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Posted by Justin Falk

Science Proves GradConnection Grads Rate Higher Than Most

Given that GradConnection is the highest trafficked site connecting grads and employers, we figured that graduates who use it are probably smarter than the average candidate. Now leading talent assessment provider Talegent has just confirmed it!

Talegent looked at a sample of 344 GradConnection graduates against a norm group of other Australian and New Zealand graduates who been assessed by the Talegent PATH personality test. The findings? GradConnection graduates scored significantly higher in a number of key attributes held in high demand by graduate employers, including the qualities of being Analytical, Data Driven, Meticulous, Learning Focused and Competitive.

The only question is: Was it their pre-existing exceptional qualities that led candidates to use GradConnection or was it a case that if graduates are proactive enough to undertake these assessments, they will already be of a higher quality? Until research answers that one, GradConnection remains the safest option for securing top talent.

About Justin:

Justin is the Business Development Director for Talegent in Sydney.

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