Introducing Our Podcast | Cram Time with GradConnection - Ep 1

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We’re thrilled to announce that we have launched the first episode of our brand new podcast, 🎧 Cram Time with GradConnection!

This podcast shares advice and stories to help make your job search journey that little bit easier to navigate. In our first episode we are joined by 2022 Top100 Winners and upcoming grads, Maria Jamal (Coles IT Award) and Raramai Purazeni (CA ANZ Accounting Award)!

Tune in as Maria and Rara chat about that time a high school friend helped land Rara an internship, why coming into the office might just land you a chance encounter with the CFO, and why working for a big brand company might not be all that.


Jump to 00:48 to skip the intro and get straight to the juicy stuff!)  

01:38 How did we get here!? 

03:43 One random day in February a high school friend helped me get an internship 

06:21 How coming into the office might lead to face time with the CFO 

14:27 (Start-ups can be) A nice gentle way to learn about the corporate world 

20:03 Are you looking for a graduate, internship or entry-level role? (Quick Picks)

21:24 Finding new interests in extracurriculars (not a UTS spon) 

27:50 Manage!?(ing) Priorities 

32:50 Do I really want to work for Google? - deciding where to go next 

36:40 Being a woman in STEM in your early career 

42:08 Convincing you (in less than 30 secs) to apply for the Top100 

45:08 Hot Takes – common misconceptions about grads 

52:14 Hello younger me...  

53:14 Some very lovely plugs! 


Maria Jamal  

2022 Winner, Coles IT Award

Software Engineer @ Safety Culture  

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Software Engineering (UTS) 


Raramai Purazeni

2022 Winner, CA ANZ Accounting Award

Finance Intern @ Stockland 

Bachelor of Accounting (UTS)

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