Inside GradConnection - Five minutes with Jono from IT

Posted by Belinda Luby

GradConnection have a very talented team. Most of you have met Mike, Dan and Dave - but we wanted to introduce you to our other staff members as well. This week  Belinda took five minutes to chat to this month's star employee, Jonathon Pentecost from IT.

About Jonathon:

I like to be called Jono. I also like the Sharks. And beer.

Hey Jono, congratulations on achieving star employee status. How long have you worked at GradConnection now?

Hey Belinda, thanks. About 6 months so far I think.

That's great. How did you find GradConnection?

I am not exactly sure how I found them to be honest, it's probably safe to say I found it through a Google or something through Uni.

Yes they seem to be the main channels to our site. How did you get the job at GradConnection?

I actually received an email from Mike Casey, who sent an email out requesting part time students to come and work for GradConnection. I jumped at the chance and replied to the email, and as luck would have it I ended up getting the job, and have been at GradConnection for about 6 months now, and have been given full time work. Loving it.

Wow that's excellent. But I am curious, why did you choose GradConnection over a large firm such as Deloitte or Commonwealth Bank, etcetera?

I was initially working at the 'Law Society' on the IT helpdesk in Martin Place when I got that first email from Mike Casey.  I chose GradConnection over the Law Society because;

 1. The job at GradConnection was far more suited to my interests than what I was working on at the Law Society.

 2. I liked the look of GradConnection from the moment I first browsed the website. And I liked the fact that it was a start-up company that was beginning to grow - I wanted to try to be and feel as though I was a part of what they were doing... I guess feeling valued was the most important part.

3. I like working in a small team where communication is simple and effective - there is no having to report through three levels of management to have permission to do something new or change something, no bureaucratic tape.

What do you like best about working in a Tech Start-up?

This is my first tech start-up job and I wasn't too sure what it would be like, having only worked at a bigger company. It was not what I expected though - I didn't expect such flexibility. I like being involved in a 'Tech Start up' because you are a part of something new, something that is growing and you can help it along, and see the outcome of all the hard work put in by everyone. 

Lastly, what do you like about the team at GradConnection?

The GradConnection team are great, everyone is really nice and pretty laid back yet works really hard, and made me feel welcome from day one. We do share a common interest of Rugby whether it be League or Union so there is always that fun dynamic of Australia vs New Zealand. 

There are no relentless unachievable deadlines, as the GC team understands quality and attention to details is imperative to success - not working as fast as you can and producing lower quality.

Also I like working for GradConnection because it is surprisingly easy-going, I get to work from home occasionally because everyone is connected to the internet so we don't always need to be in the same office together to get stuff done. We can be half way around the world and still be working together.

Thanks Jono, and good luck with your bright GradConnection future!


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