Shooting Videos for your Graduate Careers Site

Posted by David Jenkins

Chris Walker of March Digital runs a studio where he has all the tools to shoot, edit and deliver videos over an online client dashboard platform. Recently we were invited out to shoot some short videos on our findings over the past 6 months on what graduates have been telling us on the GradConnection website. None of us at GradConnection had any experience of being on a set (well apart from myself who once had a line in a New Zealand TV show I'd rather not reveal the name of). It's intimidating looking directly into the camera while the teleprompter turns through the text like the opening credits of Star Wars, and far harder than most anchor men make it look. Finally after about 3 hours of shooting and 20 takes later we'd produced about 4 minutes of usable footage, not a bad effort for a few IT guys unfamiliar with being on a set.

Filming is easy right?

Before shooting our videos we were quite the critics when it came to videos on employer's careers sites, generally thinking that we could do a far better job and how hard can it be to shoot a decent video?! Turns out very, not to say there's not any good graduate careers videos out there, it's just the bad really stand out and not in a good way. I'm sure you've come across those where the videos that are either out of sync or over hyped up to attract grads to the organisation, missing the point of getting the employer's brand across or portray what life would be like to working as a grad. On the flip side we have seen some really good graduate videos out there and those employers that do get it right have a valuable tool for their graduate attraction and careers site.

Shooting on set at March Digital

What we learnt after the shoot

It starts with using the professionals to guide you through it, it's the little things that make all the difference, sound, lighting but the biggest difference is a good director. You wouldn't ask Brett Ratner (Director of the Rush hour trilogy and a list of other C grade movies) to do a Quentin Tarantino film for obvious reasons, but it would no longer be a Taratino which is what you'd go for in the first place. You also have to watch out for the Michael Bay (Pearl Harbour, Transformers) style directors, these are the ones that will make it sound so good, and will produce a sharp looking video, only problem is it's full of explosions which look cool but leave no room for plot. It's the same with doing your own filming for your graduate careers site, if you don't find the right director who knows what they're doing you could end up with a disappointing Ratner, or an over hyped Michael Bay, instead of the smooth Taratino which will always leave your audience wanting more. GradConnection - Home of the GradMaker


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