on how to develop the site in the future.


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