How and Where to Look For Graduate Jobs and Internships

Posted by Devina Tarin

There are many places and ways where you can find information on jobs that suit your field. However, if you are finding it hard or don’t know where to look for a graduate job or an internship, here are a few ways that you can consider for your search including referrals, career fairs, and many other alternatives.

  1. Referrals / Networks

    Having strong connections within your network is a great opportunity in possibly finding an internship or career in your field. Networking is one of the best ways as you can ask around your network of friends, family and even acquaintances if they are aware of any job offers and chances are they might know a place.
    In addition, you can also ask for job referrals if you have any networks working in the industry that you want. Having strong connections with people working in the same industry gives you a boost to possibly getting called in for an interview and land the internship/graduate job
  2. School Resources

    Many universities and colleges have career centres that may help you search for future career opportunities or an internship. The staff working in career centres can not only help you in your search, but they also give advice on what you can do and may want to consider as alternatives as well as help write your resume and cover letters
  3. Approach Companies

    Approaching a company would apply more to small companies as they don’t advertise as much as bigger companies do. When looking for an internship or graduate job, it is a better idea to explore all types of companies to give you a greater opportunity and less of a limit when hunting. To approach a company would also help you with first impressions as you come to them to apply
  4. Career Fairs / Internship Fairs

    Career fairs or internship fairs provides the space for students to find companies and meet with potential employers. Not only is it for students but it also becomes a place where companies are looking to hire employees or interns with booths where you can either apply or get more information on.
    With a number of different employers in one space, you are able to see what interests you and impress the employers by showing your interest in what they do. Through these events, you are also able to get recognition and show your past experiences that suit the field.
  5. Seeking Online

    To seek for careers or internships online may seem to be the fastest and most efficient method as there are many websites designed to help students with finding what they're looking for.
    Usually, if you are thinking of applying or looking for jobs and internships online, they are for company programmes in which only require a short amount of time in which you are able to consider mass-applications for. However, when you’re looking online, it limits your way of interacting with employers, which is different to approaching companies or going to fairs.

Other ways of looking for graduate jobs or internships also include career service bulletins, newspapers, professional or trade journals, employer workshops or websites, social media, job centres, and many others.

As a student, it may be hard to landing a graduate job or even an internship while you’re still studying, but make sure not to limit yourself when you’re applying and to also use the various alternatives when looking for one so you don’t miss out on an opportunity. The worst that could happen between a student and a potential employer is not getting the job, which is why considering applying to many different places is also a good idea so you can choose which suits you the most in your desired future career.


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