Transition Hub’s Top 5 Interview Tips

Posted by Transition Hub

Making a positive impression in your interview is more than showcasing your technical skills and achievements in your studies. Employers today are looking for people who can combine their expertise with their personal skills and engage confidently from the start.

Louise Watts, co-founder and director of Transition Hub (professional coaching team), shares her top 5 tips for a winning interview:

1. Be natural and engaging, happy to be there

  • Find the right level of confidence and energy to match the opportunity.
  • Having made it to the interview stage, you should feel prepared and ready to make a positive first impression.


2. Connect authentically with your interviewer, in-person and online

  • Make eye contact with your interviewer (especially important in a virtual interviewer, so be sure you look into the camera rather than around your screen).
  • Don’t jump into the technical too soon, as generally employers want to learn about you on a personal level.


3. Be a storyteller and land your messages

  • Craft a narrative that succinctly explains who you are, what you do, and why you are here - less is more!
  • Focus on your strengths, skills, and give context to how you add value.


4. Do your preparation, know why this opportunity excites you

  • Research for alignment in values and purpose with the company you’re interviewing for - what attracted you to it?
  • Is there a particular initiative or growth area you want to be a part of?
  • Highlight your passion for what the organisation is working towards.


5. Be professional, present, and look the part

  • Remove distractions, be in the moment.
  • Switch off or mute your mobile phone and other notifications.
  • Switch on your active listening, answer the questions and offer interesting lead-ins for the interviewer to pick up on.
  • Dress appropriately for the opportunity both online and in-person.


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