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Posted by Mike Casey

GradConnection IT Tean

What's been happening in GradConnection IT

There has been heaps happening in the technical front of GradConnection to make sure we can continue to deliver an great experience to students during their job hunt and also make sure we get the right applicants in front of the employers who use our site.

Mobile Mobile Mobile

With mobile continuing to climb we are launching the next generation of our iphone app in the coming week which we are very excited about. Its the first stage in the mobile product which we are planning to potentially overtake the website in terms of users over the next few years. This week also marks the week we start the mobile app development for Google Android too, Australia’s fastest growing mobile platform.

GradConnection 4.0

Its amazing that in the four years we have been running we have all ready redeveloped our website 3 times. Its great to see our product grow and expand based on the requirements from the industry.

We have had an increase in student traffic this year of just over 80%! Which we are very proud of and excited about. With the achievement, there also comes a new set of challenges around how we can best cater for the market and make sure that everyone can use our site effectively.

We are now in early stage planning and scoping of GradConnection4.0! The goal of GradConnection4.0 is to allow employers and universities to better engage with students. We want to make sure that your campus presentation for Monash University engineering students is promoted directly to all Monash University engineering students. We want to make sure that these students hear about all the employers going to the Monash Engineering careers fair before the careers fair opens its doors.

I would personally love to hear any feedback and suggestions you might have on how we could make GradConnection even more suited to your requirements. Any ideas for new functionality, look and feel improvements or even big bang ideas for the future? Hit me up! [email protected].

Invite to Apply

At present we are still working on fine tuning the ability for employers to browse our database and invite the right students to apply to their program. You can check out a stable beta version of this search engine by simply going to www.gradconnection.com.au/search/ and using the search engine to look for the kinds of grads and interns you are interested in.

Since we are still in beta please contact us if you would like some free credits so you can try it out for yourself. We are pretty confident that when we have this product mastered it will become a great tool for graduate recruiters of large programs and revolutionise the way small and medium size businesses hire graduates.

International Expansion

Our site is starting to be utilised more and more by employers abroad who want to attract their international students back home to work for them. If you have any business contacts that you work with that would love to market to international students in Australia, then please pass on our details.

Our site can now be translated into any language, and we all ready have basic Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese versions of our site for foreign students.

We are also pleased to announce that GradConnection Hong Kong will soon be getting company in Asia, with the launch of GradConnection Singapore in August.


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