Top100 Future Leaders Competition

Posted by Mike Casey

What were the applicants of the Top100 Future Leaders Competition like this year?

It has been less than two weeks since the application deadline, and the selection process for the Top100 Future Leaders Competition is going full steam ahead.

Fusion Graduate Consultancy, our graduate recruitment specialists and official partner for the Top100 Competition, have commenced reviewing individual applications and Revelian psychometric testing results to determine which lucky applicants will make it through to the video interviewing stage.

This year, we have identified just over 500 applicants who are well-rounded, top calibre students. These students performed well in both their written applications and in psychometric testing. According to Fusion GC, the number of students who have performed exceptionally well have exceeded their expectations (further details on student performance in Part 2).

Part 1: Tracking the Application Progress

With the aid of Grad App, we were able to monitor the entire application process and the progress of each award according to discipline, location, and university, which enabled our team to drive application numbers across all categories. The live dashboard also indicated the dates where we had a strong influx of applications, and enabled us to track applications by advertising source.

Figure 1: Tracking application influx according to date.


Part 2: Our Applicants’ Psychometric Testing Results

This year, applicants had to undertake psychometric testing, comprising two online assessments conducted by Revelian: the RCAT and the RTPH. After tracking their response pattern, game play and ability to answer questions quickly and accurately, students were then issued a performance report indicating the likelihood that they possess certain qualities and behaviours desirable to employers.

  • Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) – tests for the likelihood that critical thinking and problem solving are strengths of the individual.
  • Theme Park Hero (RTPH) – tests for the likelihood that thinking quickly and finding solutions are strengths of the individual.

Figure 2.Your Assesment Result Relative to the Comparioson Group


A student’s performance is then measured and scored in relation to an existing sample of graduates, and is marked by both written analysis and a grey arrow indicating where their result fell on the bell curve.

This year, we are excited by just how many students scored above the 80th percentile rank (a score exceeding 80% of the graduate comparison group). On top of being all-rounded, approximately 500 students also possessed a GPA equivalent of 75 or above.

We are still in the progress of identifying, selecting and recognising the most employable graduates from this year’s pool of both well-rounded and high-achieving penultimate students, to connect them with leading Australian employers. The final Top100 will be announced at the end of October, where preparations will then be underway for them to attend an Assessment Centre to determine the winners across 15 award categories.


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