The Value of Volunteering for Students | Cram Time with GradConnection - Ep 2

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In the second episode of our podcast series, Cram Time with GradConnection, we're joined by special guest, Rebecca Miller (Head of SEEK Volunteer, ANZ).

Tune in to learn about how volunteering can help you develop the top 3 things hiring managers look for, plus hear all about Rebecca's own experience going from sports marketing to one of Australia's Big Banks, a great tip on dealing with imposter syndrome, and advice on how to build a career you're passionate about! 

Putting Volunteering to Work 

In May 2022, SEEK Volunteer released a report that surveyed 450 hiring managers with 12 in-depth interviews. In short, they found that hiring managers are generally looking for three things in a candidate:  

  1. Cultural Fit for the organisation 
  2. Professional Skills – your technical skills in the role/company you’re going for 
  3. Soft Skills – your communication and how you work with others 

The good news? 4 out of 5 hiring managers agreed that volunteering is a great way for graduates and students to bridge the gap and gain transferrable skills and work experience to bolster their profile! 

Types of Volunteer Roles 

So, we’ve established that volunteering is incredibly valuable – but what types of volunteer roles are out there and how do you choose the right one? 

  • Remote Volunteer Opportunities
    • Approximately 14% of the roles on SEEK Volunteer currently are remote! 
  • Skilled Volunteer Opportunities
    • Highly recommended by Rebecca, these roles involve specific projects that require volunteers with a particular skillset e.g. website building or social media assistants 

There are lots of categories including community services, education, training and aged care right now on SEEK Volunteer. Read more about the different types of volunteering you can undertake here.  

Choosing the Right Volunteer Role 

Rebecca recommends that you look at it through two lenses when it comes to selecting the right volunteer role for you: 

  • Do you have anything on your resume that shows your cultural fit for the organisation/industry you’d like to join? If not, what is a volunteer opportunity that can help with that? 
  • Think about it through a prospective company you’re aspiring to apply for:  
    • Is there any technical experience your prospective role requires that you’re missing and can gain through a skilled volunteer opportunity? 
    • Is there a company you can volunteer for that is similar to your aspirational company for a prospective internship/grad program? 

Where can you find volunteering opportunities? 

To find out more about volunteering and Rebecca’s own career journey so far, listen to the full episode of our podcast here. 


Rebecca Miller

Head of SEEK Volunteer, ANZ

Previous experience at NAB, Basketball Victoria and Hockey Australia

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