Top 25 Arts Graduate Employers

Posted by James Fan

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The Top 25 Arts Graduate Employer Rankings 2014

Here’s the Top 25 Arts graduate employers ranked by the number of applications made to their Arts graduate program in 2014. To check out the Top 25 employers for each of the other capital cities, and for each discipline e.g. Arts, Commerce, Engineering and more check out the interactive

When it came to the arts, there was strong interest in the private sector with the professional services firms, fast moving consumer goods companies and banks ranking quite well. Whilst none of these companies have an explicitly named ‘Arts & Humanities’ graduate stream, they still hire arts graduates who have paired their degree with a more vocationally focused major, or standalone arts graduates who show sufficient interest in their industry and transferrable skills. There would also be the tendency for arts graduates to apply to the generalist management streams of corporates as well.

Out of all the disciplines we investigated, the public service was best represented in the arts. This may be due to the fact that government employers are more likely to offer generalist graduate programs designed to appeal to arts graduates with a more ‘holistic’ worldview than a more narrowly focused vocational discipline such as Engineering. 


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